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  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching





    - versus -

    JOSE T. CHING represented by hs!tt"rney#n#$%&t, !NTONIO V.CHING,


    G.R. N". '()'))


    CORONA,∗ CJ ,

    CARPIO, J ., Chairperson,


    PERALTA, and



    O$to%er &', &'('

    ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- )

    D E C I S I O N

    *ENDO+!, J .

    In this Petition *or Revie+ on certiorari under Ru"e , the Repu%"i$ o* the

    Phi"ippines, represented % the O**i$e o* the So"i$itor /enera" (OSG), assai"s the

    Nove!%er &0, &''0 De$ision1(2 o* the Court o* Appea"s (CA), in CA-/.R. C3 No.

    ''4(0-MIN, reversin# the De$e!%er 4, &''& Reso"ution1&2 o* the Re#iona" Tria" Court,

    5utuan Cit, 5ran$h & (RTC), disa""o+in# the App"i$ation *or Re#istration o* Tit"e o*

    respondent 6ose Chin#, represented % his Attorne-in-7a$t, Antonio Chin#, in Land

    Re#istration Case No. N-&8'.

    THE F!CTS 

    On Au#ust 8, (888, respondent 6ose Chin#, represented % his Attorne-in-7a$t, Antonio

    Chin#, *i"ed a veri*ied App"i$ation *or Re#istration o* Tit"e $overin# a par$e" o* "and

    +ith i!prove!ents identi*ied as Lot (, S/S-(4-''''49-D, %ein# a portion o* Lot &940,

    /SS-('-''''4, %e*ore the RTC. The su%e$t "ot is a $onso"idation o* three ;4

  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    $onti#uous "ots situated in 5an=a, , A#usan de" Norte, +ith an area o* 0,&&8 s>uare

    !eters. The *irst par$e" o* "and is $overed % Ta? De$"aration No. 8@/R-((-''4-'@-

    A the se$ond par$e" % Ta? De$"aration No. 8@/R-((-''4-'-I and the third par$e"

    % Ta? De$"aration No. 8@/R-((-''4-'49-A. In support o* his app"i$ation, respondent

    atta$hed the ;a< SBet$h p"an142 ;%< Te$hni$a" des$ription12 ;$< Tra$in# C"oth o* P"an o*

    Portion o* Lot &940, /ss-('-''''4, +hi$h is a Se#re#ation P"an o* Portion o* Lot

    &940, /ss-('-''''4(, as surveed *or 6ose T. Chin# and du" approved % the 5ureau

    o* Land DENR Re#ion )III on 6u" '0, (880 $overin# the su%e$t "and12 and ;d<

    Spe$ia" Po+er o* Attorne e?e$uted % 6ose T. Chin# authori=in# Antonio 3. Chin#, 6r.

    to *i"e an app"i$ation *or tit"e over the "and.1@2

    Respondent a""e#ed that on , he pur$hased the su%e$t "and *ro! the "ate *or!er

    #overnor and as eviden$ed % a Deed o* Sa"e o* nre#istered Lands.192Initia"", the RTC, a$tin# as a "and re#istration $ourt, ordered respondent to sho+ $ause

    +h his app"i$ation *or re#istration o* tit"e shou"d not %e dis!issed *or his *ai"ure to state

    the $urrent assessed va"ue o* the su%e$t "and and his non-$o!p"ian$e +ith the "ast

    para#raph o* Se$tion (9 o* Presidentia" De$ree ;P.D.< No. (&8.102

    A$$ordin#", on , respondent *i"ed a 3eri*ied A!ended App"i$ation182 +hi$h the RTC

    *ound to %e su**i$ient in *or! and su%stan$e. The $ase +as set *or initia" hearin# on .1('2

    On , the OS/ du" deputi=ed the Provin$ia" Prose$utor o* A#usan de" Norte to appear on

    %eha"* o* the State.1((2 Therea*ter, on , the OS/ *i"ed an Opposition to the app"i$ation

    *or re#istration o* tit"e. Spe$i*i$a"", the OS/ a""e#ed:(1) That neither the applicant nor his predecessors-in-interest

    have been in open, continuous, exclusive and notorious possession

    and occupation of the land in question since June 12, 1945 or prior

    thereto !ec" 4# (b) $"%" 141, as a&ended b' "" 1*+.

