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Family Readiness Handbook 47 TH Combat Support Hospital

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This handbook is to welcome the incoming or newly arrived Soldiers and their Spouses in the unit. It includes information on various on/off post resources, such as employment assistance, school information, on/off post housing, and fun stuff to do while stationed here in the Washington State.

Transcript of 47th CSH FRG Handbook

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Family Readiness Handbook

47TH Combat Support Hospital

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47th CSH FRG Handbook 2

47th Combat Support Hospital FRG Handbook

Table of Contents

Unit History 3 Welcome Messages 4 How to Become a Volunteer 6 Unit Locations 8 FRG Contact Information Sheet 9 Organizational Charts 10 Important Local Phone Numbers 12 Community Resources 13 Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) American Red Cross (ARC) Army Community Services (ACS) Army Emergency Relief (AER) Child & Family Assistance Center (CAFAC) Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Family Life Center Legal Assistance Madigan Army Medical Center Childcare Services Off-Post Childcare Options

Housing School Employment Religious Services Important Websites 23 Tour of Duty: JBLM, Washington Bucket List 24

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47th CSH FRG Handbook 3

47th Combat Support Hospital History

The 47th Combat Support Hospital was first constituted on 21 December 1928 in the Regular Army as the 47th Surgical Hospital, but existed with much of the Army in the planning stage until the advent of the Second World War. After the Pearl Harbor the unit was redesigned as the 47th Portable Surgical Hospital on 31 May 1943 and was officially activated on 7 June 1943 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The unit departed the United States for service in the Pacific theater on 10 September 1943. The unit saw action in I-Liang, China; India; and Burma theaters until the end of the World War II and returned to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey where it was inactivated on 3 November 1945. With the outbreak of the Korean War, the unit was redesigned on 24 November 1952 as the 47th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H) and activated on 2 February 1953 in Korea. Personnel were equipped, trained, and moved to Korea in February 1953. The MASH quickly reorganized and was redesigned 25 March 1953 as the 47th Surgical Hospital. During the conflict the unit performed admirably in action and was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation. After the conflict, the unit returned to Fort Riley, Kansas and was inactivated on 15 November 1957. Vietnam. The unit returned to active duty on 10 January 1968 at Fort Lewis, Washington. The unit was reorganized and redesigned for the final time on 21 May 1973 as the 47th Combat Support Hospital where it has remained ever since. Desert Storm. The unit was again awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm from October 1990 to April 1991, where the unit was the most forward deployed of all American Hospitals, serving under the 1st Med Group in support of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Iraq. The 47th CSH has also completed two deployment rotations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during 2005 and 2009. The latest deployment was in support of Operation New Dawn (OND), from 5 July to 21 December 2011. The CSH Headquarters, located at Contingency Operation Base Adder, Tallil, Iraq functioned as a Medical Task Force headquarters providing mission command for as many as 19 subordinate units postured across Iraq. Alpha Company, 47th CSH staffed the level III medical facility at COB Adder providing hospitalization and surgical capability for Southern Iraq. B Company, 47th CSH performed as the Department of State Medical Facility transition team providing medical treatment, surgical care, and hospitalization at eight medical facilities across Iraq. The 47th CSH has the distinction of being the last Combat Support Hospital to provide Army Health System support during the reduction of forces and conclusion of American Military Operations in the nation of Iraq.

Distinctive Unit Insignia

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47th CSH FRG Handbook 4

Welcome to the CSH Family, your new Army home!

We are excited that you are joining our military Family and looking forward to working with you to make your time in this unit a productive, enjoyable experience. Our unit Family Readiness Group (FRG) is active and working to support our Soldiers and their Families. Our FRG exists to:

• Provide accurate and current communication between unit command team and families

• Sharing of information on the Army life, this unit, and our mission. • Promote self-reliance in preparation for family separation, during training exercise,

deployment, temporary duty assignment (TDY) or schooling.

Information is distributed through email, the unit Facebook page, newsletters, deployment / redeployment briefings or through our FRG meetings. Our primary goal is to make sure that Families feel equipped to deal with the stress that is associated with separation. If the Families’ needs are met, then our Soldiers can concentrate on the job he/she is assigned to do.

Our FRG also helps create a climate of mutual support within our unit, foster a sense of belonging to the unit/community, and provide a vehicle for our families to develop friendship while they gain information about the unit and the community.

However, the success of our mission depends on the level of involvement from its members – therefore, we encourage you to get involved! Be a part of the team. Become a volunteer, be an active part of the FRG, not only to receive help, but to help and share your talent and skills to others!

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47th CSH FRG Handbook 5

Messages from our FRG Leadership Team

Welcome to the 47th Combat Support Hospital! We are very happy to have you join our mission-focused but Family oriented team of Officers, NCOs, Soldiers and Family Members. I have several simple goals for the organization which I believe will help us to achieve both mission success and personal satisfaction: train to task and enjoy what we are doing. Believing in the importance and value of our mission while taking to heart the immense responsibility we have as a unit and as individuals, will set us up to succeed in whatever the Army asks of us. I hope the 47th Combat Support Hospital will be a challenging and rewarding experience for you and I can assure you that we will do our best to welcome you and your Family and integrate you as a valued member of America’s CSH.

