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Page 1: 2016 Casino High School Annual Report - Amazon S3...Casino High School Queensland Rd Casino, 2470 casino-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au 6662 3077 Message from the Principal Casino High School

Casino High SchoolAnnual Report



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The Annual Report for 2016 is provided to the community of Casino High School as an account of the school'soperations and achievements throughout the year. 

It provides a detailed account of the progress the school has made to provide high quality educational opportunities forall students, as set out in the school plan. It outlines the findings from self–assessment that reflect the impact of keyschool strategies for improved learning and the benefit to all students from the expenditure of resources, including equityfunding.

The annual report describes the school's high quality practices across the three domains of the School ExcellenceFramework of learning, teaching and leading. For more information about the School Excellence Framework please visit:http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/about–the–department/our–reforms/school–excellence–framework

Neil Schneider


School contact details

Casino High SchoolQueensland RdCasino, 2470www.casino-h.schools.nsw.edu.aucasino-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au6662 3077

Message from the Principal

Casino High School is a proud public high school with strong links to the local community. The school has a culturewhere excellence is not only valued but achieved in several areas including academia, leadership and on the sportingfield. The students are constantly challenged in their learning and as a result have shown substantial improvement ineducational outcomes. The school is committed to promoting fairness, nurturing respectful relationships and developingsafe and cooperative learning environment for all. At Casino High School we actively teach our students how to modelthe school PBL rules of Be a Learner, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Cooperative.

Our school's success is underpinned by three key elements that promote quality teaching and learning programs for ourstudents.

Firstly, we have a highly dedicated staff who work together to provide an inclusive environment where all students arenurtured and encouraged to achieve their personal best in all they do. Secondly, our students are a passionate andmotivated group of young people who are keen to learn and participate in the vast range of educational opportunitiesprovided for them at the school. Thirdly, Casino High School enjoys tremendous support from our parent body and thelocal community.

I am proud to be part of a school community that challenges students and promotes high expectations to all. Theteaching and support staff is committed, focused and professional. The school continues to enjoy excellent relationshipswith our partner primary schools and the broader community. Our goal is to send our students into the community asresilient, independent and confident young people, ready for work and further study.

Neil Schneider


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Message from the school community

I would like to thank all members of our P & C Association for another successful year in 2016. This year we tried someextra fundraising events which also helped out the Casino community. Our committee volunteered at the Casino Showby manning their two canteens for two days and this proved to be a successful fundraiser. The P & C also providedfaculties with much needed resources contributing $22,000 toward varing pieces of equipment. We would like to thankthe volunteers that help in our school canteen week–in and week–out. This year our canteen handed over $25,000 to theP & C. and the Uniform Shop also raised quite significant funds for the P & C handing over $5,000. Thank you to theschool community for supporting both of these initiatives as funds go back to our school to support students at CasinoHigh School.

Message from the students

Throughout 2016 Casino High School Student Representative Council participated in a range of different activities,hosted a variety of events and supported many charities. Students from across years 7–12 helped to build studentparticipation, moral and the overall community spirit of our school.

During Term 1 we supported the following events: • Clean up Australia Day– Year 7 students helped to make our school look beautiful by donating their time to clean

up our playground. • Pink Stumps Day– Students cooked a BBQ and hosted a mufti day to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. • Easter Raffle– Students gained the support of local businesses who donated items to be raffled off in our Easter

Raffle. • Clown Doctors Smile Day– Activities included face painting, mufti day, cake stall, sponge throwing, juggling,

hool–a–hooping and temporary tattooing to help raise funds for the Humour Foundation. • School Social supported by the Richmond Valley Council, allowing SRC to subsidise the tickets at a cost of $2

each. • Friday Fun Days– Selling of ice–cups and weekly games for interested students.

Throughout Term 2 SRC focused on Beef Week and school based events including: • Beef Week mufti day • SRC volunteers helping cook with ‘Breakfast with the Butchers’ • Students supporting the school float for the Beef Week parade alongside the P&C. • CASCAPA performance and variety night • Athletics carnival BBQ • Year 11 students attending the regional SRC Conference in Ballina to gain fresh ideas for our school. • PJ mufti day and cake stall

In Term 3 we supported both local and national charities such as: • Jeans for Genes Day • SRC BBQ and cake stall to raise funds for a local family in need • Footy Colours Day • Year 12 final social with a 'Bogan' theme.

