5 ORGRES Asia Group of Companies. «ORGRES ASIA» Group of Companies combines such companies as: The...

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Transcript of 5 ORGRES Asia Group of Companies. «ORGRES ASIA» Group of Companies combines such companies as: The...

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  • 5 ORGRES Asia Group of Companies
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  • ORGRES ASIA Group of Companies combines such companies as: The basis of the group of companies is ORGRES Tashkent, organized in 1961 and has over 50 years of experience in engineering services in design, construction, reconstruction and operation of thermal and hydro power plants and other energy facilities. Energy facilities in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia are among the projects implemented by the company. Experts of the company have been providing services in foreign countries: Ethiopia, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Finland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cuba, Algeria, Pakistan, Mongolia, etc.
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  • ORGRES Asia Group of Companies operates in dynamically developing markets of CIS countries ORGRES ASIA is the company which manages a network of united organizations gathered on the market of the former Soviet Union individually specializing in certain countries and areas of activity, at the same time pooling the resources and advantages of each other in providing a wide range of professional services which in their union are unique for the CIS market. ORGRES ngineering brings together a group of skilled engineers who use their experience and knowledge of western technologies in design and construction, combined with the knowledge of local norms and standards for accomplishing any tasks set by our customers. This combination is the key to our success. We concentrate our efforts on projects related to construction and reconstruction of hydro and thermal power stations and distribution networks in Russia. ORGRES Kazakhstan is an engineering company focused on the rapidly growing market of Kazakhstan. The company aims to introduce advanced technologies in effective Industrial construction and energy, renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and geothermal energy sources ORGRES Tashkent works on all hydro and thermal generation facilities in Uzbekistan, carrying out pre-commissioning, service, design and optimization works aimed at improving energy capacity. Along with the development and implementation of traditional energy sources we see our main problem in the use of renewable energy. We work in construction, oil and gas, coal, metallurgy, and other fields along with the energy sector
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  • A Half Century in Power Industry Central Asian branch of All-Union Trust for adjustment and improvement of the operation of power plants and networks of ORGRES was organized in 1961 in Tashkent. The task of Central Asian branch of ORGRES was the development of the input energy facilities, the provision of technical assistance for commissioning, debugging technology and conducting acceptance testing of equipment. Special attention was focused on the development of technologies of thermal power plants, as the most challenging. In 1962 at the first power unit of Tashkent Thermal Power Station (TPS) it was successfully performed commissioning and acceptance testing of 150 MW power unit of the water-boiler, turbine, electrical equipment and heat process automation. Further, a large amount of commissioning was carried out at power units of Tashkent TPS, the first 200MW power units of Djumbul and Mariy TPS, Krasnodarsk TPS, and on the equipment of Dushanbe TPS, Shymkent TPS and other power plants in the region. Commissioning was also performed on the head equipment in other republics; Ivano-Frankovsk TPS and Slavyansk TPS (800MW power unit) in the Ukraine, Tbilisi TPS, Frunze TPS,. A large amount of start-up was performed on 110-500 kv network facilities of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia. Comprehended commissioning was conducted for hydro power stations in Uchkurgan, Toktogul, Nurek, Charvak and other major plants of Central Asia. There was realized the opportunity of participation of hydro power station in the regulation of the frequency and power of the integrated power system. ORGRES performed a set of unique tests to bring nuclear power plants to regulate the frequency in the power system.