- Dedicated to Life, Rainier 6

I am very excited to have you and your Family join the 47th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) team. We look forward to integrating you into our team and ensuring you transition into America’s CSH Family with ease. We believe in strong Families and promoting balance in our Soldiers lives because happy Families lead to strong teams. Likewise, we believe in training to meet the mission that is asked of us or any piece of our medical capabilities. Y ou are coming to a team of professionals that remain ready to meet the demands and needs of our great army. Welcome to the team and I will see you during training or maybe at a Family centered team building event.

- Dedicated to Life, Rainier 7

On behalf of the 47th CSH FRG, I would like to welcome you to your new Army home, Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington! Caring for Families, as well as the well-being of the Soldiers, civilians and their Families, is of utmost importance. We have a very active Family Readiness Group (FRG) and we are here to help make your move to Fort Lewis as easy as possible.I look forward to getting to know you and your Family as you transition to your new home.

- Erin

COL Jennifer Caci 47th CSH Commander

CSM Albert Crews 47th CSH Command

Sergeant Major

Erin Crews FRG Senior Advisor

Page 6: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 6

How to Become a Volunteer Step 1 – Register online

1) Go to www.myarmyonesource.com 2) Click on the LOGIN tab at top of page to Register or “Not a Member? Join Now” at top right

of page 3) Input your information. Under the Military Community affiliation drop down tab, locate

”Joint Base Lewis-McChord” about ¾ of the way down under Northwest Region 4) Click on CONTINUE 5) If information is correct, click on REGISTER

Step 2 – Apply for a Volunteer Opportunity/Position 1) Go to www.myarmyonesource.com 2) In top right corner click the “Become A Volunteer” box, then Opportunity Locator 3) Under the military community drop down bar, select “Joint Base Lewis-McChord” about ¾

of the way down under Northwest Region 4) Select by organization using the drop down bar (FRG: 593d ESC: 62d Med Bde 47th CSH

name of company) and click on SEARCH 5) Select a position by clicking on the blue position title 6) If this position suits your needs, click on APPLY 7) Review your information and fill in additional information on next screen, click SUBMIT

APPLICATION 8) Once your application has been accepted, an email will be sent to you confirming your status.

After you begin volunteering, you can then continue to Step 3.

Step 3 – How to record your volunteer hours 1) Go to www.myarmyonesource.com 2) Click on the LOGIN tab at top of page 3) At top of page click “My AOS page” 4) Under Volunteer Center – AVC tools, click “service history”, your position will show and to

the far right, click “hours”. 5) If you want to update several days of service, click ADD MANY 6) If you want to update one day of service, click ADD ONE 7) Input the hours contributed, then click SAVE 8) You can edit your hours and document notes by clicking on “edit” 9) When finished inputting hours, click DONE 10) When complete, you can navigate the site or log out.

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47th CSH FRG Handbook 7

Where to find: 62nd Medical Brigade

Bldg 2019, Liggett Avenue, JBLM-Lewis Main, WA 98433


From Main Gate – go straight on 41st Division Drive until you pass the PX on your right, turn Right on Pendleton Blvd. Go straight passed the commissary, housing, and the Rainier Lodge until you reach Division Drive at the traffic sign. Drive passed the traffic light. The next street you will pass is 5th Street, turn left when you see the entrance to the 62nd Med Brigade compound.

There are parking spaces on both sides of the street.

From DuPont Gate– from DuPont Gate, turn left at either West Way or Kaufman Avenue. At the stop sign, turn right at Pendleton Avenue. Go straight passed the Fire Department’s flashing traffic light until you reached 4th Street and you see Bldg 2020. Turn right into the parking lot. Bldg 2019 is beyond the parking lot in-between Bldg 2020 and 2021.



Page 8: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 8

Where to find: 47th CSH HQ (Bldg. 3366)

Evergreen Avenue, JBLM-Lewis Main, WA 98433

Directions: From Main Gate – go straight on 41st Division Drive, then turn LEFT on Pendleton Avenue. Turn right at the second stop light on 4th Division Drive, turn left on Evergreen Ave. The third bldg. on your right is Bldg. 3366. Across the street is Bldg 3370. There are parking spaces at both sides of the street.

From Madigan Gate – go straight on Jackson Ave. Turn LEFT on Hillside Drive (just after the Four Chaplains Chapel). Turn RIGHT on Evergreen Ave. The second bldg. on your right is Bldg 3370, on your left is Bldg. 3366.

47th CSH HQ Bldg 3366

MCOF Bldg 3370

LCOF Bldg 3369

Aafes Gas Station



Page 9: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 9

Family Readiness Group (FRG) Contact Information (fill this out as soon as you arrive in your unit or you can ask your military sponsor to get

some of the information for you) FRG Leader: ________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Email address: _______________________________ FRG Advisor(s) Contact Information: ____________________________________________ FRG Liaison (s): _____________________________________________________________ Other unit contact:

24/7 Staff Duty: Building 2019 Phone: (253) 967-4413 In case of emergency the Staff Duty will connect you to the person/unit you’d like to contact to. Unit Chaplain: __________________________________________________________

Chaplain’s Assistant: ______________________________________________________

JBLM Chapel (after office hours): 253-967-0015 Command Team Contact Information for your company: Unit Commander: _________________________________________________________ Unit CSM/1SG: __________________________________________________________ Mailing Address Use the space below for your Sponsor’s mailing address:

____________________________________________________________________ (Rank) (Full Name) ____________________________________________________________________ (Unit) ____________________________________________________________________ (Bldg number, Room number, Street name) ____________________________________________________________________ (City, State, address)

Page 10: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 10

7th ID Infantry Division

Divisions under I Corps

Source of chart above: JBLM official website at http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil

593rd ESC Expeditionary Sustainment Command

593rd HHC Headquarters &

Headquarters Company

42nd Military Police Brigade

51st Signal Battalion (Tenant unit)

HHC Headquarters &

Headquarters Company

673rd DCAS Dental Company

Area Support

9th FMSU Finance Management

Service Unit

56th MMB Multifunctional

Medical Battalion

47th CSH Combat Support


Units under 593rd ESC

Units under 62nd Medical Brigade

Welcome to Joint Base Lewis McChord Home of ICorps & 62nd Airlift Wing

62nd Medical Brigade

Page 11: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 11

62nd MB Medical Brigade

HHC Headquarters & Headquarters Co.