Finally Term 4 promoted many fun activities including: • Mufti days • Students attending the GRIP Leadership conference in Lismore • Captains attending the Remembrance Day service in Casino • Organising and running a handball competition to gain a Casino High Handball Champion • Motor Neuron Disease fundraiser in which staff participated in the ICE Bucket Challenge.

The overall aim of the SRC is to promote our school in a fun and inclusive manner and our events in 2016 successfullyachieved this.

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School background

School vision statement

Casino High School aims to enhance the development of our students as confident and creative individuals equippingthem to become informed citizens and lifelong learners. All students have the opportunity to achieve excellence throughengaged, active learning within a safe and inclusive school environment.

School context

Casino is a regional town located in Northern New South Wales. The school is situated 2km north of the central businessdistrict with a rural demographic. Casino High School is a comprehensive high school and has approximately 700students from years 7–12 with diverse cultural and socio–economic backgrounds.

The school focuses on every student’s wellbeing to ensure they are educated in a supportive and nurturing environment,tending to each student’s individual needs.

We are a PBL school and instil our values of being a learner, respectful, cooperative, safe and responsible at all times.Our PBL rewards are closely linked with our welfare system to ensure we are acknowledging the great efforts of all ourstudents.

We have a diverse and innovative staff that are able to engage students through varied curriculum choices which meetacademic, vocational (VET and TVET and School to Work), sporting and social needs of our students. The Casinocommunity are active participants in school events and the development of stronger partnerships and programs withinthe school setting enable our students to gain ‘real world’ experiences.

School attendance across all years has been improving and school attainment in the HSC has been positive, with asustained trend of increasing ATSI students completing their HSC.

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Self-assessment and school achievement

Self-assessment using the School Excellence Framework

This section of the Annual Report outlines the findings from self–assessment using the School Excellence Framework,school achievements and the next steps to be pursued.

This year, our school undertook self–assessment using the School Excellence Framework. The framework supportspublic schools throughout NSW in the pursuit of excellence by providing a clear description of high quality practiceacross the three domains of Learning, Teaching and Leading.

This year, our school undertook self–assessment using the elements of the School Excellence Framework.

In 2016 the school staff has undertaken a self–assessment process using the School Excellence Framework (SEF) toinform, monitor and validate school improvement. Time was provided at executive and staff meetings to map schoolprogress in the achievement of milestones and alignment with each element of the SEF.

In the domain of Learning, our efforts have primarily focused on wellbeing, learning culture and curriculum and learning.Positive and respectful relationships are evident among students and staff, promoting student wellbeing and ensuringgood conditions for student learning. The school has in place a comprehensive and inclusive framework to support thecognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students, which measurable improves individual andcollective wellbeing. The school continued its focus on creating a positive and productive learning culture amongst thestaff and students through the continuation of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL). High expectations and respect forthe teaching and learning process was evident across the school. Students reflect on their own learning andengagements. The teachers have been involved in professional learning that enhanced the delivery of aninstructional framework to engage all students and improve educational outcomes. The school’s support unit andLearning and Support Team (LaST) developed Individual Learning Plans for students with diverse needs. The AboriginalEducation Team developed Personalised Learning Pathways for Aboriginal students in Years 7 to 12.

In the Teaching domain, our main focus has been on learning and development and effective classroom practice. Allclassrooms at Casino High School are managed so that students can engage productively with minimal disruption. Staffhave once again participated in a whole school engagement survey and the Tell Them From Me Staff survey as well asnumerous and extensive staff meetings with a focus on building teacher and leader capacity. The school's learning anddevelopment builds teacher skills in the analysis, interpretation and use of student performance data. Staff demonstratingsubject expertise have been identified and lead professional learning sessions. This is particularly evident in thosesessions related to the implementation of a whole school instructional framework based around learning objectives andexit strategies to improve student engagement and educational outcomes. All teachers are actively engaged in planningtheir own professional goals and development through the PDP process to improve their understanding and performanceboth in and out of the classroom setting.

In the domain of Leading, our priorities have focused on leadership. The school’s leadership team has workedconsistently and effectively to develop a culture where the development of a quality learning environment that maximisesstudent potential is encouraged through professional learning, collegiality and the efficient deployment of resources.Meaningful connections with the school’s community and surrounding feeder schools have continued to flourish in 2016.We are committed to building sustainable leadership and supporting a culture where leadership is valued and iscollaborative.

Our self–assessment process will assist the school to refine the strategic priorities in our School Plan, leading to furtherimprovements in the delivery of education to our students.

