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  • 1. 21 Jump streetYasmin Ahmed

2. 21 Jump street21 jump street is a action/comedy movie; it is aremake of the series. Jonah Hill and ChanningTatum star as two cops who appear young enoughto join Jump Street, a unit that goes undercoverat a local high school.The two main characters go undercover to seekthe drug dealer of the school. They are forced toengage in the school activities in order to find outthe students who are involved.http://collider.com/21-jump-street-set-visit-preview/100828/Link for research 3. Distributor-Who are they? The distributor for this movie is Columbiapictures (Sony). The reason this company hasdecided to distribute such a brilliant film isbecause Columbia pictures is a subsidiary ofSony pictures and it is one of the leading filmcompanies in the world. They are also distributing the film because theyare well-known therefore they film is likely to beviewed. It is also an opportunity to gain moremoney and publicity for their company. 4. Identify the main target audience, their interests and mediause and any secondary/mass audience appeal? The films main target audience is aimed at ayoung audience aged 15-25 because the moviehas many aspects of school life that relate toteenagers. The genre of the film isaction/comedy which transpires to that particularaudience because it is quite entertaining but atthe same time it tackles the drug issuesamongst teens. 5. Identify key cast/crew/pre-existing property and the films USPThe key cast in (21 Jump Street): The cast, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), also features Ice Cube,Dave Franco, Brie Larsen, and Rob Riggle. Credited cast: Johnny Depp as Tom Hanson Channing Tatum as Jenko Jonah hill as Schmidt Jake M. Johnson as (pending) Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs Ice Cube as Capt. Dickson Brie Larson as Molly Dave Franco as Eric Johnny Simmons as (pending) Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters Dakota Johnson as (pending) Lindsey Broad as Lisa Valerie Tian as Burns DeRay as Domingo Joe Chrest as David The Unique selling point of the film is the Brand names(Jonah hill & ChanningTatum)they are well-known actors ,this is a good way for grabbing audience attention. 6. Identify the success of similar films and recent films by the director.? The directed Phil Lord and Chris Miller also madea success directing the animated film( Cloudywith a chance of meet balls.) They have alsodirected the TV show (Clone high) which wasalso a success in 2002-2003.