Special Staff Surgeon, Chaplain, Legal, Safety, Sharp, Retention, MFLC

HHD Headquarters & Headquarters


153rd BSD Blood Support Detachment

227th PM Preventive Medicine

255th PM Preventive Medicine

514th GA Ground Ambulance Company

56th MMB Multifunctional Medical


47th CSH Combat Support Hospital

HHD Headquarters & Headquarters


A Co & 53rd HN Alpha Company & Head &

Neck Company

B Co Bravo Company

98th CSC Combat Stress Control

102nd FST Forward Surgical Team

673rd DS Medical Company (Dental Services)

9th FMSU Finance Management

Service Unit

250th FST Forward Surgical Team

758th FST Forward Surgical Team

218th VSS Veterinary Services

520th ASMC Area Support Medical Co

547th ASMC Area Support Medical Co

551st MLC Medical Logistics Co.

575th ASMC Area Support Medical Co.

S-1 Personnel

S-2 Intelligence

S-3 Ops/Trng

S-4 Supplies

S-6 Communications


HHD Headquarters & Headquarters


Alpha Detachment

Bravo Detachment

Charlie Detachment

166 OPT Opthalmic Team

Page 12: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 12


24-Hour Crisis/Suicide Hotline Pierce County…………… 800-576-7764 Thurston County ………... 360-586-2800 King County ……………. 206-461-3222 Kitsap County ……………360-479-3033 Emergency Services…………. 911 Frequent Emergency Numbers JBLM Red Cross ……….. 253-967-7686 Tacoma Red Cross …….. 253-474-0400 JBLM Information ……... 253-967-1110 MAMC Information……. 253-968-1110 Military Police …………. 253-967-3107 Emergency Room/Ambulance….. 911 Child Abuse Social Services (MAMC).. 253-968-4159 Child Abuse Hotline…….. 253-968-4160 JBLM Military Police…… 253-967-3107 Local Police…………………………911 FACILITIES ISSUES: 253-967-3131 - Non-life-threatening damage, maintenance issue or power outage for any JBLM facility EXCEPT family housing and barracks. When you get through to the automated system, select option 2. PRIVATIZED HOUSING: 253) 912-2150/3500 - Non-life-threatening damage, maintenance issue or power outage for a family housing unit.

Drug and Alcohol JBLM ASAP …………….. 253-967-5831 After Duty/MAMC Emergency Room ………………………….. 253-968-1391 Alanon/Alateen …………. 253-925-3332 AA ………………………. 253-474-8897 Emergency Food & Clothing JBLM ACS ………………253-967-7166 American Red Cross …..... 253-967-7686 Salvation Army …………..253-841-1491 JBLM Thrift Shop ……… 253-964-5401 Military OneSource……....800-342-9647 Domestic Violence Helpline Pierce County …………...... 253-798-4166 TDD ……………………… 253-798-6050 Toll FREE ………………... 800-764-2420 JBLM Domestic/Sexual Victim Advocates Helpline: 253-966-SAFE (7233) BARRACKS/DORMITORIES - (888) 487-4690: Non-life-threatening damage, maintenance issue or power outage for a barracks or dormitory. ROUTINE POLICE REPORTING - (253) 967-7112/7113: Normal police reports of minor, non-injury accidents, traffic issues, minor crime, et al.

Page 13: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 13


MILITARY FAMILY LIFE COUNSELORS (MFLC) The MFLCs are contracted by the DOD to provide FREE, confidential counseling for individuals, couples, or Families. If you struggle with issues such as single parenting, childcare, financial stability and frequent relocation or having difficulty adjusting on your move here in JBLM, please call (253) 363-6978 / [email protected] for an appointment with a licensed professional anonymously and confidentially.

AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) The American Red Cross at Joint Base Lewis-McChord provides 24-hour support to Active Duty military personnel and their Families. Services provided are:

• Emergency communications • Counseling for personal and/or family problems • Financial assistance • Referrals to other agencies

The American Red Cross will assist with: • Medical reports • Birth notices • Emergency notifications to your spouse during separations • Verification of emergency leave

Contact numbers are: During duty hours is (253) 966-3889 and after duty hours is (877) 272-7337 (toll free).


