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Looking for homecoming or prom theme ideas? This presentation includes 30 fun homecoming and prom themes. It also includes tips for choosing the right theme for your event. Get more theme ideas and shop themes at http://www.andersons.com/Themes.

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  • 1. Exciting HomecomingAnd Prom themes! THEMEIDEAS 3030 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved

2. Its all about the THEME! Picking out the theme for your Prom, Homecoming,Winter Formal, Spring Fling or any other high school event is a ton of fun. Not only will the theme engage your students and create lasting memories, but it will guide what decorations you use, the invitations you send and the favors you give out. Its difficult to know what you want your theme to be without seeing it in action first.Thats why we created this compilation of 30 Fun Homecoming and Prom Theme Ideas to help you with your decision-making. 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 3. About Andersons Choosing Your Theme Andersons is the expert in high school events.We help schools create events that are fun and engaging for students.You can check out our website andersons.com/high-school to order all your event items including: Themes Decorations Royalty items Invitations and stationery Favors School Spirit items Fundraising supplies Student and Staff awards There is a lot to think about when choosing your theme. Here are a few questions to ask that might help you narrow down the choices: What is your budget? What is the tone of the event? Formal? Casual? Fun? Romantic? Do students attend in couples or in groups? What themes have been used recently? Are there themes you definitely DONT want to use? Where is the event being held? Are there decorating restrictions? How many people are there to help set up and take down? Are refreshments being served? Do you need to leave room for tables? 4. NEON Pump up the volume! A vibrant neon theme will get everyone in the mood for DANCING! Club Prom, Item #AP2N ZOMBIE The fun will never die when you party with the undead! The Undead of Night, Item #G013G 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 5. Mystery Masquerade, Item #B090 MASQUERADE Add a little mystery! Have everyone come in costume, or hand out masks at the door! BALLROOM Elegant and traditional, a classic ballroom scene is the perfect choice for a formal and romantic theme! I Could Have Danced All Night, Item #G013F 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 6. ASIA/FAR EAST Embark on an adventure in the Far East with a fun Asia-inspired theme! Shanghai Secrets, Item #G013B AUTUMN Seasonal themes are always popular! Choose a fall scene for Homecoming or your Halloween dance! Under the Autumn Moon, Item #G013J 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 7. CANDY COLOR SPLASH Let your schools true colors show! Its easy to match decorations to a theme with lots of COLOR! Sweet Dreams, Item #12A0 Prismatic, Item #SEB2 For a more laid-back approach to Homecom- ing or Prom, try a candy theme--fun, colorful and oh, so sweet! 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 8. 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved BIG CITY When the Lights Go Down in the City, Item #G013H Uptown. Downtown. Theres so much to do and see when you catch the urban vibe with a fun-filled big city theme! PARIS Enjoy the cool elegance and sophistication of France with a beautiful Parisian theme! Heres to the Night, Item #05R0 9. NEW YORK HOLLYWOOD California Dreamin, Item #G013K New York, New York, Item #9515 Everyone s New York! Take in the sights of the Big Apple--all in one night--with a fun New York City theme! Whether you want cool and casual, stylish and sophisticated or glitzy and glamorous, a Hollywood theme is the perfect choice! 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 10. FAIRY TALE FANTASY Make the nights memories live happily ever after with a romantic fairy tale theme! Let your imagination run wild! A fantasy theme can make all your Homecoming or Prom dreams come true! Enchanted Woodland, Item #AP2E A Walk Through Wonderland, Item #10H0 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 11. 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved CINEMA Experience the magic of the silver screen with a blockbuster cinema or red carpet theme! Premiere Party, Item #AG07N0 SUPERHEROES Encourage everyone to let their inner superheroes shine with a fun theme featuring favorite superhero characters! Heroes of the Night, Item #AP2R 12. ANIMAL PRINT Go a little wild with a fun animal print theme! TROPICAL Party in Paradise, Item #G013P Wildfire, Item #G012B An island luau or tropi- cal theme is always fun. It works great for a Senior Party, too! 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 13. ROCK N ROLL Get ready to ROCK! A wild and crazy rock n roll theme will keep the party going all night long! TWILIGHT Want to set a romantic scene? A Twilight theme adds a beautiful mix of elegance and ambience! Endless Twilight, Item #12F0 Rock n Roll All Night, Item #AG010C 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 14. 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved GARDEN Garden themes are both beautiful and versatile. Add more trees, flowers, or benches to create your perfect tranquil scene! Our Secret Garden, Item #11HOL WESTERN Kick up your heels with a little bit of country fun at a western-themed party. Sunset Ranch, Item #AP2F 15. FOREST You never know what mysteries you might encounter in the deep, dark forest. GRECIAN Destination: Greece! Experience all the wonders of this ancient land with a Greek-inspired theme! Grecian Gardens, Item #J080Woodhaven, Item #10N0 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 16. CASINO ROYAL A Royal Affair, Item #G08L0 The Winner Takes it All, Item #G08E0 If fun is your goal, a casino theme is the perfect choice! Add casino games and other interactive elements to keep everyone engaged! Let your royalty reign in style with a majestic theme designed just for your King and Queen! 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 17. UNDER THE SEA Sea of Love, Item #04Y0 A timeless theme that can be done in a ton of different ways, from whimsical to romantic. 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved CIRCUS Step right up to a night of magic and wonder with a spectacular Big Top Circus theme! Circus Spectacular, Item #10D0 18. WINTER 1920s It Had to Be You, Item #AP2PMidwinter Nights Dream, Item #G09A0 Embrace the season of snow by using it as a theme for your holiday party or Winter Formal. Step back in time to an era when music was king, fashion was queen, and every night was a party! 2013.Andersons.All rights Reserved 19. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter! Get tips, ideas and special promotional offers by signing up for our e-mails. http://www.andersons.com/email-signup Request a catalog! Dont get our catalog yet? Send us an e-mail with your name and address (put Catalog Request in the subject line), and well send you a catalog within 48 hours. orders@andersons.com Visit andersons.com/high-school for all your event needs! q Themes q Decorations q Royalty q Invitations and Stationery q Favors Additional Resources Call us with questions or to order! 1-800-748-7004