5 L Robins

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Transcript of 5 L Robins

  • 1. All About Robins BY Madison
  • 2. About the Author Hi, my name is Madison I have 4 people in my family their names are Cole my brother Kim my mom HI Dean my dad.My hobbies are softball and dance. The reason way Im am doing the Robin is because like their colors and I like how small they are.
  • 3. Who Am I Robins mostly have a red belly.Most eat eather earth worm.Robins make a musical whistled phrase.Most robins lay eggs the size of a quarter, and they lay 2to 4 eggs.Robins bild nests on trees,houses,bushes,and heges. Most Robins nests are the sizes of a softball.
  • 4. The early Years When the eggs of a Robins are lade they are lade close together. Most baby robins are pink with a little feathers called down feathers theas feathers are soft
  • 5. Habitat sweet habitat Some robins live in a back yard where it is warm, grassy.
  • 6. Whats on the Menu? Robins mostly eat earth warms, seeds, some plants, and they drink water.
  • 7. Making Tracks All robins have the same tracks. It looks like one line and 3 little lines coming out of it.
  • 8. Simply Irresistible Robins Mostly live for 6 years but could live for 14 years. One other fact is that babies birds can fly but their down feathers stop them.
  • 9. Where in the world Some robins live in U.S, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and some of South America.
  • 10. Fun Stuff Did you know Fun fact 1.Robins sleep Baby robins can standing still fly when they 2.Robins live in are babies but the U.S year their wings stop round them. 3.They usually fly
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