What is Army Community Service? ACS is a multi-service organization designed to assist Soldiers and Family members. Its programs enhance the quality of life. You can go to ACS for answers and for help with your problems. ACS reflects the army traditions of caring for its own and teaching self-help to Army Families. The phone number is (253) 967-7166 How can ACS help? The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Army Community Service Center provides free assistance for Soldiers and their families in the following areas:

• General Information and Referrals • Emergency Food Voucher • Loan Closet • Financial Counseling • Exceptional Family Member Program • Family Readiness Group • Family Member Employment Assistance • Army Emergency Relief • Family Advocacy Program

- Emergency Shelter - Emergency Transportation

- Emergency Respite Care - Parent Support Play-Group

For more info, go to: http://www.jblmmwr.com/acs/army_comm_service.html

Page 14: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 14


Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides interest free loans and grants for active duty or retired families who find themselves in unexpected emergency financial situations. To contact the Army Emergency Relief office, call the following number: 253-967-9852 or at 1-877-272-7337 (after hours or on weekend emergency assistance)

• Initial rent and deposit • Rent money to prevent eviction • Emergency travel expenses due to crisis in the family • Utilities money to prevent cut-off of services • Fire and other disaster

JBLM BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES Website: http://www.mamc.amedd.army.mil/clinical/behavioral-health/default.aspx

When things get difficult and overwhelming, the behavioral health counseling services are here to help spouses, adolescents, children of active duty service members. Counseling includes, individual, marriage, family and group therapy.

GLACIER CLINIC Madigan Hospital Medical Mall Tel: 253-968-5031 Serving AD, FM and Retirees to provide specialty BH services including Neuropsychology, Health Psychology

INPATIENT SOCIAL WORK Madigan Hospital Tower, 7th Floor Tel: 253-968-2303 Serving AD, FM and DoD beneficiaries to provide discharge planning, crisis intervention, bereavement and palliative care support, brief alcohol assessment, psychosocial and behavioral health consultation

DENALI BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HOME (BHH) Bldg 9920A, Madigan Annex Tel: 253-968-4851 Serving Soldiers from 62nd MED Brigade Outpatient Behavioral Health assessment and treatment

CHILD & FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTER (CAFAC) Madigan Annex, Bldg 9923A Tel: 253-968-4843 Serving children, adolescents and adult family members of AD to provide individual, marriage and/or family therapy

SCHOOL BEHAVIORAL HEALTH JBLM elementary school locations Tel: 253-477-3731 Serving Military school aged dependents to provide Behavioral Health services at their respective school locations.

SEQUOIA CLINIC Madigan Hospital (near Hospital Tower) Tel: 253-968-4495 Serving AD and adult DOD Beneficiaries to provide victim advocacy and enhanced assessment for specialized trauma treatment

FAMILY LIFE CENTER The Family Life Center provides for marriage and family enrichment through counseling and education. Families can also find insight and practical advice on positive parenting, coping with stress, managing anger and many other subjects. Phone number is (253) 967-1723.

Page 15: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 15

EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP) The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program under AR 608-75 that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, and multidisciplinary approach for medical, educational and community support services to Families with qualifying medical and educational special needs.

Supports and services include: information and referral, advocacy, a resource directory, workshops, recreational activities, Respite Care, crisis intervention, Working Focus Group, and Systems Navigation (case management). ACS EFMP also chairs the Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) for Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS).

To understand the EFMP enrollment and Respite Care process, visit: Website: http://jblmmwr.com/acs/acs_efmp.html Facebook: www.facebook.com/efmpjblm

Contact the following for: Army enrollment, call 253-968-0254/1370/4355 (closed Thur) Air Force enrollment or PCS screening, call 253-982-3350/5568 (closed Thur & 2nd Tue afternoons) Army Respite Care, call 253-967-3451/9704 and for Air Force Respite Care, call 253-982-2695

E-mail EFMP: usa[email protected]


62nd Medical Brigade Paralegal Contact Information Phone no.: 253-966-0297

Location: Room 152, Ground floor, LCOF Bldg 3369, Evergreen Avenue Can assists Soldiers and Family Members with Power of Attorneys, Notary services, etc. JBLM-Lewis Main Legal Assistance Office Phone: 253-477-1875 Location: Ground Floor, Bldg 2027 A, Liggett Avenue (at the back of Grandstafff Library) The Legal Assistance Office can assist with the following: Debtor/Creditor Relations Contracts Power of Attorney Landlord/Tenant Relations Documents Notarized Tax Information Domestic Relations Wills Insurance Immigration and Naturalization Consumer Affairs The Legal Assistance Office cannot assist with the following:

• Private income-producing activities • Representation in civilian courts • Representation concerning prosecution under the UCMJ

Page 16: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 16

PRIOR to deployment, your Legal Assistance Office can assist you in preparing a will. A will is needed to dispose of property and provide for the support of your minor children in the event of your death or the death of your spouse.

What is a Power of Attorney (POA) - A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorizes another person ((husband, wife, parent) to act on the Soldier’s behalf.

Are there different types of POA’s? 1) A General POA grants authority over all of a Soldier’s personal affairs. NOTE: Not

accepted for most financial transactions. 2) A Medical POA grants authority enabling the holder to obtain medical care for family

members under 18 years of age. 3) A Special POA grants authority over specific areas of a Soldier’s personal affairs.

