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We all know that social media is a vital part of modern marketing, but how do you make the most of it? With these 5 free social media tools, you'll ensure you're following the most influential people in your field - it might not be who you think! - and are using and sharing the best content there is. Which is your favourite? Tweet at us, @resourceit_ltd

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  • www.resourceit.net A Guide to 5 Free Tools for Increasing Your Social Media Success Imogen Wright|August 2014
  • www.resourceit.net MARKETING WEEK LIVE 2014 From the outside of the Olympia Grand in Kensington, the sheer scale of Marketing Week Live 2014 isnt apparent. But stepping through the entrance with my shiny new badge, feeling a little like the new girl on her first day, it becomes obvious that this event is absolutely huge, and everyone inside means business. The buzz inside the venue is positively palpable and everyone attendees and exhibitors alike are excited and anticipating something truly tremendous. And they got it. With over 350 stands, and almost 150 talks, seminars and training sessions over two days, this is so much more than just an exhibition.
  • www.resourceit.net MARKETING WEEK LIVE 2014 Having just sourced all ResourceiTs merchandise and freebies ready for Microsofts WPC2014 in Washington DC, I felt like I was well versed in the ways of branded merchandise but there were some things at MWL14 that I just wasnt expecting; being handed a beautifully designed reusable coffee cup filled with frothy cappuccino, a stick of chocolate covered marshmallows and an origami puppy within the first five minutes to name just a few! Although the merchandise was fun and everyone loves a freebie, I was really here to take advantage of all the learning opportunities, and now I want to share my knowledge with you lucky people. One training session that was particularly useful was 15 Tools and Techniques to Increase the Success of your Search & Content Marketing by Kelvin Newman (@Kelvinnewman) from Rough Agenda (@roughagenda). But I know were all busy people so Ive tried and tested a few and compiled this shorter list of the 5 Best Tools for Increasing your Social Media Success. Enjoy!
  • www.resourceit.net 1. BLUENOD This Twitter tool is very intuitive and straightforward. The free version analyses 300 tweets and is perfect for seeing who has the most social media impact around a particular topic. Whats the Benefit? Bluenod allows you to ensure youre following the most influential people in your sector.
  • www.resourceit.net 1.BLUENOD HOW DOES IT WORK? Start by searching for the particular hashtag youre interested in I used #new2wpc in this case. Bluenod then displays the results like the screen shot to the right. The general rule for Bluenod is: the larger the circle, the more times that particular user has used the hashtag you searched for. It is usually safe to assume that if a user is using the hashtag a lot, theyre a big fish in that area. Bluenod also shows you how people are connect too which really makes use of the networking side of social networking!
  • www.resourceit.net 1.BLUENOD HOW DOES IT WORK? Additionally, Bluenod displays the profiles who use the hashtag, as a list - starting with the most frequent user and reading left to right. When you click on any of the People tiles, it shows you their Twitter bio, their connections and their latest tweets. You can also follow them directly from the tool which saves you having to search and add them on Twitter itself. Another great feature of Bluenod is its Lists option. This feature includes the People with 1000+ followers filter, which allows you to find those who are most influential in the field of your search term.
  • www.resourceit.net 1.BLUENOD HOW DOES IT WORK? Bluenod also provides a timeline of when the hashtag you searched for is used most frequently which is perfect for ensuring your tweets are going out at the right time. This could be when many others are using the hashtag, so youre joining in the conversation. One final great thing about Bluenod is the ability to share the visuals on social media. This could be useful for providing useable content for your followers, or you can use the link for sharing the visuals with your colleagues.
  • www.resourceit.net 2. BUZZSUMO This Twitter tool helps you find content around a particular topic or domain. Whats the Benefit? Buzzsumo is great for finding existing content that people actually want to read. Whether you want to Tweet it, write a Facebook post around it, or use others content to build a comprehensive piece of content of your own, Buzzsumo will show you the crme de la crme of content.
  • www.resourceit.net 2. BUZZSUMO Just like Bluenod, you start by using the search bar. Ive searched for Dynamics AX for this example. As you can see, Buzzsumo shows a breakdown of where things are shared: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, with the content that has been share the most at the top of the list.
  • www.resourceit.net 2. BUZZSUMO One really useful feature of Buzzsumo is that you can filter by type and date. This is particularly handy if you have a specific goal in mind. Want to tweet something compelling? Infographics work really well on Twitter. Need something for Facebook? Videos are well received. When you have the results displayed, you can then view the sharers. This brings up a list of all the users who shared that particular article, infographic or whatever it may be. Like Bluenod, you can sort these by number of followers, allowing you to find the most influential user to share that piece of content. Unlike Bluenod, you can also sort by average number of retweets for each sharer, which shows you yet another layer of popularity. You can also filter by type of sharer. Need an article with some industry welly? Go for Journalists. Need a man of the people feel to your post? Go for Regular People.
  • www.resourceit.net 2. BUZZSUMO As you can see from the above, like Bluenod, you can follow people directly from the tool, saving you time as you dont have to go on to Twitter to search and follow them. One more great thing about Buzzsumo is, you dont have to sign up to anything either; you can just use the tool without having anything clogging up your email inbox. If you do sign up however, you can export the results to Excel which is handy. Signing up takes a matter of seconds and remember - the whole tool is free. You cant really argue with that! The only drawback with this tool is that the results are updated throughout the day, as opposed to in real time, so theyre not always 100% accurate. But this is a minor drawback, considering the benefits.
  • www.resourceit.net 3. BERSUGGEST While bersuggest doesnt look very pretty, it certainly is a very useful tool. Like a kind of extension of Google suggestions, when you look up your search term, it gives you an Excel scrape of everything that people type into Google when looking for information around your search term. Whats the Benefit? bersuggest is great for giving you ideas about content for your social media posts and enables you to give your customers what they want to read. It can also be used to influence your keyword strategy, boosting SEO rankings and to optimize your PPC campaign.
  • www.resourceit.net 3. BERSUGGEST To get started, enter your search term into the search bar. I think I am beginning to see a pattern with these! Your results are then displayed like this
  • www.resourceit.net 3. BERSUGGEST There are hundreds of results, spanning across the alphabet. This isnt all of them though. Each term expands further, like so: You can then select which results are most relevant to you by clicking on the plus button, which adds them to your list. Then all you have to do is select Get and it appears for you ready to copy, paste and keep.
  • www.resourceit.net 3. BERSUGGEST As I mentioned earlier, bersuggest is great for giving you ideas about what your customers want to read. You may know that you want to write about Microsoft for example, and bersuggest can tell you that people are searching specifically for Microsoft Family Safety and Microsoft for Mac, allowing you to give your customers just what theyre looking for. Imagine youre writing a piece about Microsoft Lync to go on the Services page of your website or Pinpoint profile. bersuggest will give you plenty of keywords to plug into your content, boosting your SEO score and enabling prospects to find your page quicker. The only drawback for this tool is that it would be useful to see a Most Searched list but as it is, it is all very simple and very very useful indeed.
  • www.resourceit.net 4. KLOUT While many companies may already use Klout for ranking their efforts against their peers, some underestimate the power of its Create feature. Similar to Buzzsumo, Klout enables you to find content. However, unlike Buzzsumo, you can not input your own search term WPC 2014 doesnt work but instead, you search topics that are already within the tool. Klout enables you to find content thats hot off the press, so is great for anything topical. Whats the Benefit? If you want to take part in some real time marketing, Klout allows you to find relevant, of the minute shareable content to share or respond to, saving you time and effort. Youre also able to schedule po