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Homebrew Schools for a L5R game

Transcript of 4th Edition Homebrew Schools

4th edition homebrew schools: Path: Ujina Knife-fighter The ronin who created the Ujina family was an enigmatic man named Tokimasa, a highly skilled warrior whose past before meeting Usagi Ozuki was never revealed to anyone within the hare Clan. All that could be known for certain was that he possessed an uncanny talent for stealth, and his ability to wield a knife was unique. While Tokimasa did not excel as a sensei, he did manage to pass on his style of knife-fighting, which is now followed by some within the family he founded. Technique Rank: 4 Replaces: Usagi Bushi 4 Requires: Knives 4 Technique: Master of the Quick Blade No family in the Empire is as skilled with a simple knife as the Ujina, and they are rightly acknowledged as its masters. You require one less raise when making any manoeuvre using a weapon governed by the Knives skill (to a minimum of one raise). You gain a +1k0 bonus to all damage rolls made with weapons governed by the Knives skill.

Toturi Bushi School (By Akodo Hayato)Benefit: +1 Perception Honor: 5.5 Skills: Battle (Skirmish), Defense, Kenjutsu, War Fans, Polearms (I think that is the skill for a naginata), Lore Bushido, and any one High or Bugei skill Outfit: Daisho, Nagi-nata, any 1 weapon, Light or Heavy armor, steed, traveling pack: 10 Koku

TechniquesRank 1: Moon on the Water Before any conflict, the Toturi bushi sizes up his opponent, looking for weaknesses in his technique, his character, his armor as if studying the reflection of the moon on the water. In the first round of any skirmish, after initiative is rolled but before any actions are resolved, you may choose one opponent within 30', if you do you may add half your kenjutsu skill to your armor TN and you gain a free raise to maneuvers made against him. Rank 2: The Fan of Command You add your War Fans skill to the total of all Battle rolls. Additionally, you may make a Battle (Skirmish) roll against TN 15 as a simple action to add half your Battle skill to the initiative of an ally up to 10 x your school rank. You may raise at this roll to double the value added to your allys initiative, or you may raise twice to give the initiative bonus to one additional ally. Rank 3: Sword of Water A Toturi bushi attacks with power and precision by thoroughly sizing up the opponent. Attacks made with weapons that have the Samurai Keyword can now be made as simple actions. Rank 4: The Fan of Protection A war fan can be used for many things such as signaling subordinates, rallying troops, and fending off attacks in close quarters. The war fan is an indispensable weapon in a generals army, and can give you an advantage, once per round you may spend 1 Void to make a Defense/Reflex roll when attacked by an opponent, if you are successful (ie. you beat his/her attack roll) you knock their blade away and you take no damage (will not work with anyone using a weapon with the heavy keyword or is classified as

a large weapon). Rank 5: The Supreme Warrior Toturi Was one of the greatest warrior's and leaders of all time, and he imparts his wisdom down through the generations. If you attack twice in the same turn while wielding a war-fan in your off hand, you may make one additional attack with your off hand as a Free Action. Before an attack roll, you may spend a VP to make your 8, 9 and 10s explode on the attack.

Magpie Clan Kaneyama - +1 Willpower Kaneyama Bushi [Magpie Clan] While the Magpie clan has a longer history than other of the more recent Minor clans, like their neighbours the Cougar, they took much longer to develop a school of their own, one of the reasons being their that their close and mostly agreeable or at least tolerated relation to the Lion and Scorpion means that many among the Kaneyama studied in those clans schools. They now, however, boast their own Bushi school, developed from a strange mix of the techniques their Bayushi, Akodo and Matsu-trained samurai exhibited and some added elements of their own. Benefit: + Agility Skills:.Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette, Defense, Kenjutsu, Battle, Any Craft or Bugei Skill, Any High or Bugei Skill. Honor: 4,5 Outfit: Katana, wakizashi, bow and 20 arrows (any type), any 1 weapon, light armor, kimono and sandals, traveling pack; 5 koku. Techniques Rank 1: The Seduction of Gold Whenever attacking an opponent with an armour bonus to his Armour TN, the opponents Armour bonus to TN is reduced by twice the Kaneyama Bushis School Rank against the Kaneyama Bushis attacks. Whenever a Kaneyama samurai uses the feint maneuver, he gains a bonus to his attack roll equal to his School Rank. Rank 2: Flying overhead The Kaneyama Bushi learns to make use of quick footwork to enhance his defensive capabilities, going around his enemies attacks at unexpected moments. Whenever spending a Void Point to increase his Armour TN for the round, the Kaneyama Bushis Armour TN is increased by 15 instead of the normal 10. Rank 3: The teasing bird The Kaneyama Bushis feints instead of simply focusing on openings for his own attacks also make use of deceptive movements, feet shifting and even provoking stances and words to not only take their enemies off-guard, but also interfere with their focus on the battle. When the character uses the feint maneuver successfully, he can choose to exchange part of the bonus to damage for penalties to the opponents rolls. For each point reduced from the damage bonus, the Kaneyama Bushi may give the opponent a -1 penalty on all skill and spellcasting rolls he makes until the Reactions Phase of the next round.