- It can authorize a person to take possession, sell, operate, and/or register a person’s vehicle - It can authorize another person to sign for or clear on post/off post housing. - It can authorize the shipment/storage of household goods. - It can authorize the disposal of certain property, as specifically instructed - It can authorize the spouse to receive and cash pay checks - It can authorize the filing of income taxes. - It can authorize a new family member to be added in DEERS - It can authorize the family to establish, change, or stop transactions involving the Thrift

Savings Plan and the Savings Deposit Program, as well as allotments. It is especially encouraged that you get several SPOA prior to deployment, away on training or on extended travel (TDY)


Hospital Emergency Room: Telephone Number: (253) 968-1390 Madigan Information Directory: Telephone Number: (253) 968-1110 Madigan Website: www.mamc.amedd.army.mil Central Appointments: 1-800-404-4506 HOURS: 0600-2000, Mon-Fri and 0700-1530 Sat-Sun TRICARE Online www.tricareonline.com To make/cancel appointments, set appointment reminders, request Rx refills

UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans 877-988-9378 www.uhcmilitarywest.com Claims Assistance: TRICARE West region Priority Services Department, PO Box 7064 Camden, SC 29020-7064

TRICARE Operations at Madigan (253) 968-2837 Pharmacy Services at Madigan (253) 968-2999 Pharmacy Home Delivery (877) 363-1303 www.Express-Scripts.com/tricare

Page 17: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 17

MAMC Primary Care Clinics: Pediatric Clinic (253) 968-3066 Internal Medicine Clinic (253) 968-2462 Family Medicine Clinic (253) 968-0770 Okubo Family Medicine Clinic (253) 966-1991 Winder Family Medicine Clinic (253) 477-0800 McChord Family Medicine Clinic (253) 982-CARE/2273 Puyallup Medical Home (253) 477-5053 South Sound Medical Home (253) 477-5149 Warrior Transition Clinic (253) 968-0323

Secure Messaging with PCM www.RelayHealth.com Update mailing address in DEERS http://milconnect.dmdc.mil National Nurse Advice Line (24hrs/7days) 800-TRICARE (874-2273)

Referral Coordination Center at Madigan – (civilian) (253) 968-2903 Active Duty Referrals at Madigan - (civilian) (253) 968-2720 / 5000


Child Youth and School Services (CYSS) at JBLM offers quality, affordable care at various locations on post and can provide referral for off-post services. Inquire at Parent Central Services for available options. If you’re currently registered with CYSS, please take the time to update or transfer your registration prior to your PCS move.

Parent Central Services is located at Bldg 2295, 12th Street and Bitar Avenue Website: www.JBLMmwr.com/CYS.htm

Phone: 253-966-CYSS Online Registration and sign-up https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/webtrac/jblmcyms.html Our Child Development Centers (CDC) are state-of-the-art, accredited facilities. Full day care and special needs programs for children between the ages of 6 weeks to school age are provided at Madigan Development Center. Full day care, hourly care, and part day preschool are provided at Clarkmoor Child Development Center. Family Child Care: Phone: (253) 967-7364 Family Child Care (FCC) is a cost effective child care delivery system which also offers specialized child care service (extended hours care, long-term care, care for children with special needs, and care for parents working shifts). Additionally, the FCC delivery system provides employment opportunities for Army spouses. The FCC system provides care in certified government quarters that are closely inspected for compliance with fire, safety, health and program quality standards. www.armyfcc.com

Page 18: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 18

New Parent Support Program: Phone: (253) 967-5940, Bldg 2013-B, 3rd Floor, Pendleton Avenue The New Parent Support Program is a community based education program. Outreach is accomplished through home visitation services to expectant, new parents, and families with children from 0-6 years of age. Their services are voluntary, free of cost, and are provided by social workers and nurses at your home or in-office setting.

They provide regular home visitation to you and your family by appointment only and at your convenience. They will work with you individually on a wide range of parenting issues or concerns about ages and stages of child development, behavior management and appropriate discipline, infant care skills and nutrition, communication and anger, stress management, and most of all, they are a great resource during deployment. They also make hospital visits before your discharge to provide support and offer their services once you go home with your baby. A home visitor will contact you on an “as needed basis” and can also schedule appointments to include your spouse. http://www.jblmmwr.com/acs/acs_fap.html

School Age Services: Phone: (253) 967-2494 An accredited child care delivery system that offers before and after school programs, full-day programs during school vacations and school closures, and summer camp for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Activities are organized within nine service areas: arts’ recreation and leisure, life skills, citizenship and leadership, sports, fitness and health and mentoring, intervention and education. Children have the opportunity to join 4-H Clubs and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Special interest areas feature computers, game room, library, cooking club, arts and craft, science, music and drama. strong liaison exists between the elementary schools and the SAD program through the charter counts initiative and homework centers. Raindrops and Rainbows Play Center: Phone: (253) 967-4802 Located in building 8187 adjacent to the Beachwood CEDC on North Fort Lewis, offers Army families a place to play, learn, and network free of charge. Parents and their children, birth to age 5, may participate in a variety of fun activities, work or school readiness, meet other parents and children, and form friendships to last a lifetime. A CYS early childhood professional will be on site to conduct activities with you and your children. Activities range from infant massage techniques, baby sign language and songs to making play dough and creative art projects. This program is NOT childcare; parents must provide meals or snacks for their children, diapers, etc.

What are your CYSS Benefit?

To all Army Families: • FREE CYSS registration and re-registration • FREE hourly care for FRG meetings • FREE hourly care during mandatory GWOT activities (e.g. deployment and reunion briefings) • FREE hourly group care for all attendees of memorial service for Fallen Soldier

Page 19: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 19

During Deployment: are available to Families of deployed military and DoD civilians with certified deployment orders. Eligibility begins 30days before deployment and end 90-days after redeployment.

• 16 hours FREE hourly respite care per child per month. A $2.00 reduction per child per hour in excess of 16 hours.

• 20% fee reduction for regularly scheduled full and part day care. • $ 300 in SKIESUnlimited instruictional classes per child/youth • $ 100 for CYSS Sports

During Temporary Change of Station (TCS), unaccompanied Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Temporary Duty (TDY) status for 90 to 179 days: are available to military and DoD civilian families for the duration of their orders.

