360° visualized light sport armband

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S-TRIPLE Safe x smart x sport

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S-TRIPLE Safe x smart x sport

Night running is becoming an increasingly popular form of the sport.

Given the variety of lifestyles we all lead, from shift work to travelling long distances, sometimes the only time we can do exercise is during the night. Added to that, night races and night events are also on the increase, in cities and outdoors. So what do you need to know if you do decide to strap on your running shoes after dark and how do you get fit and stay safe?

It is better to make yourself to be seen by cars and people, so bust out the super bright and eye-protective light with this original and creative armband to maximum your visibility and safety.Like in the dark drivers wont expect to see you. They will assume that the roads will be largely deserted and drive accordingly. Its more important than ever to make sure they do see you, especially at junctions when drivers are tempted to jump lights and take risks they just wouldnt take when its busier in daylight hours.

Super bright 2.5mm elastomer light guide connect with LED provides homogeneous and eye-protective light.

HI VIS fluorescentorange frame.

Super bright 3.0mm elastomer light guide located in the middle part of the band generate 360 visibility. Superb Neoprene (SBR) material maximize comfort.

Super bright 360 Light

Original and creative warning technology to maximize the visibility and safety.

Total weight only 70 grams

Three(3) flash option for different environment ( Steady light / Quick blinking and Slow blinking)

Optional dual slot adjustable sizeLength: 18 (45cm)Fit arms Bicep: 9 (25cm) up to 15 (39cm)


Power: CR2025*2 watch battery24 hours continuous working time

Complete access to the phones touchscreen

Can fit 4-5.5 smart phones.Superb Neoprene (SBR) material provides shock-proof protective to your phone5

Eye-protective light, do no harm to your sight.

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