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  • Dirty Knees Soap Co., LLC P.O. Box 231

    Fosston, MN 56542 (218) 308-7977


    Heidi Danos (818) 325-5053

    [email protected]

  • About Us We believe in formulating simple choices. Everything we do is slathered in simple from our minimalist packaging to our modest ingredient lists. Our small product line is a testament to the time and effort we put into crafting products that perform. Life is complicated enough, yes? Why add to the chaos.

    We do not use palm oil due to the ecological controversy surrounding deforestation as a result of its use. We like orangutans!

    All of our products are sulfate, paraben, and formaldehyde free!

    Our soap boxes are made from 100% recycled material and printed with soy ink. Our 2oz and 4oz plastic jars are recyclable. Our large 8oz lotion bottles are made from 100% recyclable aluminum.

    Our product line is simple and down to earth. Our soap provides a simple, natural clean. Our body products provide classic care using skin-loving ingredients with light, natural scents. There ya have it! We welcome you into our Dirty Knees family with open (and clean) arms.

    Heidi Danos

  • I have eczema on my legs and my skin itches to the point where its extremely painful and distracting.

    I hadnt found a great alternative untilFINALLY beginning to healthanks Dirty Knees Soap!


    Dear Dirty Knees Soap Co. Thank you for your fabulous creations! For those of us with sensitive

    skin, Bare Naked soap was exactly what I needed! My skin feels moisturizedand the redness in

    my face has calmed down. Thank you!


    As one who has gone through life believing that soaps are basically very similar, I have found that

    a shower using Minnesota Wood is unique, invigorating, of subtle pleasing fragrance.

  • Handcrafted Soap

    Minnesota Wood This contemporary "walk in the woods" scent brings nature to you. It's been said that charcoal, the ingredient that gives this soap it's manly man black coloring, helps to eliminate toxins and impurities. So, not only will it leave you clean as a whistle, it'll save you a trip to the confessional.

    S101 4.2oz Unit price $2.90, 12 bars/case

  • Handcrafted Soap

    Bare Naked Sometimes you just need it straight up. Especially good after a hard day at the office or that early morning walk of shame. No mind-numbing scents, no chemicals, no funky colors. Bare Naked won't leave you hanging with a random, nameless phone number in your pocket.

    S102 4.2oz Unit price $2.90, 12 bars/case

  • Handcrafted Soap

    Java Scrub Not something you'd want to drink, but it'll clean you up like nobody's business after all those dirty, dirty activities... you know, like gardening, cooking with onions, and working on your bicycle. Made with coffee and calendula sunshine. Not for the faint of heart, or skin.

    S103 4.5oz Unit price $2.90, 12 bars/case

  • Handcrafted Soap

    White Ginger Like fresh white linen hanging on the line, this charmer will leave you feeling a little wild and unironed, refreshed, and remarkably satisfied.

    S104 4.2oz Unit price $2.90, 12 bars/case

  • Handcrafted Soap

    Rustic Country Ideal for avid outdoors people! Essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, and citronella encourage pests to skedaddle, while leaving your skin soft and smooth as a glassy lake.

    S105 4.2oz Unit price $2.90, 12 bars/case

  • Body Wash

    Minnesota Wood Body Wash Get dirty. We dare you. You work hard, you play hard. A manly man scented lather to cleanse your soul and give you the confidence to do it again, and again... and again.

    W101 2oz bottle Unit price $1.75, 12 bottles/case

    W103 16oz bottle Unit price $6.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Wash

    White Ginger Body Wash The crisp, clean scent will enliven your spirit and free your mind. Its delicate lather will sweep you away to an exotic garden shower with bountiful palm trees and lavish bamboo.

    W104 2oz bottle Unit price $1.75, 12 jars/case

    W106 16oz bottle Unit price $6.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Products

    Bean All Over This all-in-one lotion is light enough for your face yet strong enough for your entire body. Vanilla bean infused, this classic will leave your skin soft, fluffy, silky... you get the point. The elegant, natural vanilla scent is gently intoxicating.

    Almond oil has been known to relieve skin irritation and it is often touted as having anti-aging properties, making it great for even the most delicate skin, like that around your eyes.

    B101 2oz jar Unit price $3.50, 12 jars/case

    B103 8oz bottle Unit price $7.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Products

    Creamed Cocoa Loaded with organic cocoa butter, this opulent cream will have you spontaneously singing "Cocoa Me" jingles as you prance through your daily tasks.

    This all-in-one lotion boasts a light, natural cocoa butter scent that doesn't overpower. Almond oil is loaded with vitamin E and has been used on the skin for centuries. Cocoa butter is often recommended for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis as it helps to create a barrier between the skin and the environment.

    We suggest using this product on the skin, but if you find yourself simply sniffing it for its luscious cocoa scent, we are OK with that too.

    B102 2oz jar Unit price $3.50, 12 jars/case

    B104 8oz bottle Unit price $7.50, 6 bottle/case

  • Body Products

    Minnesota Wood

    Smell like a manly man! The fact that this product will also leave you feeling creamy, soft, and smooth is classified and will only be revealed on a "need to know" basis.

    B106 2oz jar Unit price $3.50, 12 jars/case

    B108 8oz bottle Unit price $7.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Products

    White Ginger

    Think crisp, white linen in a flowery summer breeze. It'll leave you feeling a little wild and unironed, with skin that is refreshed, and remarkably satisfied.

    B107 2oz jar Unit price $3.50, 12 jars/case

    B109 8oz bottle Unit price $7.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Products

    Bare Naked

    Straight up! This unscented version of our popular all-in-one lotions will leave you smooth as a baby's bottom. Gentle, plain, simple.

    B108 2oz jar Unit price $3.50, 12 jars/case

    B110 8oz bottle Unit price $7.50, 6 bottles/case

  • Body Products

    Royal Almond Replenish your skin with an outlandish amount of velvety moisture as you indulge in the dreamy essence of natural almonds with just a hint of citrus. Anti-oxidant rich sweet almond oil and shorea butter provide you with a hearty moisture that won't leave you feeling as though you're covered with a sludgy, greasy residue.

    B105 4oz jar Unit price $6.50, 6 jars/case

    SAMPLE SIZES Great for POS locations or baskets.

    oz sample jars are available for all lotions and body butter Unit price $31.20, 24 jars/case

  • Accessories

    Soap Bed These natural pine soap beds are the perfect addition to your soap's habitat. Their superior drainage will allow your soap to dry out between each use, which is imperative for a long and healthy life. Perfect for the shower, sink, workshop, or anywhere else you need to store your soap. Just be warned, they are cute and addictive. Made in the USA! A101 2.5 x 4 Unit price $3.00, 12/case

  • Take it all off and get to it!