5 - Remembering and Forgetting

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The Range and Content of Human MemorySensory memory: Gone in an instant Short-term (working) memory: How information is retained temporarily Long-term memory: An overview

Learning How to Learn and RememberHow categories help Clustering-packaging memory information for long-term

Preserving visual information

Why We ForgetHow remembering and forgetting are measured Theories of forgetting

Summary Test Yourself Answers Study GuidePsychology and the Media: Memory-Enhancing Drugs Psychology in the Lab and in Life: False Memories Life Span Perspective: Remembering and Forgetting in Older Adulthood

Factors in Encoding and StorageChunking-putting one neat package many little items into

What we encode, remember, and retrieve Emotional states and retrieval

Linkages in Learning and MemoryThe role of meaning and organization Using rules to leam and remember Building storehouses for memory