    (2) That the &uni&ents of title and/or an' tax declarations and

    tax pa'&ents receipts of applicant attached to or alle0ed in the

    application, do not constitute co&petent and suicient evidence of abona fde acquisition of the land applied for or of his open,

    continuous, exclusive and notorious possession and occupation of the

    land in the concept of oner since June 12, 1945 or prior and the tax

    declaration and tax pa'&ent receipts appear not to be 0enuine and

    are of recent vinta0e.

    () That the clai& of onership in fee si&ple on the basis of 

    !panish title or 0rant can no lon0er be availed of b' the applicant


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    ho have failed to 3le an appropriate application for re0istration

    ithin six () &onths fro& 1 ebruar' 19+ under "" 6o" #92 as

    the instant application appears to have been 3led on ece&ber 1+,

    199#. and

    (4) That the parcels of land applied for are portions of the

    public do&ain belon0in0 to the 7epublic of the not sub8ect to privateappropriation"1(&2

    On , the Depart!ent o* Environ!ent and Natura" Resour$es "iBe+ise *i"ed its

    opposition to the app"i$ation.

    On , the RTC reso"ved to dis!iss the respondents app"i$ation *or re#istration.1(42 The

    dispositive portion reads:6 :;< = T>; =7;?=6?, the court resolves to dis&iss as it

    hereb' dis&isses the instant application for re0istration of title for

    insuicienc' of evidence"!= =7;7;"

    The RTC +as not $onvin$ed that respondents Deed o* Sa"e su**i$ient" esta%"ished that

    he +as the o+ner in *ee si!p"e o* the "and sou#ht to %e re#istered. The RTC +rote

    1e2viden$e on" sho+s that the app"i$ant and his vendor as prede$essor-in-interest have

    %een in open, pea$e*u", notorious and e?$"usive possession startin# *ro! (8@. A!on#

    the ta? de$"arations !arBed E?hi%its R to R-9 in$"udes the o"dest one !arBed E?hi%it R-

    9 sho+n in the %a$B "o+er portion that it +as e**e$tive %e#innin# the ear (80', and

    a!on# the ta? de$"arations !arBed E?hi%it S to S-0 in$"usive, the o"dest one !arBed

    E?hi%it S-0 is e**e$tive in the ear (80' and a!on# the Ta? De$"aration !arBed E?hi%it

    T to T-9 in$"usive, the o"dest one !arBed E?hi%it T-9 sho+s that it %e#an to %e e**e$tive

    in the ear (80' a"so. In the Certi*i$ation ;E?hi%it < issued % the O**i$e o* the Cit

    Treasurer o* 5utuan sho+s that the pa!ent o* the rea"t ta?es paid *or the 4 par$e"s

    started on" in the ear (80'"1(2

    Respondent *i"ed a !otion *or re$onsideration and a su%se>uent supp"e!enta" !otion *or

    re$onsideration +ith atta$hed additiona" ta? de$"arations. The RTC denied %oth !otions

    in its De$e!%er ((, &''4 Reso"ution1(2 statin# that it $ou"d not $onsider the additiona"

    ta? de$"arations atta$hed in the Supp"e!enta" Motion *or Re$onsideration as these +ere

    not *or!a"" o**ered in eviden$e. The RTC a"so noted that the additiona" do$u!ents

    +ere !ere photo$opies and +ou"d not have an pro%ative va"ue %e$ause the +ere not


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    in a$$ord +ith the re>uire!ents under A$t 8@1(@2 and P.D. (&81(92 that on" ori#ina"

    !uni!ents o* tit"e or $opies thereo* !ust %e presented.

    Respondent appea"ed the RTC ru"in# %e*ore the CA. Respondent $"ai!ed that the RTC

    erred in dis!issin# the app"i$ation *or re#istration o* tit"e *or insu**i$ien$ o* eviden$e

    and in *ai"in# to $onsider the additiona" ta? de$"arations atta$hed in his Supp"e!enta"

    Motion *or Re$onsideration.1(02

    On , the CA reversed the RTCs ear"ier reso"ution and #ranted respondents app"i$ation

    *or re#istration o* tit"e.1(82 The de$reta" portion o* said de$ision reads:;7;=7;, the appealed ecision of the 7e0ional Trial $ourt,