For more information about the School Excellence Framework:


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Strategic Direction 1

Dynamic and Engaging Learning Culture


To actively support all students in achieving their potential and developing a love of learning in a high expectationsenvironment. Students are engaged as 21st Century learners and enjoy a variety of learning experiences and contexts.Through the use and sharing of growth–focused data students are engaged in their own learning journey.

Overall summary of progress

Our continued school–wide focus on improving the educational outcomes of students has enabled us to achievesignificant improvement in this strategic direction through the implementation of an instructional framework based aroundincreasing whole school engagement and a successful evidence based approach to student progress and learningculture. The implementation and follow–on of the Instructional Framework has ensured the continued use of a consistentapproach to teaching and learning across the school. There have been significant observable changes in engagementthrough a second round of random engagement surveys with lessons featuring more focused and dynamic lessonsthroughout the school.

Learning and Support Team processes have been further refined and modified to support the National ConsistentCollection of Data (NCCD) and meet the requirements of the Disability Standards Act. This has enabled us to improveearly identification and intervention to provide stronger, more focused support to individual students in partnrship withtheir parents and carers. Staff are also better able to plan for and support student progress in literacy and numeracywithin each of the specific KLAs.

Progress towards achieving improvement measures

Improvement measures(to be achieved over 3 years)

Progress achieved this year Funds Expended(Resources)

• Casino High School to increasestudent engagement by 20%. • 10% increase in studentsNAPLAN results on the previousyears’ results. • Increased numbers from ourfeeder Primary Schools. • Increased retention andattainment of students in theirsenior years of schooling. • Reduction of suspension ratesby 10% per year for three years. • Attendance of all studentsincreases annually by 2% eachyear. 

• Since 2013 the proportion of year 9 students at orabove the national minimum standard for readingand numeracy has increased from 75% to 85%.From 2015 to 2016 the increase was from 86% to88%. • School Attendance increased from 83.6% to 85%over the past two years. • Suspensions have decreased by 20% over the2014 to 2016 time period.


$250, 000.00



Next Steps

• Further development of the learning and support process and strengthen the support for Gifted and talentedstudents.

• Through the Casino High School Project Officer and Aboriginal Education Team provide a range of culturalactivities and teaching initiatives based on building stronger relationships and high expectations.

• Furthering the development of quality literacy and numeracy lessons during Homeroom.

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Strategic Direction 2

Building Teacher and Leader Capacity


Developing teacher capacity to systematically deliver a differentiated curriculum through quality leadership and qualityteaching and learning. The staff has a commitment to ongoing professional development and use systematic datacollection to monitor school–wide progress and target areas for improvement. Resources are applied in a targetedmanner to meet student learning and wellbeing needs.

Overall summary of progress

Continued implementation of Performance and Development Plans has been a key professional learning focus for 2016to achieve this particular Strategic Direction, based on the Department of Education's Performance and DevelopmentFramework.

All teachers have received further training in the overall concept of the Performance and Development Framework andhow it relates to new scheme teachers as well as how it impacts on existing teachers from the start of 2018. Staff havebeen made well aware of the accreditation and mainteneance process as well as the mandatory Working With ChildrenCheck and the impact this will have on any future employment.

The development of deeper understandings and valuing of Aboriginal culture has been achieved through a range ofcultural activities as well as curricular and extra–curricular cultural initiatives such as NAIDOC celebrations, the FutureTracks program as part of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) and the development of Personalised LearningPathways (PLPs). This is having a positive impact on the culture of the school, as well as contributing to strongerinvolvement of Aboriginal elders, the AECG and the community.

Progress towards achieving improvement measures

Improvement measures(to be achieved over 3 years)

Progress achieved this year Funds Expended(Resources)

• All teachers satisfactorilycomplete the teacher reviewprocess through theimplementation of thePerformance and DevelopmentFramework. • All teachers achieve ormaintain accreditation with theNSW Institute of Teachers. • PBL drives responsibility of allstakeholders to provide qualitylearning environments • All staff are skilled about thelocal culture and have localknowledge to understand, andcater for the learning needs ofAboriginal students in Casino.There will be more engagedAboriginal students as teachersare aware of their cultural needsand are sensitive to these needs.

• All teachers have completed their Performanceand Development Plans in accordance with thePerformance and Development Framework. • Re–introduction of PBL at Casino High School. • Planning for a 'Connect to Country' professionaldevelopment opportunity in partnership with thelocal AECG.


