3M Touch Systems © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved 3M CONFIDENTIAL MicroTouch ™ ClearTek ™ II...

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3M Touch Systems © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved 3M CONFIDENTIAL MicroTouch ClearTek II Capacitive Touch Screens Presenter Name

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Transcript of 3M Touch Systems © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved 3M CONFIDENTIAL MicroTouch ™ ClearTek ™ II...

MicroTouch™ ClearTek™ II Capacitive Touch ScreensPresenter Name
3M Touch Systems
The MicroTouch™ Difference
MicroTouch™ ClearTek™ II is the touch screen technology of choice for unattended, public access applications requiring high levels of durability, reliability and performance 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
Popular Applications
Flat touch screens: 6.4" to 32" diagonal
EX II Controller Electronics
MT 7 Software Driver support for most popular operating systems
System utilities and diagnostics
Factory qualified and validated
as a touch system
Factory linearized
Warranted performance
A narrow electrode pattern is printed along the
edge of the conductive layer
Transparent glass hard coat with anti-glare properties is fused over the conductive coating
Proprietary scratch-resistant top coat added
Tail design with solder-less connection and
taped strain relief
Electrode Pattern
Conductive Coating
The x,y location of the point of contact is calculated by the EX II controller and transmitted to the PC.
A finger touches the screen and draws a minute amount of current to the point of contact.
Small amount of voltage is applied to the four corners of the touch screen.
Superior optical quality at 91.5% light transmission with glare control incorporated for bright, vibrant images
3M performs a 25-point linearization process with factory-precision equipment to enhance the accuracy of the touch screen
No manual linearization required
ClearTek II touch screen with
Brilliant Optics
Excellent Accuracy
Scratch Resistance
All glass sensor with scratch resistant hard coat for high durability in a multitude of environments
Brilliant Optics
Excellent Accuracy
Superior Wear Resistance
ClearTek II hard coat creates the most wear resistant capacitive touch screen
ClearTek II has been proven to be equal to or more wear resistant than ClearTek which has been tested to withstand over 225M mechanical touches without degradation
Contaminant Resistance
Brilliant Optics
Excellent Accuracy
which means:
due to lower surface energy
Liquids bead up and roll off screen
Glass Surface
Brilliant Optics
Excellent Accuracy
Narrow border
against dust and moisture
NEMA4 and IP66 Sealable
Brilliant Optics
Excellent Accuracy
Capacitive Electronics
Built from over 20 years of experience in the touch industry
Known for its high speed and precise touch performance
Available in USB or Serial RS-232
Available in a wide variety of
form factors
mixed-mode, proprietary ASIC that provides:
Fast, precise touch response
Extensive on-chip computational logic
Improved power modes and regulatory compliance
Extended operating temperatures
Flexibility to update functionality with enhancements
via downloadable firmware
EX II Chip Set Developer’s Kit
Chip Set Developer Kit to assist you when integrating EX II
Kit Includes:
Chip Samples
Design Guide
Drivers and Utilities
License Agreement required
Local Application Engineering
popular operating systems
supported by TouchWare 5.64 SR5a
Windows CE.NET
Linux support
diagnostic tools
Durability, reliability and flexibility from a touch screen built upon a solid base of proprietary technology
Uncompromising touch screen optics achieved thorough extensive R&D
5X more wear resistant than other capacitive solutions
Designed for use with state-of-the-art EX II touch electronics with firmware features that enable the growth of new touch applications
Most accurate touch system when mated with
EX II electronics