• 16 hours FREE hourly respite care per child per month during the eligible period. $2.00 reduction per child per hour in excess of 16 hours.

• $ 150 for SKIESUnlimited instructional classes • $ 50 for CYSS sports

For Families of Soldiers serving in the Rear-Detachment in support of the immediate Families of deployed Soldiers:

• 5 hours FREE respite care per child per month. A $2.00 reduction in fee per child in excess of 5 hours. • $ 150 for SKIESUnlimited instructional classes • $ 50 for CYSS sports

In order to receive the appropriate benefits, bring a copy of the orders or a memorandum indicating your rear-detachment cadre status to Parent Central Services.

OFF-POST CHILDCARE OPTION A-R-M-Y Child Care in Your Neighborhood (ACCYN) – This fee assistance program for military Families living off-post with kids ages 5 through 12 that attend off-post schools. Please note, due to recent budget cuts applications from new Army Families and providers serving the Army will no longer be accepted by NACCRA as of July 31, 2014, but by the General Services Administration (GSA). For more information and to apply for assistance, go to: http://www.armyfeeassistancenaccrra.org/

To find out where ACCYN Program sites in your neighborhood, go to: http://www.jblmmwr.com/pdf/cyss/2014/JBLM%20Program%20Sites.pdf For more info regarding community based programs, go to: http://www.jblmmwr.com/cyss_cdc_off_base.html

SITTERCITY – is also a DoD funded child care program for Army Families. Sittercity can help you find baby sitters for after-school, school vacations, extended work hours, special needs children and last minute care needs; full-time and part-time nannies, senior care, pet care, housekeepers, tutors, and access to installation care providers, and certified CDH/FCC care providers. For more information and/or to activate your FREE membership, go to: www.sittercity.com/dod UPDATE: Due to budget cuts the FREE military membership for Sittercity is ending July 2015.

Page 20: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 20

HOUSING Equity Residential Properties (On-Post Housing), Waller Hall Bldg 2150 Housing Office: (253) 912-2150 Service Order: (253) 912-3500 Website: www.fortlewiscommunities.com The most important aspect to remember for spouses, when dealing with housing on your own, you need to have a Special Power of Attorney (POA) signed by your Soldier (which is also called your sponsor). Otherwise housing will not deal with you.

SCHOOL JBLM School Support Services can be found at:

www.JBLMmwr.com –→ JBLM Home → Community Updates Great Schools Website (http://www.greatschools.org/washington/) – holds profiles of more than 5,800 public and private schools across the state and includes information like school test scores, teach-to-student ratios and other statistics.

How to choose a South Sound School – is a great article about resources that can help our military parents to evaluate area schools before choosing where to live off-post.

Stone Education Center – is your resource for College/University level education for Soldiers and Family members.

Website: http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/dhr/eso/Stone.htm

EMPLOYMENT ON-POST EMPLOYMENT: Looking for employment inside the base is quite a challenge for our spouses, especially those who are new in the military. There are various type of jobs available on-post that you should know: • Department of Defense (DoD) Jobs (www.usajobs.gov)

- Appropriated Fund (GS jobs) – are open to US citizens only. - Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF jobs) – are positions at the Human Resource management, Physical Fitness, Child Development, Trades and Crafts positions, Food and Beverage Management, Golf and Bowling, Recreation, Hotels and Lodging, as well as a variety of clerical and administrative jobs. Open to U.S. citizens and non-citizens (non-citizens must provide a photocopy of SS card with their application)

• Military Contractors – contact the AFCS, Employment Readiness Program (ERP) or Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) for a list of military contract jobs in JBLM or check out the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program below. ERP Phone: 253-967-7166 ACAP Phone: 253-967-3258

• Banks: Armed Forces Bank - https://www.afbank.com/bank/employment.cfm Americas Credit Union - https://www.youracu.org/about-acu/employment/

Page 21: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 21

• AAFES - as an employer, provides the following benefits: Military Spouse Preference, employment continuity program, and non-local, non-transfer benefits for current associates, which allows spouses anticipating relocation to apply for positions at AAFES in their new installation prior to their move. Open positions are posted at: www.aafes.com or at www.usajobs.gov

• Commissary – job vacancies at the commissaries can be found at their website: www.commissaries.com or at the www.usajobs.gov

OFF-POST EMPLOYMENT Today’s Military Spouses are skilled, diverse, and motivated with sound work values and a strong work ethic. However majority of our military spouses are currently actively seeking employment. Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) - is designed to help military spouses

access to career resources and connect with corporations who are ready to help them explore career options for their mobile lifestyle. Make sure you identify yourself as a military spouse when you apply for a job with any MSEP Partner. To find jobs, go to: https://msepjobs.militaryonesource.mil/ - click on “Job Search” tab and type 98433 (Ft. Lewis) in the Postal Code box. Once you hit “Search” button, a list of jobs (usually from military contractors) will come out.

Other sites to search for jobs at the local community: Facebook.com/JBLMUnlimited – On/off post employment and training opportunities.

www.go2worksource.com - good way to search for jobs in your preferred location. Provide training, knowledge and skills needed to reach your employment goals. http://www.co.thurston.wa.us - Employment Opportunity within Thurston County

EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT AND BENEFITS 1. Employment Readiness Program (ERP) – assists military families, active duty

Soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees with their job search. 253-967-3538 / 966-8325

Location: Airman & Family Readiness Center, Bldg. 551 Barnes Blvd, McChord Field.

2. Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) – provides transition and employment assistance to Active Duty Soldiers, DoD Army Civilians and their Family members. Location: 3271, 2nd Division Drive, JBLM (next door to Soldier’s Field House) Reception Telephone no.: 253-967-3258 Computer Counseling: 253-967-1805 Transition Assistance Program: 253-967-2522 Website: https://www.acap.army.mil/ and http://www.lewis.army.mil/acap

ACAP is transitioning to Service Members for Life (SFL)

3. Heroes at Home 2 – Offers job search assistance to Soldiers, Veterans, Spouses and Civilians. Provides employment readiness workshops on the following topics:

Resume and cover letters

Page 22: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 22

Employer Expectations & job search assessments Your “one minute commercial” Stand and Deliver Workshops: Tues 12-1pm & Thurs 9-10am (No appointment necessary, just show-up) Location: Stone Education Center, Room B-149, Colorado Avenue. Contact Info. : 253-966-7366 / www.heroesathome2.com

4. Military Spouse Preference (MSP) –gives military spouses a leg up when applying for

appropriated (GS), non-appropriated-fund (NAF) government jobs, and AAFES jobs. As long as a military spouse is qualified, he or she would be hired over other civilian applicants. Military spouses can exercise this preference one time at each base after a permanent change of station (PCS) move, but not on separation or retirement move. A military spouse is eligible to register only when accompanying the sponsor to the new permanent duty station, 30-days preceding the sponsor’s reporting date (see PPP Operations Manual, Chapter 14, Section D1). PPP Handbook can be found at: http://dayton.cpms.osd.mil/public/manindex.cfm or at http://www.cpms.osd.mil/care/

When applying for a job and you want to be considered for Military Spouse Preference, applicant must include the MSP application form in the job application along with the copy of the sponsor’s PCS order. If the spouse is not listed in the sponsor’s PCS order, a Command Sponsor letter must be attached to the PCS order. To learn more about this benefit, go to: http://www.militaryonesource.mil/seco?content_id=267565

RELIGIOUS SERVICES Information on Chapels, Religious Services and programs at JBLM, go to:


JBLM Shuttle, Taxi Service, Airport Shuttle, Ride Share

& Alternative Commutes:


Page 23: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 23

IMPORTANT WEBSITES www.facebook.com/62MedBrigade www.facebook.com/47CSH www.facebook.com/56MMB

JBLM Official Website - www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil JBLM Community Calendar: http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/calendar.html Morale, Welfare, and Recreation: http://www.JBLMmwr.com JBLM Resources Guide: www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/ResourceGuide/ Chapel and Religious Services: http://www.lewis-mcchord.army.mil/chapel/chapels.html Armed Forces Community Service: http://www.jblmmwr.com/acs/army_comm_service.html Community information and local relocation guide: http://www.jointbaselewismcchord.com/ http://northwestmilitary.com General Military Websites: Army One Source www.myarmyonesource.com Army Families Online www.armyfamiliesonline.org Army Knowledge Online www.us.army.mil Army Wives Website www.armywives.com AUSA Family Programs www.ausa.org/familyprograms Dads at a distance www.daads.com Defense Finance and Accounting www.dfas.mil Military Assistance Program www.dod.mil/mapsite Military Child Education Coalition www.militarychild.org Military One Source www.militaryonesource.com Moms Over Miles www.momsovermiles.com National Military Family Association www.nmfa.org Operation Enduring Love www.operationenduringlove.com Operation Military Child Care www.childcareaware.org Operation Military Kids www.operationmilitarykids.com TAPS www.taps.org Zero to Three Military Kids www.zerotothree.org FREE Apple and Android Apps:

My Military Communities App: provides a one-stop shop for all military branches to find organization’s events and services available at their installations. Handy if you’re trying to find out what’s happening around the base; wants to know what’s

going on…any particular day/time. Once installed, choose JBLM as your community. JBLM MWR App: A handy app to look up MWR information on the go and see what’s happening on base. The GPS feature is handy and helpful tool to find your way around JBLM, especially for newcomers.

For more Army Smartphone Apps go to: http://www.army.mil/mobile/mwr.html

Page 24: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 24

Cities near JBLM Dupont - www.ci.dupont.wa.us Puyallup: www.cityofpuyallup.org Federal Way: www.ci.federal-way.wa.us Olympia: http://olympiawa.gov Lakewood - www.cityoflakewood.us Tacoma: www.cityoftacoma.org Lacey - www.ci.lacey.wa.us www.traveltacoma.com

Suggested Tour of Duty Bucket List JBLM and surrounding Area

1. Outdoor Plane Museum on McChord Field 2. Ft Lewis Museum at JBLM- North Fort Lewis 3. Visit the Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood 4. Swim, fish, boating, or rent a cabin at the American Lake though the Outdoor Rec. 5. Visit the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way

Lacey JBLM




Page 25: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 25

Seattle Area and Areas North of JBLM

Before you go to see the sites in Seattle, go to JBLM’s Leisure, Travel and Services (LTS) office first. You can purchase from LTS, the Seattle City Pass at a discounted military rate. The Seattle City Pass is a booklet of admission tickets to 5 must-see tourist attractions in Seattle. You’ll save about 47% compared to regular admission prices and will give you admission to:

1) Space Needle 2) Seattle Aquarium 3) Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour 4) Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum or Woodland Park Zoo 5) Pacific Science Center or Museum of Flight

Other Seattle Area attractions: 1. Watch the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounder’s games. Get your ticket at LTS. 2. Visit China Town – the only neighborhood in America where Chinese, Filipino,

Japanese, Vietnamese, and Southeast Asians live and work together side-by-side. 3. Ride the Ducks and tour Seattle by land and water. The station is located besides the

Space Needle. Highly recommended fun activity for young and adults alike. 4. Explore the Pike Place Market in Seattle (www.pikeplacemarket.org) 5. Get a coffee from the Original Starbucks, while you’re there at the Pike’s Place Market 6. Explore Pier 57 at the Seattle Waterfront, Alaskan Way.