Next Steps

• Continiue to refine and improve the implementation of quality Professional Development Plans. • Access an increased number of leadership opportunities through the use of TPL funds. • Further development and implementation of the Casino High School Instructional Framework in all lessons with a

focus on extended response questions and answers to improve NAPLAN and HSC results.

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Strategic Direction 3

Building Cohesive Community Relationships


Fostering quality, sustainable relationships throughout the whole school community to promote and maintain wellbeingand a positive and successful school culture. Partnerships with the community and feeder schools are strategicallyestablished to address identified student needs.

Overall summary of progress

Staff members have continued to refine their skills in communicating with our school community. Teachers from withinour school and across the learning community are leading and supporting colleagues to develop relationships withparents, carers and outside agencies.

Staff and parents/carers have positively engaged with each other through numerous school and community events suchas celebratory dinners, transition informatin evenings for incoming Year 7 and continuing Year 11 students andparent/teacher interviews.

As a school we are committed to supporting students with their post school endeavours. We have a substantial numberof students become engaged in post Year 12 University and TAFE study. Often these students will gain early acceptanceinto Griffith and Southern Cross University based on their ongoing committment to study and quality assessment taskresults. Others who do not persue these options often take–up offers of apprenticeships and traineeships which lead tofull–time employment and a trade qualification. This in turn further strengthens our link to the community and localbusinesses.

Progress towards achieving improvement measures

Improvement measures(to be achieved over 3 years)

Progress achieved this year Funds Expended(Resources)

• Attendance of all parents atSchool Events is increased • Attendance of Aboriginalparents at School events isproportionally equal tonon–Aboriginal parents  •  Increased percentage of post–Year 12 students engaged inUniversity, TAFE, andemployment.

• Substantial increase in the number ofparents/carers attending parent/teacher Interviewsand transition meetings. • Increased involvement of Aboriginalparents/carers at school events such NAIDOCcelebrations and whole school and year groupassemblies.



Next Steps

• Continue to develop and maintain various forms of digital communication between staff, students, parents/carersand the wider community.

• Staff to participate in additional opportunities that are culturaly significant such as 'Healthy Culture, HealthyCountry and 'Connect to Country'.

• Further engagement in community events. • Continued support of students wishing to persue post–school opportunities through university, TAFE and


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Key Initiatives Impact achieved this year Resources (annual)

Aboriginal background loading All students have a Personalised LearningPathway (PLP) and are making progress inregard to improved literacy and numeracyoutcomes.Aboriginal students are demonstratingprogress in NAPLAN. During 2016 fundingfrom Norta Norta and Aboriginal backgroundfunding was combined to enable a significantinitiatives for Aboriginal students aroundculture and leadership. These initiativesincreased student engagement andattendance demonstrated through improvededucational outcomes.


Low level adjustment for disability Additional School Learning Support Officers(SLSOs) were employed to work withstudents who have additional learning needsand tutors were employed for year 9–12students who require additional support forvarious reasons. All identified students haveIndividual Education Plans (IEPs) developedin consultation with parents and personalisedadjustments have been made to learningexperiences. this enabled all students toparticipate fully in their learning. As a resultadjustments in all necessary subjectsexplicitly address the specific needs ofstudents with disabilities and studentparticipation and engagement in lessons haveincreased.The school supported the NationalConsistent Collection of Data (NCCD) andthis created opportunities for teachers toengage in meaningful professional dialogueabout how to cater for the varied needs ofstudents in their classes.


Socio–economic background Students from low socio–economic familiesreceived additional financial support to ensureequity in educational opportunity. Supportranged from uniforms, school fees,excursions and camp costs. This resulted inhigher levels of engagement and attendancein school activities.Welfare programs such asLoveBItes, RRISK, PASH and cyber bullyingworkshops were continued to ensure studentswere provided with a wide variety of socialimpact workshops. Teacher feedbackindicated that targeted students were moreengaged in school and achieving greatersuccess in and out of the classroom afterparticipating in these programs.


Support for beginning teachers Under the Great Teacher Inspired Learningintitiative, Casino High School receivedfunding for one beginning teacher at the startof 2016. funds were used to provideinduction, professional development andmentoring opportunities based on the techersstrengths and needs.


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Student information

Student enrolment profile


Students 2013 2014 2015 2016

Boys 359 347 341 343

Girls 339 319 321 325

This table shows the pattern of student enrolments overthe past four years. Over time there has been adecrease in enrolment which is indicative of thedemographic decline in the local community. However,in 2016 enrolment figures have increased slightly.

