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Laura Eddleston, A2 Media Studies, Mrs Doggart

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  • 1. Investigating into Branding.
    Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars
  • 2. Video for This is war, the main single from
    The album:
    Album cover:
  • 3. The Album Cover.
    • The album cover, like the rest of their albums, is quitesimple. With just one, maybe symbolic thing in thebackground.
    • 4. The name of the band, and also the title of the album,is also very simple font and color.
    • 5. The band may have slightly changed their Image overthe years, but they have always kept with the samecolor scheme of red, white and black (as you can see from the writing).
    • 6. Even thought they have constantly slightly changed image, they usually stick with something simple,and nothing too over the top.