3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites


Here's 3 simple SEO tips to help your law firm's website get more traffic and exposure online and in Google search. When it comes to law firm websites, providing informational content is key to connecting to new clients and prospects. The more valuable content you produce that answers the toughest questions your potential clients have, the more valuable your website will be to your visitors. Lawyers can be the best content producers for law firm websites because of their educational background and experience in technical writing and research. Because of this, lawyer's websites should be the the most effective type of sites on the web at building an audience of high quality visitors. Unfortunately, this isn't the case a lot of times. SEO for law firm website is more about targeting core keyword phrases - typically in the form of practice areas - than anything else. However, the powerful SEO truth for law firm websites is that law firms are typically very locally targeted. So even though "personal injury lawyer" as a keyword for SEO targeting may be extremely competitive and nearly impossible to rank nationally, the same is not true for the personal injury lawyer who resides in Johnson City, NY (for example). So now, for the majority of law firms and their websites, they are able to target the long tail keyword phrase variations of their practice areas simply by adding their metro area name to the end of the core practice area. So now, if you are an injury lawyer in Johnson City, NY, you can quickly have success by targeting phrases such "injury lawyer johnson city ny", or "car accident attorney atlanta", or "personal injury lawyer miami", etc... once you add the metro area to the end of your core practice area / core keyword phrase, you are now competing on a much more tangible level. The next step to attracting large amounts of a high quality visitors to your law firm's website is to produce ultra high quality content for your targeted pages. In my experience, the most effective way to do this is by answering your customer's most frequently asked questions. I've created a strategy called "Start With 10!" that can help you build out ultra high quality content for your law firm SEO efforts on your website. So you start by writing out 10 questions that you get asked on a regular basis. Then write out a paragraph or two of super high quality answers to these questions. Next, create a new blog posts - assuming you have a blog (which you should, if you don't already) - for each of your questions and publish a new question (new blog post) every day until you finally work your way through all of your questions. This will help you exponentially with your law firm SEO efforts and help your law firm's online marketing efforts to connect with new prospects and build

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Page 1: 3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites

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Is Your Law Firm Website Struggling?

● hit by recent Google Panda update?

● not driving expected traffic?

● not converting new leads & clients?

● rankings not improving in Google search?

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3 SEO Tips for Law Firm Websites:learn how to...1) Build authority & rankings in Google.

2) Stand out from your competitors in Google.

3) Drive increased traffic, leads, & clients from Google.

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1) Build authority & rankings in Google.● Homepage as a hub.● Practice areas = mini-sites● silos of authority.● Link back to homepage.

ex: pdwlawfirm.com / jacksonwhitelaw.com

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2) Stand out from competitors in Google:

● Video content / Schema language.● Video per landing page.● Branded thumbnail images.

Ex: brain injury attorney atlanta, georgia self defense attorney, orthopedic injury attorney milwaukee

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3) Increase traffic to your website.● Consistent blog posts.● Minimum = 1 per week.● Recommended = 1 per week / per practice area● Consistency = increased traffic.

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● Increased rankings in Google.● Insurance from future Google algorithm updates.● Increased branded exposure in Google.● Increased traffic from high quality visitors.● More leads / more clients for your law firm.

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