Student attendance profile


Year 2013 2014 2015 2016

7 90.5 90.7 92 89

8 87.2 88.3 90.7 89.2

9 84.9 84.5 88.7 84.1

10 81 84.8 83 88

11 78.4 78.1 85.2 80.2

12 88.6 89.2 84.4 87.5

All Years 85.1 85.7 87.3 86.1

State DoE

Year 2013 2014 2015 2016

7 93.2 93.3 92.7 92.8

8 90.9 91.1 90.6 90.5

9 89.4 89.7 89.3 89.1

10 87.7 88.1 87.7 87.6

11 88.3 88.8 88.2 88.2

12 90.1 90.3 89.9 90.1

All Years 89.9 90.2 89.7 89.7

Management of non-attendance

There has been a slight decline in overall studentattendance during 2016. Many strategies havebeen implemented and we will continue to try and turnthis downward trend around for the 2017 school year.These include: • A regular SMS to parents/carers when students

are absent for a whole day. • Monitoring of attendance by Year Advisors and

consistent follow–up of students whoseattendance was unexplained.

• Referrals by the Learning and Support Team

(LaST) to the Home School Liaison Officers(HSLO) of students whose attendance wasapproaching less than 85%.

• Consistent monitoring and follow–up of fractionaltruancies.

• Continuation of the Homeroom Program.Homeroom teachers were able to monitorstudents' attendance and through therelationships developed with the student developan understanding of areas of concern. Thesewere then acted upon by the relevant staff.

• The continued emphasis on the significance ofattendance and success at school through allforms of school communication such as thenewsletter, P & C meetings and assemblies.

Post-school destinations

Proportion ofstudents movinginto post-schooleducation, trainingor employment





0 0 17

Employment 1 8.5 35

TAFE entry 1 6.25 8.5

University Entry 0 0 29.5

Other 0 4.7 4.4

Unknown 0 0.8 5.6

The large majority of Casino High School Studentsreturned to undertake future years of schooling. Fromour 2016 HSC cohort, 29.5% of candidates tookup university places in the arts,medcal science,business, science and engineering, eduation, nursing,social work, architecture and law.

Year 12 students undertaking vocational or tradetraining

Vocational Education and Trade Training are veryimportant to Casino High School. The school offeredseven Vocational Education and Training (VET)courses to our students and access to TAFE VocationalEducation and Training (TVET) is also available. In2016 twenty eight Year 12 students were enrolled in atleast one VET course and some students were enrolledin up to three VET courses. Fifteen Year 12 studentswere enrolled in TVET courses at TAFE.

Year 12 students attaining HSC or equivalentvocational education qualification

97% of the Year 12 cohort of 2016 achieved their HSCand of these 47.3% a vocational qualification as well.

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Workforce information

Workforce composition

Position FTE*

Principal 1

Deputy Principal(s) 2

Head Teacher(s) 9

Classroom Teacher(s) 37.7

Learning and Support Teacher(s) 2.7

Teacher Librarian 1

School Counsellor 1

School Administration & SupportStaff


Other Positions 8.8

*Full Time Equivalent

The teaching staff comprised of new scheme andexperienced teachers who were well supported by anadministration team, Learning and Support Team(LaST), Aboriginal Education Officer, Youth Worker andGeneral Assistants. The school also employed aProject Officer and numerous SLSO's.

The Australian Education Regulation, 2014 rquiresschools to report on Aboriginal composition of theirworkforce. Casino High School has six Aboriginalmembers of staff.

Teacher qualifications

All teaching staff meet the professional requirementsfor teaching in NSW public schools. 

Teacher qualifications

Qualifications % of staff

Undergraduate degree or diploma 100

Postgraduate degree 5

Professional learning and teacher accreditation

Significant amounts of professional learning wereundertaken by Casino High School in 2016.Professional learning developed the mindsets andcapabilities of our staff to reflect on current practice,partake in professional dialogues and led to all teachersactively developing a PDP to improve their ownperformance.

Twenty five teachers were maintaining accreditation atthe Proficient level, and seven Temporary Full–Time

staff were working toward accreditation at Proficient.

Financial information (for schoolsusing OASIS for the whole year)

Financial information

This summary financial information covers funds foroperating costs to 30 November, 2016 and does notinvolve expenditure areas such as permanent salaries,building and major maintenance.

