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  • 8/14/2019 3rd Eye July 2009 Online Photography Magazine in Pakistan


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    aPA quarterly photographic magazine of

    Pakistani Photographers Association (PPA)

    Issue 1, July 2009

    A Biodiversity Hotspotin the coldest regionof Pakistan

  • 8/14/2019 3rd Eye July 2009 Online Photography Magazine in Pakistan


    Cover StoryKhunjerab

    A Bio-diversity hotspot in thecoldest region of Pakistan

    National Park

    Cover Photo: White-winged Redstart(Phoenicurus erythrogastrus)

    Editorial Team


    Published Quarterly by

    Issue No./Month

    Muzffar H. Bukhari, Edtitorand Layout Designer

    Sultana Tabassum FarooqiSub Editor

    Dr. Zaheer Sattar, Rahimyar Khan

    Kamran Safdar, TaxilaAmeer Hamza, KarachiSuhail Akhtar, Islamabad

    Imran Miskeen, IslamabadRaja Amar, Jhelum

    Communication DepartmentPakistani PhotographersAssociation

    Head Office, Islamabadwww.flickr.com/groups/opp

    Ist Issue, July 2009

    Photo Credit: Ghulam Rasool Moughal/


    In this IssueKhunjerabNational Park

    VisitingBhong Mosque

    A Bio-diversity hotspot in thecoldest region of Pakistan

    Muzaffar H. Bukhari

    Dr. Zaheer Sattar

    A time and cultural capsuleof its own.

    A Glasswith CLASSUser Review of Canon 17-40 mmF:4.0 L Lens

    Awais Yaqub

    The WorldsBiggest FortRanikot Fort - A fort that hasquite enigmatic history

    Ameer Hamza

    A Palace

    On the RockShigar Fort - An archeologicaltreasure of 17th century built byRaja Hasan Khan of Amacha Dynasty

    Muhammad Ismail Khan

    Mud Volcanosof PakistanA WWF-Pakistan team finds out anew range of Mud Volcanos inHingol National Park, Balochistan

    Waseem A. Khan




  • 8/14/2019 3rd Eye July 2009 Online Photography Magazine in Pakistan


    In this Issue


    The Dancing Girlsof Lahore

    A fruit like no other -a fruit from paradise

    Text: Ameer Hamza, Pictures: Raja Islam

    E. Kazmi AKA Color of My Dreams

    A Book Review

    Phantom of Opera

    Ishtiaq Ahmad

    Central LibraryBahawalpurA library in Southern Punjab that wasestablished through a public resolution.

    Eng. Juniad Rashid

    PPAs First Exhibitionat KarachiAbout the first-ever exhibition of PPA heldat T2F Gallery in Karachi

    Ameer Hamza

    Shandur PoloFestivalAbout a thrilling game playedat the Roof of the World

    Raja Amir

    A review of a french novel-based Drama,full of romance, horror, mystery, andtragedy








    Dear Reader!

    By the grace of Almighty Allah, after a lot of troubles and ihiccups, finally the first issue of 'THIRD EYE' - an onlinequarterly magazine of Pakistani Photographers' Associatio(PPA) is up on web. It was, indeed, a mammoth task entrusthe magazine team who completed it, though, with a bit of d

    yet, in a very professional way.

    PPA is a group of Pakistani Photographers having represenof professional, amateurs, and hobbyist photographers fromover Pakistan as well as photographers of Pakistani origincurrently settled abroad. It is a not-for-profit, non-politicareligiously un-biased entity, mainly focusing on promotionphotography and arts in Pakistan. PPA is currently under pof registration under the relevant laws of Pakistan. The ideforming a registered photographic group was conceived bydynamic, committed, and enthusiastic photographers who gintroduced to each others through flickr.com - world's mostfamous photo sharing website.

    For us, it's really like a dream come true. It took us fairly lotime to come up with the magazine. In fact, we wanted to lain the beginning of 2009 but due to a number of factors; bointernal, and external, it could not happen unfortunately. Inquest, we faced a number of challenges - the tough ones becollection of material, editing/proof reading, and finally deof magazine's layout. It wouldn't have been possible withohelp of all PPA team; particularly those who not only took pwriting articles and providing photographs for the magazinalso actively participated in discussions related to launchinTHIRD EYE and provided their valuable suggestions. Oursincere thanks are due to everyone who contributed in thisprocess especially, Dr. Zaheer Sattar, and Kamran Safdar, fconstantly pushing up the things when they used to get stucduring this period. Thanks are also due to Mr. Amin KhanaPPA member from Karachi for proposing this wonderful anthematic name for the magazine.