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  • While developing the Automatic Process Control System of 200MW, 300 MW and 800 MW power units of Djambul, Surgut, Navo-Angren and Talimajan TPS, there were perfomed pioneering work on the integration the computers into power production. Significant advances have been made while developing the computer tools for education and training of personnel of power plants. Successful launch and development of the first 300 MW power units of Navo-Angren TPS on brown coal, in a large extent has been achieved due to participation of ORGRES at the design stage of commissioning and experimental work as well as technological process flow tests. A major milestone in 1985-1989 was achieved by participating ORGRES in the commissioning and development of power transmission of AC voltage of 1150kV Ekibastuz Kokchetav Kustanay Chelyabinsk with length of over 1.500 km, the unique in the world practice. ORGRES is the parent commissioning contractor at the launch of the largest in Central Asia 800MW power unit at Talimarjan TPS. During performance adjustment, it was modified combustion technology, which increased the gross boiler efficiency by 0.7%. ORGRES is a first enterprise in Uzbekistan that was involved in integration the commercial accounting system of electricity, and also developed the first domestic hardware and software system of AMR. Specialists of ORGRES conducted a large amount of start-up and adjustment works and technical assistance in the operation of foreign energy facilities in Finland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Mongolia, Cuba and other countries. A Half Century in Power Industry
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  • The subject of the company`s main activity is the provision of production services for adjustment, the integration of advanced technologies and the operation improvement of enterprises engaged in the production, distribution and use of electricity and thermal energy: - Integrated startup and performance adjustment of newly built, extended or reconstructed energy companies; - Carrying out all kinds of tests of mechanical, electric power equipment; - Service maintenance and improvement of operation; - Project evaluation of energy enterprises; - Development of technical proposals and regulations on operation of power equipment; - Development of computer learning systems and other materials for education of operating personnel; - Development of simulation for training of personnel of power station and electrical networks; - Automation of technological processes, development of algorithms and software for Automatic Technological Process Control System & Automatic Production Control System - Design, installation commissioning and implementation of AMR, Automatic Dispatcher Control System and communication; - An experimental research design and survey work; - Providing organizational and methodological assistance in the implementation of the new equipment; - Participation in the comprehensive and targeted surveys of enterprises and the development of recommendations to improve reliability, efficiency of the equipment; - Management of investment projects financed by international financial institutions. Production services performed by ORGRES considering the high intellectual capacity of the staff, advanced adjustment and diagnostic equipment allow to improve the quality of the production, distribution and consumption of energy resources. Production services
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  • Our potential ORGRES Asia Group of Companies integrates more than 200 highly-qualified specialists. To perform production tasks the following departments are functioned : - Water-Boller Shop; - Turbine Shop; - Electric Shop; - Production Service of Computer Facilities; - Operator - and Process-Enabled Control Facilities Production Department; - AEM Production Department; - Investment Projects Management Unit; All units are equipped with advanced computer equipment, diagnostic equipment and the following laboratories: - Laboratory determining vibration condition of machinery; - Relay Protection and Automation Equipment Examination Laboratory; - Fuel Examination Laboratory; - Oil Examination Laboratory; - Water Laboratory; - Cable Stand; and - AEM Stand. ORGRES Asia Group of Companies has a Certification of Quality Management System with ISO 9001 : 2008 standard issued in 2011 by TUV Thuringen e.V. Certification Agency for Systems and Personnel.
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  • Our Licenses ORGRES Asia (Tashkent) holds the licenses and permits for the following activities: examination and analysis of the projects of operating, building or reconstructing energy companies; energy audits in terms of efficiency of fuel, thermal and electrical energy; commissioning with gas-powered equipment, pressure vessels, lifting devices; designing gas-powered equipment; design, construction and operation of data networks; development of architectural and town-planning documentation; designing equipment within the jurisdiction of Gosgortechnadzor.
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  • The mission of the Group is to use the most advanced western business practices, experience and technology in association with the flexibility, personal responsibility and, above all, a deep knowledge and respect for local characteristics of each country in which we operate. All this we aim for benefit of our customers. Range of our services : We offer services that include : - Advisory services; - Engineering work and a choice of advanced technologies to meet the requirements of our customers; - Design and survey works in preparation and supervision during construction ; - Adaptation of the projects carried out by foreign designers to local regulations and requirements; - Project management services ; - Supply of equipment and materials from leading manufacturers; - Implementation of projects based on EPC contracts together with our partners. Our mission:
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  • Our services are aimed at: - Foreign investors, equipment manufacturers and engineering companies interested in long-term and successful work in Russia and countries of Central Asia. Our advantage is knowledge of local characteristics, business rules, norms and standards that makes us successful players in each country where we do business. - Customers of Projects who are interested in realization of projects on the basis of advanced foreign technologies. Our cooperation will allow implementing them with minimal risk of timing and price increases due to removal of the risks associated with the lack of sufficient study of tasks, removal of linguistic, mental, regulatory differences with foreign partners. What and who support us Our close relationships with leading engineering companies, technology developers and equipment manufacturers allow us to solve the most complex problems. We have partnership relationships the largest public and private corporations in USA, Europe, South Korea and China. We are working within the projects implemented under the auspices of the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Banks of Russia, Korea and China.
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  • ORGRES ASIA, LLP 119034, Russia, Moscow, Prechistenka st. 40/2, structure 1, entrance 3 Phone: (495) 785-10-15, +(7926) 432-20-58 e-mail: [email protected] www.orgresasia.com LLP ORGRES Kazakhstan E-mail:[email protected] JSC ORGRES Tashkent E-mail: [email protected] LLC ORGRES Engineering E-mail: [email protected] Our contacts
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