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  • TEAMWORKmakes the dream work

    Bang Gae

  • uniteWhen spider websEthiopian Proverb

    they can tie up a lion

  • teamworkTalent wins games, but

    Michael Jordan

    and intelligence win


  • A boat doesnt go forward if

    Swahili Proverb

    is rowing their own wayeach one

  • A successful team is agroup of many hands and

    Bill Bethel

    one mind

  • Teamwork divides the task and

    Author Unknown

    multiplies the success

  • Teamwork is the ability towork together toward acommon vision. The abilityto direct individualaccomplishments towardorganizational objectives. Itis the fuel that allowscommon people to attainuncommon results.A N D R E W C A R N E G I E

  • is the thorough conviction thatnobody can get there unless

    everybody gets thereVirginia Burden


  • No one can whistle a symphony.It takes a whole

    to play itHE Luccock


  • A single leaf working

    Chuck Page

    alone provides no shade

  • Alone we can do so little,

    Helen Keller

    together we can do so much

  • Teamwork is the secret thatmakes common people achieve

    Ifeanyi Onuoha

    uncommon results

  • None of us is as smart as

    Ken Blanchard

    all of us

  • It is literally true that you cansucceed best and quickest by

    Napoleon Hill

    helping othersto succeed

  • Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.

    Working together is

    Henry Ford


  • A group becomes a teamwhen each member is sureenough of himself and hiscontribution to praise theskills of others.N O R M A N S H I D L E

  • If everyone is moving forward

    Henry Ford

    togetherthen success takes care of itself

  • If a team is to reach itspotential, each player mustbe willing to subordinatehis personal goals to thegood of the team.B U D W I L K I N S O N

  • The strength of the team is eachindividual member. The

    strength of each member is the

    Phil Jackson


  • Interdependent people combinetheir own efforts with the efforts

    of others to achieve their

    Stephen Covey

    greatest success

  • People achieve more as a resultof working

    than against themDr. Allan Fromme

    with others

  • The nice thing about teamworkis that you always have others

    Margaret Carty

    on your side

  • It takes two flints to make a

    Louisa May Alcott


  • is not a solo sport,even if youre the CEO

    Max McKeown


  • To me, teamwork is the beautyof our sport, where you have 5

    acting . You become selfless

    Mike Krzyzewski

    as one

  • The main ingredient of

    John Wooden

    stardom is the rest of the team

  • The best teamwork comes frommen who are working

    independently toward 1 goal in

    James Cash Penney


  • Teams share the burden and

    Doug Smith

    divide the grief

  • With an enthusiastic team youcan achieve almost

    Doug Smith


  • oceanIndividually, we are one drop.

    Together, we are an

    Ryunosuke Satoro

  • Sticks in a bundle are

    Kenyan Proverb



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