    The first issue of the THIRD EYE has a mixed type of contehas articles and pictures from Northern Areas, Sindh, PunjBalochistan. We have also included technical stuff i.e. userreview of Canon's most-liked landscape lens, EF 17-40 L. in addition to an article about the famous stage act, PhantoOpera, and review of a book.

    We have sincerely tried to produce some valuable/informatand eye-catching pictures in the magazine. Whether we

    succeeded, or not, is greatly depends upon your satisfactionreader. If we met your expectations, please encourage us byou feel any shortcomings, or you have some practical suggto further improve the magazine - in terms of layout, or conplease, provide your feedback at www.flickr/groups/opp.

    Dear reader! This is your magazine, and we direly need yoownership and advice on how we are going, and how we caimprove.

    This is all from the editor's desk. Please go through themagazine, and don't forget to provide your valuablecomments/suggestions. Cheers.

    Muzaffar H. BukhariEditor

  • 8/14/2019 3rd Eye July 2009 Online Photography Magazine in Pakistan


    July 2009 13rd Eye Pakistani Photographers Association

    ituated amidst the three majesticmountain ranges of the world theS

    Karakorams, the Himalayas, and the HindoKush Khunjerab National Park (KNP) is thefifth largest National Park of Pakistan, withan area of 226,913 hectares (ha). KNPoffersvarying climatic conditions, and a very richcultural and biological heritage. The KNP isadjacent to China's Taxkorgan NaturalReserve, and home to a wide range of flora

    and fauna, including more than 100 birds, 32mammals, 3 species of reptiles, oneamphibian species, and 152 species of flora. Some of the globally threatened and endemicmammals like Snow Leopard, HimalayanIbex, Marco Polo sheep, Blue sheep, BrownBear, and TibetanWild Ass, make the KNP abiodiversity hotspot in the coldest region ofPakistan.

    The name Khunjerab is a combination oftwo words of Wakhi language; Khun(meaning blood) and Jerab (meaning river). The wordKhunjerab, thus, means the river of blood. According to the local community, in the old times(when KKH did not exist), many people used to die every year while crossing Khunejrab River duringtraveling on the old silk route. Hence this name of thearea emerged.

    KNP is one of the highest altitude parks in the world.More than half of the park's area is as high as 13,000 ftabove sea level. Khunjerab Pass, is the highest point onthe Karakoram Highway (KKH) with an elevation ofabout16,200 ftabove sea level, and isthe highest paved



    By Muzffar H. Bukhari

    border in the world. It is known as the Roof of the world or Gateway to ChPrior to completion of this section of KKH in 1982, two other passes,MintakaPassand Kilik Pass (both unpaved)wereused by the travelers.

    Geology of theArea

    The general relief of the area lies between 2,439 meters at Passu to 4,meters near Khunjerab Pass.The important geological sections ofKNP(i) Khunjerab igneous complex, (ii) Passu slates, (iii) Khunjerab ignecomplex (mainlygranites), ( iv) Passu s la tes, (v) Misghar sl a(quartzite, slates),(vi) Gojal dolomites, and (vii) Gircha formation

    These formations are repeated one after the other in KNP. Most of the upreaches ofKNP arecoveredwith glaciers.

    The author is a development professional, an eco-tourist, and an amateur photographer, with a particular interests in

    wildlife, and nature photography. He can be reached [email protected]

    Khunjerab Pass in June

    Photo: Muzaffar H. B

  • 8/14/2019 3rd Eye July 2009 Online Photography Magazine in Pakistan


    July 200923rd Eye Pakistani Photographers Association

    Longitude:74 55' E to 75 57' E

    Latitude :36 01' N to 37 02' N

    Karakoram Range Mountains

    on Pak-China border in upper , HunzGojal, NorthernAreas Pakistan



    May - October


    Geographical location:

    Physical location:

    Year established:

    Area (ha)

    Best time to visit:

    In the north (near Khunjerab Pass) KNP containsgranites which are part of the Khunjerab igneous complex. Green xenoliths, probably of somesedimentary origin are also observed in KNP. Thisigneous complex overlies the Misghar slates. Someglacialmoraines arealso found at various places alongthe KKH. Below these moraines the limestone bed isexposed with a thickness of 10meters which becomes40 meters at the junction of Khunjerab and Kuznullahs. A small quartzite bed having variablethickness runs parallel to the limestone bed. Sulfidezones are also located alongKKH and are mineralized(pyrite, chalcopyrite, copper, lead-zinc, bromide andgold). Most of the KNP area is comprised of Misgarslates, a group of which is located at a road sectionabout3 kmsouth ofDhee. (Khan 1996).

    Ecology of theArea

    The area of KNP mostly consists of huge mountainswith snow covered peaks, ravines, valleys andnullahs. Physical erosion, land slides, and glaciers arecommon phenomenon observed in diff