5 New Year's Resolutions For Freelancers

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Consider these five new year’s resolutions freelancers should make. They will help you pick up your game, no matter what stage of your freelance career you’re currently in. Here’s to you in 2014—may your freelance business prosper!

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  • 1. If nothing else, raising your rates is a good strategy to help end the feast or famine freelance cyclewhere one month youre working 80-hour weeks, and the next youre watching your savings drain and wondering where all the work has gone.

2. If your freelance business is humming alongor especially if youve found yourself drowning in work and missing deadlines latelyit may be time to consider outsourcing. 3. Are you afraid to turn down jobs? If youve made a habit of always accepting every project that comes your way, even if your plate is already full, then make 2014 the Year of No. Taking on too much is a surefire path to burnout for a freelancer. 4. Have you lived for so long in your freelancer cave that youre starting to look chair-shaped? Can you remember the last time you saw the actual sun? How about the last conversation you had that involved speaking and having another real person talk back? 5. At some point during your freelance career, if it hasnt happened already, someone will tell you how lucky you are to work from homeand you will silently fume with jealousy at how lucky they are to stop working at 5 every day, have weekends off, and get paid holidays and benefits. What happened to loving the life? 6. The AMCAT is Indias first employability assessment test that help fresh graduates to get their first job quickly and efficiently.