    @ranch 2, actin0 as land re0istration court, dis&issin0 the

    application for re0istration of title for insuicienc' of evidence is

    hereb' 7;:;7!; and !;T %!;" The %ppellants application for

    land re0istration is ?7%6T;"!= =7;7;"1&'2

    The CA ru"ed that the RTC erred in *ai"in# to $onsider the additiona" do$u!ents

    atta$hed in respondents Supp"e!enta" Motion *or Re$onsideration. The CA ratio$inated:$learl' fro& the fore0oin0 tax declarations hich all ent

    unchallen0ed and for&ed part of the record of the instant case, it

    could clearl' be seen that the sa&e parcels of land had been in

    possession of the petitioner-appellants (respondent) predecessors-in-

    interest since 194# until these parcels ere purchased b' hi& on 1*

     %pril 19+9" !ince the applicant and his predecessors-in-interest hadbeen in possession of the land for &ore than thirt' (*) 'ears

    continuousl', peacefull', adversel', publicl' and to the exclusion of 

    ever'bod', the sa&e as in the concept of oners" This also means that 

     petitioner-appellant is no longer required to prove that the property in question is

    classified as alienable and disposable land of the public domain.21 The lon0 and

    continuous possession thereof b' petitioner-appellant and his

    predecessors-in-interest since 194# or a total period of 3ft'-one (51)

     'ears before the application as 3led on converted the propert' to a

    private one" This is but a &ere reiteration of the established rule thatalienable public land held b' a possessor, personall', or throu0h his

    predecessor-in-interest, openl', continuousl' and exclusivel' for the

    prescribed statutor' period of thirt' (*) 'ears under the ublic Aand

     %ct, as a&ended, is converted to private propert' b' the &ere lapse

    or co&pletion of said period,ipso jure"1&&2

    en$e, this petition.1&42


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    In its Me!orandu!,1&2 the OS/ su%!its the *o""o+in#



    The C"-rt "$ !ppe%s erred n re/ersn0 %nd settn0 %sde the

    Res"-t"n d%ted De&e1ber 23, 2442 "$ the L%nd Re0str%t"n C"-rt

    denyn0 the BEL!TED s-b1ss"n "$ t%5 de&%r%t"ns 6h&h the heren

    resp"ndent 1erey %tt%&hed n ts s-ppe1ent% 1"t"n $"r

    re&"nsder%t"n %nd 6h&h 6ere NOT FOR*!LL7 OFFERED n

    e/den&e d-rn0 the tr% "$ the &%se, %s re8-red -nder Se&t"n 39 "$ 

    R-e '32 "$ the '::; Re/sed R-es "$ C/ Pr"&ed-re<


    The C"-rt "$ !ppe%s erred n re/ersn0 %nd settn0 %sde the

    Res"-t"n d%ted De&e1ber 23, 2442 "$ the L%nd Re0str%t"n C"-rtdenyn0 the %d1ss"n "$ *ERE PHOTOCOPIES "$ t%5 de&%r%t"ns

    6h&h h%/e n"t been /er$ed "r %-thent&%ted, n $%0r%nt /"%t"n "$ 

    the re8-re1ents "$ b"th !&t 9:) =L%nd Re0str%t"n !&t> %nd PD '?2:

    =Pr"perty Re0str%t"n !&t> pr"/dn0 th%t "ny ORIGIN!L

    1-n1ents "$ ttes "r "r0n% &"pes there"$ sh% be $ed<


    The C"-rt "$ !ppe%s erred n re/ersn0 %nd settn0 %sde the s-b@e&t

    Res"-t"n "$ the L%nd Re0str%t"n C"-rt 6h&h dened the%pp&%t"n $"r re0str%t"n "n the 0r"-nd th%t the resp"ndent heren

    $%ed t" pr"/e th%t the s-b@e&t %nd s %en%be %nd dsp"s%be %nd "$ 

    the p-b& d"1%n %nd h%/e been n p"ssess"n $"r the en0th "$ t1e

    %nd 1%nner %nd &"n&ept pres&rbed n Se&t"n 9(=b> "$  the CA 141 as


    The petition is !eritorious.