Income $

Balance brought forward 1 393 996.32

Global funds 660 346.23

Tied funds 1 275 381.00

School & community sources 165 531.05

Interest 33 764.72

Trust receipts 33 662.77

Canteen 0.00

Total income 3 562 682.09


Teaching & learning

Key learning areas 135 764.25

Excursions 75 793.49

Extracurricular dissections 38 776.25

Library 9 623.84

Training & development 3 993.14

Tied funds 838 030.59

Short term relief 246 762.06

Administration & office 149 586.41

School-operated canteen 0.00

Utilities 134 343.11

Maintenance 70 869.47

Trust accounts 23 621.31

Capital programs 0.00

Total expenditure 1 727 163.92

Balance carried forward 1 835 518.17

A full copy of the school’s financial statement is tabledat the annual general meetings of the parent and/orcommunity groups. Further details concerning thestatement can be obtained by contacting the school.

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School performance


In the National Assessment Program, the results acrossthe Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 literacy andnumeracy assessments are reported on a scale fromBand 1 to Band 10. The achievement scalerepresents increasing levels of skillsand understandings demonstrated in theseassessments.

The NAPLAN results show general improvements inaverage Writing and Grammar and Punctuation scores.Year 9 students have shown above average growthin Writing and reading over the past three years.

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Average numeracy scores for Year 7 students haveseen growth in the middle band and Year 9 studentshave displayed above average results in bands sevenand eight over the past three years.

The My School website provides detailedinformation and data for national literacy and numeracytesting. Click on the link http://www.myschool.edu.auand insert the school name in the Find a school andselect GO to access the school data.

In Accordance with the Premier's Priorities:Improving Education Results, schools are required toreport their student performance for the top twoNAPLAN bands in reading and numeracy.

The percentage of Year 7 students in the top two bandshas increased for writing, remained consistent forspelling and slightly decreased for grammar andpunctuation, reading and numeracy. The percentage ofYear 9 students in the top two bands has increased forreading and spelling, remained consistent for grammarand punctuation and slightly decreased for writing andnumeracy.

Another reporting requirement from the StatePriorities: Better Services – Improving AboriginalEducation Outcomes is for schools with significantnumbers of Aboriginal students to report thepercentage of Aboriginal students in the top twoNPLAN bands.

Seven percent of Year 7 Aboriginal students were inthe top two band for spelling and grammar andpunctuation and 3.5% in the top two bands fornumeracy at Casino High School. The percentage ofYear 9 Aboriginal students at Casino High School in thetop two NAPLAN bands was 6% for spelling and noYear 9 Aboriginal students in the top two bands fornumeracy.

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Higher School Certificate (HSC)

The performance of students in the HSC is reported inbands ranging from Band 1 (lowest) to Band 6(highest).

Students studied a range of courses across thespectrum of curriculum including ATAR eligible andnon–ATAR eligible subjects. The achievements atBands 5 and 6 in 2016 is comparable to previous years.

The following graph shows the average HSC score forsubjects this year compared with the school average forthe last three years.

Parent/caregiver, student, teachersatisfaction

Each year schools are required to seek the opinions ofparents, students and teachers about the school.

In 2016, the school sought the opinions of students,parents and staff using the Tell Them From Me (TTFM)survey platform. Their responses are presented below: • The majority of parents feel welcome when they

visit the school and information to the communityis clear.

• Parents overwhelmingly feel that the schoolsupports learning and positive behaviour. Theyare informed of their child's academic progressand behaviour at school.

• 82% of students feel as though they have positiverelationships at school with their peers andteachers.

• 89% of students feel as though they exhibitpositive behaviour at school.

• Teacher feedback indicated a significant majorityof staff believed that the school was  a highlyinclusive environment.

• 86% of staff agreed that school leaders wereleading improvement and change in a positivemanner.

Policy requirements

Aboriginal education

The implementtion of the Aboriginal Education andTraining Policy has seen Casino High School targetresources and professional learning to promote theinclusion of Aboriginal perspectives and content acrossall KLAs.

Funding from Norta Norta and Aboriginal Background isprovided through DoE resource allocation so thatstudents are given support as required. Focus is givento increasing literacy and numeracy outcomes andenhancing retention and engagement through thedevelopment and integration of indigenousperspectives across the curriculum.

All Aboriginal students are fostered and supportedthrough the process of developing PersonalisedLearning Pathways and student profiles that target theindividual needs of each Aboriginal student.

Formal meetings, assemblies and and functionsacknowledge the traditional custodians of theBundjalung Nation and we pay respect to the elderspast, present and future for they hold the memories, thetraditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal Australia.

