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  • 7/28/2019 21229862 Lv Gi Important-Information


    Plese ke ew ues ed

    imPortant information


    You can get this and other documents rom us in Braille, large print or on audiotape by contacting us.

    LV= and Liverpool Victoria are registered trade marks o Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society L imited and LV= and LV= LiverpoolVictoria are trading styles o the Liverpool Victoria group o companies. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited,registered in England and Wales number 3232514 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, registernumber 202965. Registered address: County Gates, Bournemouth BH1 2NF. Tel: 01202 292333. 21229862 10/12

  • 7/28/2019 21229862 Lv Gi Important-Information


    IMPorTAnT InForMATIon

    n our commitment to you

    n your responsibility to give us correct inormation

    n your rights to cancel your insurance n what to do i our service isnt what you expected

    n the tax you pay on your insurance premiums

    n what happens i we cant meet our liabilities

    n how we use your personal inormation

    n the law that applies to your insurance

    The inormation in this leafet orms par t o your insurance contract with us - please read this

    together with the insurance schedule, the document o insurance and, i you have a motor

    insurance policy, the certicate o insurance.

    You should also show this leafet to any other person covered by this insurance.

    our coMMITMenT To youWell always:

    n give you clear and accurate inormation

    n be air and reasonable

    n act promptly

    your resPonsIbIlITy To gIve us

    correcT InForMATIonPlease make sure all the inormation you give us is correct and complete. Its important

    because i you dont we may cancel your insurance rom its start date and/or not pay your

    claim. I youre not sure whether you need to tell us about something please ask.

    imPortant informationPa tak a mit t ad ti at a it xpai imptat

    imati at:

    your rIghTs To cAncelyour InsurAnce

    up t 14 da at i


    At the start o your insurance policy, when

    you receive your documents, you have

    14 days to check youre happy with the

    insurance cover youve bought. I the cover

    doesnt meet your needs, you can cancel

    your insurance by telling us.

    For motor and home insurance well reund

    any money youve paid, less a charge or

    the cover youve had and a cancellation

    charge or setting up the policy. Please reer

    to Charges that apply on your insurance

    schedule or more details. I you cancel

    beore your cover starts well reund all the

    premium youve paid.

    For travel insurance policies that have a

    cover period o more than 28 days, and or

    pet insurance, well reund all the moneyyouve paid. I youve made a claim you

    must pay back any money paid to you in

    settlement o the claim within 30 days.

    Well reund you within 30 days o you telling

    us that youd like to cancel.

    For single trip travel insurance policies where

    the cover start date to the cover end date is

    28 days or less, no reund o premium will

    be given.

    M ta 14 da at i

    dmtFor motor, home and pet insurance, ater

    the initial 14 day period, i youve not made

    a claim, well reund any money youve

    paid, less a charge or the cover youve

    had and a cancellation charge. I you have

    made a claim you wont be able to get a

    reund. I the amount due to us when you

    cancel your policy is more than the amount

    youve previously paid, you must pay us

    the dierence. This includes paying the

    remaining premium due or the policy i you

    are paying by monthly instalments and have

    made a claim.

    For travel insurance we wont give any

    reunds ater the initial 14 day period, even i

    you have not travelled or made a claim.

    caati at a

    Well send you a renewal invitation 3 weeks

    beore your renewal date. This will show yourrenewal premium and any changes to your

    cover. I youve not chosen our continuous

    payment option, you must contact us beore

    your renewal date to maintain cover.

    I youve chosen our continuous payment

    option, well automatically renew your policy

    beore it expires. I you dont want to renew,

    simply contact us when you receive the

    renewal invitation. As part of our renewal

    process your debit or credit card provider will

    tell us your new card number if they have

    issued you with a new card.

    I you renew, whether or not under the

    continuous payment option, but then decide

    to cancel, provided you tell us beore your

    renewal date, well reund what youve paid in

    ull. I you cancel ater your renewal date has

    passed you will be charged in line with the

    cancellation rules detailed above depending

    upon whether it has been more than 14 days

    since your policy has been renewed.

    wat t d i i it at


    We do all we can to give you a rst classpolicy and service. But there may be times

    when you eel our service isnt up to scratch.

    I this is the case, wed like to know so we

    can put things right.