    Se$. (;(< o* P.D. (&81&@2 in re"ation to Se$tion 0;%< o* Co!!on+ea"th A$t ((, as

    a!ended % Se$tion o* P.D. ('94,1&92 provides: 

    !;$" 14" Who may apply "The folloin0 persons &a' 3le in the

    proper $ourt of irst nstance no Regional Trial Court an

    application for re0istration of title to land, hether personall' or

    throu0h their dul' authoriBed representativesC



  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    (1) Those ho b' the&selves or throu0h their predecessors-in-

    interest have been in open, continuous, exclusive and notorious

    possession and occupation of alienable and disposable lands of the

    public do&ain under a bona fde clai& of onership since June 12,

    1945, or earlier"

    D x x!ection 4#" The folloin0 described citiBens of the hilippines,

    occup'in0 lands of the public do&ain or clai&in0 to on an' such

    lands or an interest therein, but hose titles have not been perfected

    or co&pleted, &a' appl' to the $ourt of irst nstance no 7e0ional

    Trial $ourt of the province here the land is located for

    con3r&ation of their clai&s and the issuance of a certi3cate of title

    therefor, under the Aand 7e0istration %ct, to itC

    D x x

    (b) Those ho b' the&selves or throu0h theirpredecessors-in-interest have been in open, continuous,

    exclusive and notorious possession and occupation of 

    a0ricultural lands of the public do&ain, under a bona

     fdeclai& of acquisition of onership, since June 12,

    1945, or earlier , i&&ediatel' precedin0 the 3lin0 of the

    application for con3r&ation of title except hen

    prevented b' ar or orce majeure" These shall be

    conclusivel' presu&ed to have perfor&ed all the

    conditions essential to a ?overn&ent 0rant and shall be

    entitled to a certi3cate of title under the provisions of 

    this chapter"

    5ased on these "e#a" para!eters, app"i$ants *or re#istration o* tit"e under Se$tion (;(<

    !ust su**i$ient" esta%"ish: ;1< that the su%e$t "and *or!s part o* the disposa%"e and

    a"iena%"e "ands o* the pu%"i$ do!ain ;2< that the app"i$ant and his prede$essors-in-

    interest have %een in open, $ontinuous, e?$"usive and notorious possession and

    o$$upation o* the sa!e and ; 3< that it is under a bona fide $"ai! o* o+nership sin$e

    6une (&, (8, or ear"ier.

    Thus, %e*ore an app"i$ant $an addu$e eviden$e o* open, $ontinuous, e?$"usive and

    notorious possession and o$$upation o* the propert in >uestion, he !ust *irst prove that

    the "and %e"on#s to the a"iena%"e and disposa%"e "ands o* the pu%"i$ do!ain. It is

    do$trina" that, under the Re#a"ian do$trine, a"" "ands o* the pu%"i$ do!ain pertain to the

    State and the "atter is the *oundation o* an asserted ri#ht to o+nership in

  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    "and.A$$ordin#", the State presu!a%" o+ns a"" "ands not other+ise appearin# to %e

    $"ear" +ithin private o+nership. To over$o!e su$h presu!ption, irre*uta%"e eviden$e

    !ust %e sho+n % the app"i$ant that the "and su%e$t o* re#istration has %een de$"assi*ied

    and no+ %e"on#s to the a"iena%"e and disposa%"e portion o* the pu%"i$ do!ain.1&02 

    Nota%", the Court *inds no eviden$e in this $ase that +ou"d sho+ that the "and in

    >uestion has %een $"assi*ied as a"iena%"e and disposa%"e "and o* the pu%"i$ do!ain. The

    sBet$h p"an, te$hni$a" des$ription and the tra$in# $"othin# p"an that respondent presented

    do not sho+ the a$tua" "e#a" status o* the "and. en$e, the $on$"usion rea$hed % the CA

    that it +as no "on#er ne$essar *or the respondent to prove the a"iena%i"it o* the "and in

    >uestion on the assu!ption that he had a"read $o!p"eted the thirt-ear possessor

    re>uire!ent +as !isp"a$ed. The re>uire!ents o* a"iena%i"it and possession and

    o$$upation sin$e or ear"ier under Se$tion (;(< are indispensa%"e prere>uisites to a*avora%"e re#istration o* his tit"e to the propert. A%sent one, the app"i$ation *or

    re#istration is !ateria"" in*ir!ed.

    Sin$e respondent provided no $o!petent and persuasive eviden$e to sho+ that the

    "and has %een $"assi*ied as a"iena%"e and disposa%"e, then the app"i$ation *or re#istration

    shou"d %e denied.

    At an rate, a*ter revie+in# the do$u!ents su%!itted % the respondent, it is $"ear

    that there +as no su%stantive eviden$e to sho+ that he $o!p"ied +ith the re>uire!ent o*

    possession and o$$upation sin$e or ear"ier.