Multicultural and anti-racism education

The Multicultural Education Policy and the Anti–RacismPolicy have supported the school community toacknowledge and respect cultural diversity and a senseof belonging through the celebration of events such as

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NAIDOC Week. Casino High School celebrates thiscuturally significant event through the implementation ofa whole school assembly and activities which involveour feeder schools. The day included activities basedaround the ethos of inclusivity, respect and a sense ofbelonging for everyone. It was a day for all students toembrace cultural diversity and to share what we have incommon.The objective of the day was to reinforce theimportance of inclusiveness to all students.

Data expelled from the Tell Them From Me surveyshows a significant increase in students' sense ofbelonging at Casino High School.

Multicultural education is a whole school process thatprepares students for their roles and responsibilities inan interdependent world. It places students at thecentre of all school practices that promote multipleperspectives and an appreciation of cultural andlinguistic diversity within a democratic society.

Other school programs



Casino High School offered Biology, Chemistry,Physics and Senior Science at HSC level in 2016.

Traditionally, school science has been subdivided intoPhysics, Chemistry and Biology. What the scienceshave in common is their absolute respect forexperimental truth over unsubstantiated opinion and tothat end all three sciences involve a significant elementof laboratory work. The Science department provides achallenging curriculum that strives to meet the needs ofthe student body by: • Providing the necessary background and skills to

enable students to become scientifically literate inorder to make responsible decisions

• Actively involving students in problem solving,qualitative and quantitative analyses, and verbaland written communications

• Developing in students an appreciation of scienceas an investigative process rather than as merelya body of knowledge

As scientists, we seek to understand the mechanismsby which the life machine works, how it came to be andwhat the future holds. Where appropriate, we try tocome to terms with the ethical issues thisunderstanding inevitably raises. From the Big Bang tothe end of time, or from the behaviour of a lone electronto the behaviour of a society of human beings, there isno aspect of the universe in which a broad–mindedscientist does not take an interest. Man has alwaysyearned to explore and to know about his place in thegreater scheme of things: we all ask the big questionsat some stage. Our aim in Science is to equip CasinoHigh School students with the intellectual skills andsome of the background knowledge that will enablethem to investigate these issues confidently andresponsibly over the course of their lives.

Casino High School students learn that Science is a

way of knowing about the natural world, based onreproducible observations and experiments. Theactivities undertaken at Casino High School during thepast year have been an inspiring spectacle. Theenthusiasm of our students for all things Science iscommendable

The Science faculty implemented the followingstrategiesfrom the Quality Teaching Document. • Lunchtime workshops targeting scientific literacy • Lunchtime workshops for year 10 Science

students to maximise grades. • Lunchtime workshops in HSC Biology, Chemistry,

Physics and Senior Science addressingmetalanguage and deep learning

Science teachers completed their individualprofessional development plans, mainly with a focus onprogram development for the new junior Sciencecurriculum. The scientific method and technology in theclassroom also had a strong focus. Science teachersshared techniques and strategies. The evaluationprocess of the faculties programs will continue through2017.

Twenty five Year 10 students were selected toparticipate in the Junior Science and EngineeringChallenge at Southern Cross University where theyworked in teams to solve a range of engineeringproblems.

The Senior Science and Biology classes completed afield trip to Ballina where they completed a series ofactivities to challenge the students and to give themreal life experience of applying the scientific method inthe field, working as field ecologists.

We strengthened our links local Universities, we hadone student complete the Griffith University Biologyunit, a two year course that compliments the Stage 6HSC Biology course, the student that successfullycompleted the course gained acceptance to the GriffithUniversity Pharmacology course.

Agriculture and the Show Team

Sydney Royal:  Casino High School again entered theHyline Brown commercial egg layers competition andthe Steggles meat bird pairs competition. Bothcompetitions encourage the students to look at thecommercial production of both eggs and meat chickensin Australia. The students completed a project whichincluded weighing the chickens for growth over a 12week period and collecting eggs and looking at the eggquality.

The agriculture classes also participated in CowsCreate Careers as well as a Yates seed challenge andthe University of Queensland sunflower challenge.

This year we once again entered the local shows withgreat success. Our Charolais heifer Rosie came awaywith a number of first place ribbons which culminated inher winning Reserve Senior Champion at Casino Show.Our other Charolais cow, Daisy also gathered manyribbons this year coming away with a first in her class atthe North Coast National Lismore Show.

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Beef week was a huge success for Casino High Schoolthisyear with us taking out the Champion Schools SteerCarcass, with our Charolais steer from Piora Charolaisstud.

