30 Inspirational Quotes of Freedom The People Forget!!!

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30 Inspirational Quotes of Freedom The People Forget!!!

Transcript of 30 Inspirational Quotes of Freedom The People Forget!!!

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    Freedom The People Forget!!!
    It will help you realize the importance of freedom!!!

2. Nothing is as precious as one's
freedom. Dreams, aspirations and
ideals mean nothing if one does not
have the freedom to pursue them.
3. Albert Camus thinks freedom is a chance to be better. Abraham Lincoln calls it best hope of Earth. Epictetus says it's the right to live as we wish. For Moshe Dayan it's oxygen for soul. According to Urban Dictionary it's everything. And going by Oxford Dictionaries, it's power of self determination attributed to the will.
4. For me, freedom has a deeper and greater meaning. I think freedom is much more than just a right, it's a responsibility of doing what you think is good, not only for you but even for society. It is a state when one realizes their duties and starts respecting others' freedom.
5. Freedom is when we realize that we can do absolutely anything except force another person to follow us in our madness or our lust for life.
6. Freedom is when we are no longer slaves to our desires, society, its expectations, luxury or slaves to a life we did not choose.
7. Freedom is when we have the courage to speak out what we know is true, do what we feel is right, and fight for what we think is unfair. One shouldn't really fight for freedom; rather, they should try to achieve it.
8. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
9. Everything can be taken from a man or
a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.-Viktor Frankl
10. More and more we self-impose limitations on our worth, our value, and our integrity. We do daily battle with the very spirit inside us and shackle our potential in chains of obligation and expectations. Worst of all, we imprison our creativity by denying ourselves freedom of possibility and fantastic possibility. As we notice these precious freedoms falling prey to our thoughts and fears, we understand the importance of the freedom of our minds.
11. The one true freedom remains the ability to choose one's attitude in any given situation.
12. When we shift our attitudes, and hence our automatic observations, from seeing problems to finding the good and God in everyone and everything we encounter, we reach levels of happiness and positive energy which bring us peace of mind.
13. No one can express your potential but you! Your vision, your drive, your confidence work in concert with your spirit to express the crescendo of your abilities in harmonious orchestration by living a life worthy of all your talents. You are the conductor holding the baton of purpose and directing your life.
14. When you sow the seeds of possibility and hunger for more knowledge, information and wisdom, you expand the harvest of your life to include a wide variety of endeavors and experiences.
15. When we live in fear, we live not only outside of love, but inside the confines of stagnation. In giving ourselves the freedom to love - to give, to receive, and truly accept love - we fill our lives with the warmth that only sincere expressions of emotion bring.
16. Louise Hay teaches us that we are the only thinker in our minds. You alone are responsible for your thoughts - whether they empower you or destroy your spirit.
17. The freedom of your mind knows no boundary but what you draw around you.
18. When we use the power of attitude to view life in a more positive way, we find we free ourselves from the doubt of our potential; we allow ourselves to continue to learn and grown in magnificent ways and to experience love to our fullest and best imagination!
19. The future is still wide open although we do not expect miracles. We just have to learn to knock on the right door. With sheer perseverance and steadfast courage, the right door will open and there we are "standing in the eyes of the world".
20. We may fall flat on our face and we may be bruised
and battered but the show must go on. But the thrills
of victories and the sweetness of freedom made it all
worthwhile. Life is a journey and lets enjoy every
moment of the ride.
21. The quest for freedom is never too late regardless of what our present age is. The quest for freedom starts now at this very moment.
22. Do not wait because time waits for no one. Procrastinating
certainly won't help but as a matter of fact it could kill us. It
could kill our desire, passion and conviction for excellence
and throw us into the state of eternal oblivion. We will only
lose valuable and precious time with every procrastination.
23. Live life with courage. Do not live life with fear! The final outcome is not for us to decide. Let God Decide what is right for us, for He Knows Best. We as servants will just have to put the right actions in place and the right results will come out of it.
24. Live out each day like it might be your last.
Don't plan for the future, don't hide from the past.
Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.
Offer kisses and hugs even in pain and strife.
25. Don't count all your money, count
all your friends. Don't look to the
dark side as a means to the end.
Shake off your stresses, your
worries, your cares.This life is a
challenge, so take on the dares
26. Don't tell people your heartaches, tell
them your dreams. Let them know that
life can be better than it seems. Don't
number your problems, number the
stars. Gaze up to heaven and see the
distance isn't far.
27. Don't let your whole life be ruled by your
fear. Cherish the memories of all things
you hold dear. Don't hold back the tears
as they fall from your eyes.Don't give in
to sadness, or fall for the lies.
28. You can fly with the angels,
you can sing in the night.Don't let your head doubt
what your heart knows is right.
Whisper a secret to the dawn
of the day. Look to your loved ones to show you the way.
29. Don't run from the truth, but accept it with prideDon't keep all your feelings sheltered insideLet your silver turn gold, let your hopes all come truePray your joys will be many and your sorrows be few
30. Let the glow in your heart
reflect in your soul.So you
know what it's like to have
and to hold.Tildeath do you
part, may you treasure the
sights. That this life had to
offer, its enchantments and
31. Search for contentment in each person you meet.
Let yourself find freedom, don't just stand still on
your feet. Dance, be at ease, for you've got one
life to live.Put your heart on the line and give it all
you can give.
32. Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower
Thank You Very Much