    The ear"iest ta? de$"aration that respondent tried to in$orporate in his

    Supp"e!enta" Motion *or Re$onsideration does not !easure up to the ti!e

    re>uire!ent.In parti$u"ar, the ta? de$"aration on the *irst "ot, as sho+n % Ta?

    De$"aration No. @84& in the na!e o* Adu"*o Ca"o, on" %e#an in (80.1&82 On the

    se$ond "ot, Ta? De$"aration No. 40& in the na!e o* Mar$os A=ote !ere" appeared in

    (8&.14'2 hi"e on the third "ot, Ta? De$"aration No. @08( re#istered in the na!e o* the

    eirs o* 7e"ipe Ca"o $a!e up in (80.14(2 n!istaBa%", the respondent $annot avai" o*

    re#istration under Se$tion (;(< o* P.D. (&8.

    In his Me!orandu!,14&2 respondent pro**ered that shou"d not the "and %e

    re#istra%"e under Se$tion (;(< o* P.D. (&8, it $ou"d sti"" %e re#istered under Se$tion

    (;&< o* P.D. (&8.1442

    e $annot.


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    The $ase o* Heirs of Mario Maabanan vs. Re!"bic142 su!!ari=ed the

    distin$tions %et+een the "e#a" re>uisites in app"i$ations *or re#istration o* tit"e under

    Se$tion (;(< and Se$tion (;&< o* P.D. (&8, to +it:(1) n connection ith !ection 14(1) of the ropert' 7e0istration

    ecree, !ection 4#(b) of the ublic Aand %ct reco0niBes and con3r&s

    that those ho b' the&selves or throu0h their predecessors in

    interest have been in open, continuous, exclusive, and notorious

    possession and occupation of alienable and disposable lands of the

    public do&ain, under a bona 3de clai& of acquisition of onership,

    since June 12, 1945 have acquired onership of, and re0istrable title

    to, such lands based on the len0th and qualit' of their possession"

    (a) !ince !ection 4#(b) &erel' requires possession since

    12 June 1945 and does not require that the lands should have

    been alienable and disposable durin0 the entire period of 

    possession, the possessor is entitled to secure 8udicial

    con3r&ation of his title thereto as soon as it is declared

    alienable and disposable, sub8ect to the ti&efra&e i&posed b'

    !ection 4+ of the ublic Aand %ct"5

    (b) The ri0ht to re0ister 0ranted under !ection 4#(b) of 

    the ublic Aand %ct is further con3r&ed b' !ection 14(1) of 

    the ropert' 7e0istration ecree"

    (2) n co&pl'in0 ith !ection 14(2) of the ropert' 7e0istration

    ecree, consider that under the $ivil $ode, prescription is

    reco0niBed as a &ode of acquirin0 onership of patri&onial

    propert'" However, public domain lands become only patrimonial property not only

    with a declaration that these are alienable or disposable. There must also be an

    express government manifestation that the property is already patrimonial or no

    longer retained for public service or the development of national wealth, under Article

     !! of the "ivil "ode.14@2  %nd onl' hen the propert' has beco&e

    patri&onial can the prescriptive period for the acquisition of 

    propert' of the public do&inion be0in to run"

    (a) atri&onial propert' is private propert' of the

    0overn&ent" The person acquires onership of patri&onialpropert' b' prescription under the $ivil $ode is entitled to

    secure re0istration thereof under !ection 14(2) of the

    ropert' 7e0istration ecree"

    (b) There are to Einds of prescription b' hich

    patri&onial propert' &a' be acquired, one ordinar' and other

    extraordinar'" Fnder ordinar' acquisitive prescription, a


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    person acquires onership of a patri&onial propert' throu0h

    possession for at least ten (1*) 'ears, in 0ood faith and ith

     8ust title" Fnder extraordinar' acquisitive prescription, a

    persons uninterrupted adverse possession of patri&onial

    propert' for at least thirt' (*) 'ears, re0ardless of 0ood faith

    or 8ust title, ripens into onership"The i!port o* this ru"in# is $"ear. nder Se$tion (;&< o* P.D. (&8, %e*ore

    a$>uisitive pres$ription $ou"d $o!!en$e, the propert sou#ht to %e re#istered !ust not

    on" %e $"assi*ied as a"iena%"e and disposa%"e it !ust a"so %e e?press" de$"ared % the

    State that it is no "on#er intended *or 

    pu%"i$ servi$e or the deve"op!ent o* the nationa"

    +ea"th or that the propert has %een $onverted into patri!onia". Thus, a%sent an e?press

    de$"aration % the State, the "and re!ains to %e propert o* pu%"i$ do!inion.

