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Presentation for companies who have sales staff / delivery drivers or engineers on the road, and would like to make sure they are performing to the best of their ability. Guaranteed to save the company time & money and help increase the companies profit margins.


  • 1. If you only had 30 seconds in a day to gain a snapshot of your sales / engineers / delivery drivers efficiency-What information would you need?

2. Icons on a map probably wont tell you the full story! 3. The above report is a typical detailed journey report for one vehicle for 3 hours activity. Each vehicle will produce 3 times this amount of data each day!!! With 15 Vehicle on the Road a non Fleetstar tracking system will produce 30 pages of data per day or 315 pages per week! 4. How about if you had one screen to show you. 5. Who Started Late? 6. Which Customers Have Been Visited? 7. Who Stopped Where & Why? We dont have customers at the Airport!.... 8. Who Visited Barred Locations? 9. Which Jobs are Completed & whats still Planned? 10. Who went home early ? 11. In fact , in less time than its taken you to look at this, you could manage your entire fleet everyday with Fleetstars vehicle tracking application, this type of Graphical Reporting is unique to ourselves. For a FREE demo please contact: 4C Telecom Telematics & Fleet Tracking Jason Craven : T: 0113 2878462M: 07595 343008 Telematics from the low-risk partner of choice Giving you control while reducing costs