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Google What is Google? How can you use Google? Where do you find Google? By: Toney Daniels Next
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Correct answer for #5!Answer is: B. FalseStart OverNextGoogle Search is a valuable search engine that allows you to search the web for countless subjects. Google Search is one of the most highly used searches on the Internet.

Start OverNextWhat is a Search Engine?Search engines are what do the looking on the Web for what the user is looking for.Personally, I compare search engines to librarians. You tell the librarian what you need and they look for, narrow the search, and find the book you need from the library, comparable to the search engine. You tell the search engine, Google, what you need and it finds what you are looking for on the Web and presents it to you.Start OverPreviousNextOther Search EnginesHere are some other Search Engines:www.yahoo.comwww.bing.comwww.dogpile.comwww.lycos.comwww.altavista.comwww.ask.comwww.msn.comwww.aol.com

Start OverPreviousNextWhy should I use Google?Any of the Search Engines listed are equipped to find what you need on the Web, however, Google is the most highly usedAlso, engineers spend more time perfecting Googles searching capabilities than any other areaGoogle is dependable and has been active for over a decade.Start OverPreviousNextTell me more about Google . . .Upon visiting www.google.com , there are many different options, however, there are 3 main choices the user should begin with.

The 3 best places to begin are: Advanced Search, Google Search, or Im Feeling LuckyStart OverPreviousNext3 Places to Start on Google:

Start OverPreviousNextAdvanced SearchTo use the Advanced Search, click the words Advanced Search

Start OverPreviousNextAdvanced SearchAfter clicking Advanced Search at www.google.com, you will be taken to another pageOn this page, you will have the option to type in & choose exactly what you are looking forThis Advanced Search feature filters the results, narrowing the scope of the search by certain criteria, thus, eliminating irrelevant resultsStart OverPreviousNextGoogle SearchThe second way to search quickly is by using the Google Search tab

Start OverPreviousNextGoogle SearchGo to www.google.comType in what you are looking for in the boxThen, either click the Google Search button OR hit the Enter key on the keyboardFor a true search, use quotation marksHowever, if you use the quotation marks around more than one term, you will only receive results that have those terms exactly as typed, such as: cats and dogs

Start OverPreviousNextGoogle Search buttonI typed cats into the box and hit my Enter buttonThen Google brought up many different websites that offered information on catsDont be fooled into thinking that all websites are legitimate, that is not Googles jobInstead, look at the web addresses carefully to determine whether or not they are legitimate or questionableTypically, addresses ending in .edu, .org, .gov are safer than others, but not always

Start OverPreviousNextIm Feeling LuckyThis Google feature is a different way to search than Google Search & Advanced Search

Start OverPreviousNextIm Feeling LuckyBe aware of what the Im Feeling Lucky search entailsIm Feeling Lucky is designed to bring the user to the first query webpage found during the searchMeaning, the first result that Google finds will automatically take you to that webpage, whether you want to visit it or notThere is no guarantee that the website is safe so the Im Feeling Lucky feature should be used with caution

Start OverPreviousNextIm Feeling LuckyVisit www.google.comType in what you are looking forClick the Im Feeling Lucky ButtonYou will then be taken to the first result that Google has found for youDecide immediately whether or not the page you are on is legitimate before using information from it

Start OverPreviousNextWhich do you prefer?It is up to the user to decide as to whether they prefer Google Search, Advanced Search, or Im Feeling LuckyI prefer Google Search because it is fast, provides a TON of results, and I can choose which sites I want to visit rather than being directed there without my choiceHowever, all 3 options are highly effective at providing resultsStart OverPreviousNextGoogles MissionTo organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Start OverPreviousNextMore Google OptionsGoogle offers other options as well, such as: Images, Videos, Maps, News, Shopping, Gmail, Books, Finance, Translate, Scholar, Blogs, YouTube, Calendar, Photos, Documents, Reader, Sites, Groups, and even more products are located under Even MoreStart OverPreviousNextA bit of Google HistoryGoogle is owned by Google, Inc.Google was founded in 1998Founders: Larry Page & Sergey BrinGoogle has offices across the globewww.google.com is one of over 150 other Google domains

Start OverPreviousNextGoogles NameThe founders created the name Google from another word, googol which is a term used in mathematics, meaning a 1 followed by 100 zeros.They chose the name Google because it represented a mass amount of information, just as the name googol stands for a massive numberStart OverPreviousNextPremise behind GoogleThe premise behind Google is searching. Google engineers are constantly looking for new & innovative ways to improve their search engines.One service Google has recently added is personalized searching.Personalized searching tailors results specifically to the user, once you have logged into your personal Google account.Start OverPreviousNextGoogleGoogle is a dependable search engine that was created to make searching the World Wide Web a little easierIf you are looking for a quick and easy way to find out what information is available on the Web, Google is a reliable optionRemember, not all websites are created equal so be prepared to check the quality of the websites providedAlso, the more specific the topic, the more specific the resultsStart OverPreviousNextGoogle Quiz Question #11. Google Search is:

A. A blogB. A search engineC. A dating siteD. A wikiStart OverWoops, try #1 again!Click HERE to try again!!Start OverGoogle Quiz Question #2The website for Google is:

A. www.googlesearch.comB. www.googleengine.comC. www.google.comD. www.searchgoogle.com

Start OverWoops, try #2 again!Click HERE to try again!!Start OverGoogle Quiz Question #3To perform a true search on Google, use:

A. Quotations MarksB. DashesC. PeriodsD. CommasStart OverWoops, try #3 again!Click HERE to try again!!Start OverGoogle Quiz Question #4You can perform an Advanced Search on Google?

A. True

B. FalseStart OverWoops, try #4 again! Click HERE to try again!!Start OverGoogle Quiz Question #5All of the websites that Google Search comes up with are legitimate and can be trusted.

A. True

B. FalseStart OverWoops, try #5 again!Click HERE to try again!!Start OverCongratulations!!You have successfully completed this Google presentation!If you answered 4 or more questions correctly, you are well-versed in basic Google searching.If you answered 3 or less questions correctly, you need to revisit the slideshow.

Thank you for your participation and get to Googling!Click Here toStart Over