Additionally, the Kaneyama Bushi may reduce 5 points from the damage bonus to increase the duration of penalties given through the use of this technique by an additional round. Rank 4: Swirling Avalanche The power of the Akodo and Matsu-trained forefathers of the Kaneyama Bushi School comes to bear as the Magpie samurai learns to strengthen his body and spirit against those who would endanger the small clans lands, and he now attacks and weaves through battle quickly and relentlessly. The character may now make attacks with a Katana or when using the Feint maneuver as simple actions. Rank 5: Swindling eagles The Kaneyama Bushis final lesson is that to best those stronger than himself, he needs to avoid standing directly in their way. He masters the Magpies style of feinting and taunting, allowing him to avoid being attacked altogether by those who cant get over his teasing. When the character uses the Feint maneuver successfully, he can choose to exchange part of the bonus to damage for the chance to negate his opponents actions. The Kaneyama Bushi may reduce 5 points from the bonus to damage to try to make his opponent lose one simple action on his next turn, or she may reduce 10 points from the bonus to try to make his opponent lose one complex action (or two simple actions) on his next turn. After deciding on the desired effect but before rolling for the attacks damage, the Kaneyama Bushi must spend 1 Void Point and make a contested Willpower Roll against the opponent; if the Kaneyama Bushi succeeds, the opponent loses the appropriate actions on his next turn; if the opponent succeeds, nothing happens. The Kaneyama Bushi may choose to reduce an additional amount from the bonus to damage from the Feint Maneuver to add the same value as a bonus to his Willpower roll for the use of this technique. Additionally, he may further reduce the bonus to damage gained to use effects from the Rank 3 Technique, The Teasing Bird. This technique may be used a number of times per skirmish equal to your School Rank, but cannot be used against the same opponent on consecutive turns. The Cougar Clan Although the actual creation of the Cougar Clan is recent, rumours and legends of the people who now make up the fledging clan have existed for long, and some go as far back as the times of the Dawn of the Empire. The earliest of these stories tell of the times of the Lion Clans war with the Kitsu and other ancient infighting. According to some, not all of those within the newborn Clan followed Akodo to the end as he pressed on his fight against these creatures, and thus some left and roamed about as Ronin, wandering about the Lion Clans plains for some time until they had to leave for less conspicuous and important locations. The stories say these loners scattered throughout different parts of the Empire, sometimes taking a number of peasants with them. A number of them may have found shelter under other clans, while others probably ended up dead. Some stories, however, say that a number of these leaving the battlefields would have moved to the mountainside and climbed the Seikitsu mountains, looking for isolation as they tried to survive in the harsh environment of the mountain range. As the Empires history progressed and further conflicts arose, similar stories appeared of samurai posed with a conflict between duty and that they saw as honourable or right, a number of which relate to lower-ranking officers casting a shadow on their familys name by leaving in face of peasant abuse by higher-ranking officials, especially

during wartime. Many of these stories are still told among Peasants in Lion, Scorpion and Unicorn lands in hushed voices, which tell of some samurai which would leave to seek a different path, sometimes taking with them some of the peasants to avoid further abuse, even though risking their and their familys honour. Some periods in the Empires history are especially rich in these stories: other than the war with the Kitsu, the return of the Unicorn, inside incidents in Lion lands such as the one with the Shimizu family and the corruption that followed the Tsuno invasions and even the disbanding of the Akodo family are supposed to have been episodes which led to some wayward samurai and desperate peasants leaving their former world and retiring to the hard environment of the Seikitsu, although most of the legends and stories wh