- Ride the Ferries Wheel - Eat at the Crab Pot Restaurant. http://gonw.about.com/od/attractionssea/tp/Fun-Things-Seattle-Waterfront.htm

7. Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle 8. Visit the Snoqualmie Falls 9. Tour the Boeing Factory in Everett, 25miles north of Seattle, where the 747, 767, 777,

and 787 Dreamliner are assembled. Tip from other tourists – be sure to bring $1.00 bill with you for the lockers which are required to store your stuff before going to the Boeing factory.

10. Have fun at the Wild Wives Theme Park 11. Experience the Salmon Bake and explore the Tillicum Village at Blake Island 12. Visit the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Grave 13. Visit any of Kurt Kobain house. They said the “Nirvana” lead singer’s spirit still lives in

his house. 14. Visit the mysterious Fremont Street Troll on Seattle 15. Experience the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival at Springtime. 16. Go to a Viking Festival in Poulsbo in the Spring 17. Ski to Sea Race in Bellingham 18. Check out the Meeker Mansion 19. Have a sticky experience at the Gum Wall in Seattle 20. Go to Aki Beach in Seattle 21. Be brave enough to do the Polar Bear Plunge 22. Visit the Orcas Islands 23. See where it all started, have the Twilight Tour in Forks

Page 26: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 26

24. Visit the Peace Arch Park near the Canadian Border 25. Visit Bruce Lee Memorial 26. Tour Pioneer Square

Tacoma Area 1. Watch the Tacoma Rainier’s. Get you tickets at the LTS 253-967-3085 / 2050. 2. Bicycle through the University of Washington Arboretum. 3. Wind through an old-growth forest with views of Puget Sound and the Tacoma Narrows

Bridge on the five-mile drive at Point Defiance Park. FREE 4. Visit Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It boasts an excellent display of both Pacific

Rim and native Northwest species, and exotic animals. Discounted admission for Pierce County residents and Military ID card holders. www.pdza.org Residents of Tacoma are admitted for FREE at certain days. http://www.pdza.org/tacoma-free-day

5. Discover Fort Nisqually, the living history museum located at Point Defiance Park. See how it was like to live and work at the fort in the 1850s. www.fortnisqually.org

6. WW Seymour Botanical Conservatory in Tacoma 7. Visit the two LeMay Car Museums

LeMay Family Foundation, Spanaway www.lemaymarymount.org LeMay Museum, Tacoma – featuring a 4-story 9-acre campus, one of the world’s largest auto museum and attractions. www.lemaymuseum.org

8. Foss Water Way Seaport 9. Museum of Glass (museumofglass.org) Stroll the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, a 500-foot

pedestrian bridge featuring three of the Dale Chihuly’s glass art installations. 10. Washington State History Museum (washingtonhistory.org)

Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater Area and South of JBLM 1. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge – located about 2-miles from JBLM Lewis Main exit. 2. Take a tour of the Capitol Building in Olympia and the Washington Governor’s mansion. 3. Sand in the City in Olympia at the Hands-on Children’s Museum. Usually held at the 4th

weekend of August. The Hand-on Children’s Museum provides lots of activities for your kiddos. Offer’s FREE Friday Night and Parent’s Night Out.

4. Visit the Olympic Flight Museum 5. Tumwater Falls & Park 6. Visit the Northwest Trek and Wildwife Park 7. Visit the Wolf Haven in Tenino

For more Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater attractions, go to: http://www.visitolympia.com/attractions

Others 1. Wallup in Puyallup’s Washington State Fairgrounds. The 169 acre space holds various

events year round. 2. Enjoy Puyallup’s own Crockett Public House, featured on Food Network’s “Diner’s,

Drive-Inns and Dives”. 3. Make a day trip to Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in Washington. Pack a picnic

lunch, take a hike at the “Paradise” and enjoy the grandeur of the mountain, and its clean air. http://www.mtrainierguestservices.com/

4. Ride on the Mt. Rainier scenic steam engine railroad train at Elbe. www.mrsr.com

Page 27: 47th CSH FRG Handbook

47th CSH FRG Handbook 27

5. Visit the volcano Mt. St. Helens 6. Go Whale Watching 7. Visit Olympic Peninsula’s Hurricane Ridge 8. Go to a Wine Tour 9. Go Salmon Fishing 10. Go clam, oyster and geoduck digging (see more on clam digging eHow) 11. Visit a Beer Brewery 12. Eat a Walla Walla Onion 13. Sample a hearty slice of pie at a Sumner Main Street café. City of Sumner is the rhubarb

pie of the world. 14. Visit a Fish Hatchery 15. Visit the Columbia Gorge and waterfalls trip culminating at the Multnomah Falls 16. Experience the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth 17. Olympic Game Farm 18. Visit a Wounded Warrior Ranch

------ END ------