5 Tips for HR to Survive March Madness

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The approach of spring brings at least one challenge for HR professionals: how to manage the distractions of college basketball’s “March Madness.” The annual NCAA basketball tournament will continue until the final buzzer sounds. During that three-week stretch, you will likely see all manner of brackets, conversations and even streaming video of live games in progress during the workday. This can make for a productivity drain. Review five tips to survive this month of basketball madness.

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  • 1.HAVE A GAME PLAN Can employees participate in contests as long as it does not inter- fere with work duties? How about using company computers to access the games? Or would you rather employees use their personal media devices? PROVIDE TIMEOUTS The games during the day present a major issue. Obviously, you dont want employees watching games in their entirety. Consider allowing short breaks. ENCOURAGE TEAM SPIRIT One easy way to participate is to allow employees to decorate their work areas with their teams colors. Consider allowing employees to dress casually on the first two full days of the tournament, as long as they are dressed in their colleges apparel. As many employers do during Halloween, you can even have a contest for the best display of school spirit. ALLOW SIT OUTS A small number of employees may be so into March Madness that it makes sense to allow them to take vacation days. Communicate to employees that all time-off requests need to be submitted as soon as possible and are subject to management discretion. INCENTIVISE HIGH SCORES If your company uses standard productivity measures (e.g., aver- age speed to answer, units produced), you might try creating a goal for your workforce to meet during March Madness. If the target is achieved, you can provide some type of reward (e.g., a party, a drawing, credit added to a PTO bank). TO SURVIVE FIVE TIPS copyright 2013