5 key traits every start up employee should possess

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You need to have people on board who you can count on, who are fully behind your vision, and who can consistently outperform the competition, taking you to the top of the pack. When you’re just starting out, a strong company culture is the foundation for your startup’s success.

Transcript of 5 key traits every start up employee should possess

  • Im a firm believer in the fact that if you love what you do, work feels like play. My team and I are passionate about creating happier, more productive workplaces, and this shared passion is a huge part of our companys culture. For this reason, I only hire people that are just as passionate about what Good.Co is doing as I am. When your entire team is working towards the same goal with the same level of enthusiasm, the skys the limit.
  • we practice a unique 50/50 rule when assessing a new hire. While one-half of what we seek is directly related to functional skills, the other half is all about the ability to adapt and problem-solve.
  • Every day, I ask myself what we could be doing differently not for the sake of doing it differently, but with an eye towards making things better. In order to be successful, I believe everyone on my team should be doing the same.
  • In a startup environment, stakes are high and integrity is key. Can you implicitly trust every single one of your employees to not only get the job done, but to also do it to the best of their ability and safeguard your companys intelligence? Sure, you may be sitting across from a brilliant developer or product manager, but if you cant wholeheartedly trust them, its time to move on to the next candidate
  • I look for people with strengths that are the exact opposite of those theyll be working with. For example, if a current team member is more creative, the person I hire to work with them should be more analytical in nature.
  • The AMCAT is Indias first employability assessment test that help fresh graduates to get their first job quickly and efficiently.