    AHEREFORE, the petition is GR!NTED. The Nove!%er &0, &''0 De$ision o*

    the Court o* Appea"s is here% REVERSED %nd SET !SIDE. The App"i$ation *or

    Re#istration o* Tit"e o* respondent 6ose T. Chin# in Land Re#istration Case No. N-&8'

    is DENIED.



    Asso$iate 6usti$e

    E CONCR:


    Chie* 6usti$e


    Asso$iate 6usti$e Asso$iate 6usti$e



    Asso$iate 6usti$e

     A T T # $ T A T % & ' 

    I attest that the $on$"usions in the a%ove De$ision had %een rea$hed in

    $onsu"tation %e*ore the $ase +as assi#ned to the +riter o* the opinion o* the Courts


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching



    Asso$iate 6usti$e

    Chairperson, Se$ond Division

    " # ( T % ) % " A T % & ' Pursuant to Se$tion (4, Arti$"e 3III o* the Constitution and the Division

    Chairpersons Attestation, I $erti* that the $on$"usions in the a%ove De$ision had %een

    rea$hed in $onsu"tation %e*ore the $ase +as assi#ned to the +riter o* the opinion o* the

    Courts Division.


    Chie* 6usti$e

    ∗ Desi#nated as an additiona" !e!%er in "ieu o* 6usti$e Antonio Eduardo 5. Na$hura, per Ra**"e dated .

    F FDesi#nated as an additiona" !e!%er in "ieu o* 6usti$e Ro%erto A. A%ad, per Spe$ia"

    Order No. 8' dated .

    1(2  Roo, pp. 44-(. Penned % Asso$iate 6usti$e E"ihu A. G%ae=, +ith Asso$iate

    6usti$es Ro!u"o 3. 5ora and Mario 3. Lope=, $on$urrin#.

    1&2  at 98-88.

    142  at 0'.


    12 Id. at 0&.

    1@2 Id.

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    1((2  at 04-0.

    1(&2  at 0.

    1(42  at 98-88.

    1(2  at 80-88.

    1(2  at (9'.


  • 8/19/2019 27 Republic v Ching


    1(@2 Land Re#istration A$t.

    1(92 Propert Re#istration De$ree.

    1(02  Roo, pp. 4-49.

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    1&@2 A!endin# and Codi*in# the La+s Re"ative to Re#istration o* Propert and *or

    other Purposes.

    1&92 E?tendin# the Period o* 7i"in# App"i$ations *or Ad!inistrative Le#a"i=ation ;7ree

    Patent< and 6udi$ia" Con*ir!ation o* I!per*e$t and In$o!p"ete Tit"es to A"iena%"e

    and in the Pu%"i$ Do!ain under Chapter 3II and Chapter 3III o* Co!!on+ea"th A$t

    No. ((, as a!ended, *or e"even ;((< ears $o!!en$in# .

    1&02  Re!"bic of t#e $#ii!!ines v. Roc#e, /.R. No. (90@, 6u" '@, &'('

    $itin# $a%&ati!"nan v. Co"rt of A!!eas, &8 Phi". 499, 40@-409 ;&''&uired o+nership o* private "ands % pres$ription under the

    provision o* e?istin# "a+s.

    142  Heirs of Mario Maabanan v. Re!"bic, /.R. No. (98809, , 09 SCRA (9&, &'4.

    142 Se$tion 9, Pu%"i$ Land A$t, as a!ended % Repu%"i$ A$t No. 8(9@, states:Se$tion 9. The persons spe$i*ied in the ne?t *o""o+in# se$tion are here% #ranted ti!e, not to e?tend %eond De$e!%er 4(,

    &'&' +ithin +hi$h to avai" o* the %ene*its o* this Chapter: Provided, That this period sha"" app" on" +here the area app"ied

    *or does not e?$eed t+e"ve ;(&< he$tares: Provided, *urther, That the severa" periods o* ti!e desi#nated % the President in

    a$$ordan$e +ith Se$tion 7ort-7ive o* this A$t sha"" app" a"so to the "ands $o!prised in the provisions o* this Chapter, %utthis Se$tion sha"" not %e $onstrued as prohi%itin# an said persons *ro! a$tin# under this Chapter at an ti!e prior to the

    period *i?ed % the President.

    14@2 E!phasis supp"ied.


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