    Please phone us:

    Motor insurance: 0845 640 5266

    Home insurance: 0845 640 5270

    Travel insurance: 0845 640 5191

    Pet insurance: 0845 600 4816

    2 IMPorTAnT InForMATIon3

  • 7/28/2019 21229862 Lv Gi Important-Information


    or write to us (or motor, home or

    travel insurance):

    The Customer Relations Manager


    County Gates


    BH1 2NF

    or or pet insurance:

    LV= Pet Insurance Complaints Department1000 Lakeside North Harbour

    Western Road


    PO6 3FA

    For more inormation please visit the

    complaints section on our website:



    Please always quote your policy number to

    help us take care o your complaint quickly.

    I youd like to see a copy o our complaints

    procedure, please ask.

    I we cant resolve your complaint,

    you can reer your complaint to the

    Financial Ombudsman Service within

    6 months o receiving our nal response

    letter. Here are their contact details:


    Financial Ombudsman Service

    South Quay Plaza

    183 Marsh Wall

    London E14 9SR


    0800 023 4567 (ree or people phoning

    rom a xed line, or example, a landline at

    home) or

    0300 123 9123 (ree or mobile-phone

    users who pay a monthly charge or calls to

    numbers starting 01 or 02)




    Making a complaint wont aect your right

    to take legal action.

    InsurAnce PreMIuMs

    All premiums include insurance premium

    tax where applicable. You may also have

    to pay other taxes or costs, or example i

    the premium is paid or reimbursed by an

    employer it may be classed as a taxable

    benet in kind. I so youll need to pay thistax or cost yoursel.

    whAT hAPPens IFwe cAnT MeeT ourlIAbIlITIes?

    I we cant meet our liabilities, you may be

    able to claim rom the Financial Services

    Compensation Scheme (FSCS). There are

    dierent levels o compensation, depending

    on what kind o insurance you have:

    n compulsory insurance, such as thirdparty motor insurance, is covered or

    100% o the claim

    n non compulsory insurance, such as

    home insurance, is covered or 90%

    o the claim

    You can get urther inormation rom:

    Financial Services

    Compensation Scheme

    10th Floor

    Beauort House

    15 St Botolph StreetLondon EC3A 7QU


    0800 678 1100 0207 741 4100


    [email protected]

    how we useyour PersonAlInForMATIon

    Data Ptti At 1998 ad

    Ia Admiitati

    This inormation explains how we may

    use your details and tells you about the

    systems we use that allow us to detectand prevent raudulent applications and

    claims. The savings that we make help us

    to keep premiums down.

    How we may use your personal data is

    controlled by the requirements o the Data

    Protection Act 1998. Liverpool Victoria

    Insurance Company Limited is registered or

    the purpose o processing personal data.

    Inormation provided to us may be held

    on computer, paper le or other ormat,

    whether or not you purchase a policy. Well

    hold this inormation or a reasonabletime to ensure we have a clear and

    complete history o insurance enquiries,

    applications, policy records

    and transactions.

    We and our agents (eg service providers

    that we have agreements with both within

    and outside the European Economic Area)

    may use this inormation (some o which

    may be sensitive data) to process and

    administer your insurance. It may also

    be used or disclosed to regulators to

    monitor and enorce our compliance with

    any regulation. Occasionally, your personal

    inormation may be disclosed to selected

    third parties who are helping us improve

    our service.

    I you give us your credit card, debit

    card or bank details we may use it to

    automatically renew your insurance. Well

    only do this where you say we can.

    I your details have been obtained

    through one o our anity associations

    we may pass some o your inormation,

    including policy details and ongoing

    inormation, to that anity organisation

    or membership, business analysis and

    other relevant purposes.

    I you move to a new insurer we may

    conrm certain details about your

    insurance to them. Well only do this iwere sure its a genuine request.

    I we receive a request or policy

    inormation by an individual other than the

    policy holder well check that the policy

    holder has given permission to do this.

    We wont use sensitive personal data or

    marketing purposes.

    cdit sa ad Idtit k

    We use inormation obtained rom credit

    reerence agencies who will check the

    details supplied against any database,

    public or otherwise. This helps us to

    conrm your identity, allows us to give

    you a quote and decide which payment

    options we can oer you, or example,

    paying monthly.

    Youll see a record o this Credit search

    i you request a Credit Report. No other

    organisation who may conduct credit

    searches will be able to see it.

    I we conduct an Identity check a record o

    this will be retained by the credit reerence

    agencies and may be provided to other

    organisations to assist with verication

    and identication purposes. Youll see a

    record o this Identity check i you request

    a Credit Report.

    These searches wont aect your credit

    record or credit rating in any way. You can

    request your Credit Report rom any credit

    reerence agency.

    IMPorTAnT InForMATIon4 IMPorTAnT InForMATIon5

  • 7/28/2019 21229862 Lv Gi Important-Information