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  • 2017 Cannes Young Lions Competition Brief




    Eligibility for PRINT category

    Please ensure you comply with the below criteria before responding to the brief and submitting your entry:

     Entrants must be an Australian resident or have a valid Australian work visa (i.e. 457 Business Visa).

     All Young Lions taking part in the PRINT category must be 30 years of age or younger, born on or after September 29, 1986.

     Each team must consist of two young professionals currently employed full time in a creative, communications, advertising or digital agency.

     Team members do not have to work in the same Agency or Company to form a team but must fulfil the above criteria in order to enter the Competition.

     Teams entering the PRINT category must consist of one Copywriter and one Art Director.

     Entrants must have a current passport with at least six months validity and be available to travel to France for the international competition in June 2017 or travel to Singapore in September 2017.

     Companies/Agencies owned by News Corp Australia are not eligible to enter the Competition. Please refer to the FAQs for full listing.

     For the Print category only, there is an additional resource you can access here - News Corp

    Australia’s ‘Creative use of newspapers’ booklet.

    By entering this competition, entrants automatically agree to accept and abide by the full competition Terms & Conditions located at ozcannes.com.au


    http://www.newscorpaustralia.com/cannes-young-lions-2017-category-briefs http://www.ozcannes.com.au/

  • Background

    The world has changed, but greatness hasn’t

    All iconic campaigns over the years have launched in Newspapers. The masters of advertising; the Icons – David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach, Charles and Maurice Saatchi – all launched their most enduring ad campaigns in Print.

    Think small - Volkswagen (DDB, 1959)

    Labour isn’t working - Conservative Party (Saatchi & Saatchi, 1979)

  • However, we’re now in the 21st Century. Media options have proliferated for consumers and advertisers alike,

    resulting in Print – our most iconic advertising channel – trying to stand out from the clutter.

    And yet, when we consider the brilliance of the most iconic ad campaigns – we remember them as a full page Newspaper ad.

    Further, we live in an interesting time of fake news, alternate facts and a questioning of what can be trusted.

    Strong print brands have never been more relevant as demonstrated by Droga5's New York Times campaign, the first of its kind in over 10 years.

    Truth is Hard - The New York Times (Droga5, 2017)

    So we want you to ask yourself:


    A bit of background:

    Over the past 5 years, printed newspaper circulation has experienced a decline. While this decline is slowing, it hasn’t stopped.

    In spite of this, newspapers continue to reach millions of consumers daily. They hold influence when it comes to the country’s agenda and profile of personalities. Research shows that consumers trust what they read in the news* and retain the messages they absorb more so than other media.

  • Additionally, while digital continues to grow, it is still not capable of replacing the reach and influence of Newspapers – and will be unable to do so for some time.

    All of this tells us that there is still life in the printed word. It is a trusted media for many demographics and an untapped opportunity for younger audiences.

    This is your opportunity to take the challenge – and show us how we can turn this around.

    For your chance to ROAR at Cannes – SHOW US THE STRENGTH OF PRINT.

    *Source: warc - How to plan an effective newspaper campaign 2017

    Campaign objective

    1. To create a compelling campaign around encouraging consumers to: a) Buy more newspapers b) Change their attitude in relation to the Newspaper channel as an information source

    Target market

     The Fans: Protect existing newspapers buyers

     The Undecided: Encourage lapsed and occasional purchasers to buy more

     The Newcomers: Ignite interest in Gen Y and Millennials who have/will reach adulthood in the digital age

    The campaign should:

     Take a bold and unapologetic stance when selling the merits of newspapers

     Take into account the battle faced by Newspapers in terms of how other media portrays them as a declining product

     Show an understanding of the state of the market and future trends

     Be taken seriously. We want the best that you can give

     Deliver a message that isn’t limited by the fact that this is a News Corp partnered event – we want to see what you have in you

    Consumer background

     Almost 14.2 million Australians read a printed newspaper each month, which is not far behind 15.4

    million people who access Facebook (Source: emmaTM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months

    ending December 2016)

     While readership of printed newspapers has not kept pace with population growth, overall reading in

    the last month is up compared to 3 years ago (Source: emmaTM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 36

    months ending December 2016)

     TV viewing in the last week has not grown to the same extent as newspapers have over a month

    (Source: emmaTM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 36 months ending December 2016)

     Newspaper readers do skew older but 5.6 million are aged under 50 (Source: emmaTM conducted by

    Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending December 2016)

     Newspaper readers are more likely to be affluent - both older and up and coming affluents (Source:

    emmaTM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending December 2016)

     There are more newspaper readers that have investments over $1m than Facebook do. (Source:

    emmaTM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending December 2016)

     Netflix users are most different to the population, but are also the least affluent (Source: emmaTM

    conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending December 2016)

  • The tone

     Bold, unapologetic, credible and honest.

     Connects with consumers in a relatable and compelling manner

    Mandatories / considerations

    News Corp’s print assets must be considered as part of your response. See Appendix A for a summary of News Corp print assets.

    Region and markets

    This brief is for a national campaign.


    $1 million

    What does success look like?

    Please include how you would measure the success of your campaign according to the below criteria:

    1. Increased awareness & talkability across the target markets 2. Improved perception across demographics 3. A 20% uplift in sales over a 12 month period


    The campaign should launch in June 2017 and run for a four week period, with a second wave to run for a four week period in September 2017.

    What we want from you

    Teams of two are required to develop a high impact print campaign in response to the brief. Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that leap off the page. Your solution and ideas need to be realistic and achievable. Your response is to be supplied as a campaign (rather than just a single advertisement). Creative use of space is welcome and there are no form restrictions; full page and double page executions are permitted.

    Judging criteria

    Your team entry will be judged on the following criteria:

     Is there a big idea? (30%)

     How innovative is the idea? (20%)

     Creative quality of execution (30%)

     Degree of difficulty within the category (5%)

     How well the message is communicated (15%)

    What you need to submit

    1. Minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 print adverts, uploaded as one PDF file. Ensure that your total file size is no larger than 10mb.

    2. 400 word written response which explains which News Corp Australia assets your campaign will set (including which section) and why.

  • Please note:

     Entries that exceed the maximum upload and/or word count limit in their submission will be automatically disqualified.

     Submissions must be your team's own original work.

     NO agency/personal name branding is allowed on submissions.

     Your entry must be submitted online (hard copies will not be accepted).

     Each team is required to submit their entry by 5:00pm AEST Friday, March 31, 2017 (late entries will not be accepted.

     All work created as part of Cannes Young Lions Competition remains the property of News Corp Australia.

    What happens next?

    Announcement of First Round Finalists

    All first round finalists will be announced on Monday May 1st, 2017 on ozcannes.com.au and will move into the second round.

    Second Round Briefing

    In the second round, your team will receive a 24 hour print brief and participate in a 3 day boot camp at News Corp HQ in Sydney. The second round brief is to be completed in 24 hours and will be issued on May 10,