This was our first year at EKKA in Brisbane and it wasa great week for all the kids, we all learned a lotthroughout the week. The students who attended allgained a great deal of experience in both parading andpresenting cattle as well as judging. We all look forwardto next years' EKKA.

The North Coast National Lismore show was anothergreat success with Casino High School winning theGrand Champion Schools Carcass aswell as mostsuccessful School Steer.

Individually the Show team students had great successwith two of our students qualifying for the Sydney RoyalEaster Show next year; one student will be competingin parading and theother in Junior Judging.


2016 was a very busy year with many highlights andoutstanding sporting achievements. CasinoHigh Schoolcontinued to provide opportunities for students of allages and abilities to participate in and enjoy a widevariety of sporting activities or recreational pursuits. Asa result of this all–encompassing approach, students ofCasino High School have maintained a high level ofparticipation, with some of these students achievingoutstanding results. We saw quite a significant increasein students representing at not only a Zone level butalso at a Regional and State level. This has continuedon from the previous year.

Major Sports Awards for 2016 included:

Senior Sportspersons– Juliara O’Donoghue and MattBradshaw

Junior Sportspersons– Faith Pittman and JustinBaker

Spirit of Sport– Abby Brooker and Lachlan Buckley

NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge Medal– LukeJudson

Olga Ferguson–McElligott Sporting EncouragementAwards–Naomi Robinson and Isaiah Freeburn

Most Successful Sports Team– Open Boys Volleyballteam

Weekly sport provided students with a good range ofsporting or recreational pursuits catering for a widerange of student abilities and interests aiming tomaximise student participation and enthusiasm.

There is an ongoing interest to provide all students withsuitable activities as well as sustain student physicalactivity levels across all sports and furtherinvestigations will be held to ensure sporting success

for our students.

The school fielded numerous teams in NSW CHSKnockouts and Round Robin competitions. Thanksmust go to the dedicated group of teachers, inparticular, the Sports Organiser Miss Thaya Evenden,who all donate their time and expertise to coach,manage and organise team events and school sport forthe students of Casino High School. Without these Staffthe Casino High sports program would not exist.

A special thanks also to the PDHPE staff whodedicated themselves to and contributed countlesshours in organising the school swimming, cross countryand athletics carnivals.

Results for those carnivals are as follows:

Swimming– Carrington House Champions and AgeChampions were:

Jacob Gunthorpe                     12Years Boys

Scott Hare                                13Years Boys

Kaleb Miller                               14Years Boys

Timothy Solomon                    15Years Boys

Michael Haynes                        16 Years Boys

Ryan Clarke                               17+Years Boys

Bonnie Richter                          12 Years Girls

Cheyne Appleton                     13Years Girls

Hayley Creighton                     14 Years Girls

Stella Allen                                15Years Girls

Jessica Collison                         16Years Girls

Sophie Bennett                        17+ Years Girls

Michael Peglar                          12–15Boys MC

Declan Bienke–West                16–19Boys MC

Montana Walker                      12–15Girls MC

Cornelia Adam–Armfield         16–19Girls MC


Cross Country– Tomki House Champions and AgeChampions were:

Mackenzie Soutar                      12Years Boys

Bradon Evans                             13Years Boys

Travis Trustum                            14Years Boys

Luke Judson                                15Years Boys

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Page 18: 2016 Casino High School Annual Report - Amazon S3...Casino High School Queensland Rd Casino, 2470 casino-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au 6662 3077 Message from the Principal Casino High School

Eli Harper                                     16Years Boys

Wayne Gordon                           17+ YearsBoys

Bonnie Richter                             12 Years Girls

Sharnika Phillips                          13Years Girls

Phoebe McMillan                        14Years Girls

Georgia Campbell                       15Years Girls

Alexis Trustum                             16 Years Girls

Juliara O’Donoghue                     17+Years Girls


Athletics– Richmond House Champions and AgeChampions were:

Calem McGregor                            12 Years Boys

Isaiah Freeburn                               13 Years Boys

Justin Baker                                    14Years Boys

Deacon Daley–Palmer                    15 Years Boys

Tey Appleton                                  16Years Boys

Joel Pillar                                         17+Years Boys

Chantelle Davis                               12Years Girls

Olivia Armstrong                             13 Years Girls

Kiarraha Piccoli                                14Years Girls

Leigh Noppen                                 15 Years Girls

Stacey Griffen                                 16 Years Girls

Juliara O’Donoghue                        17+Years Girls

Tim McGrady                                    12–15 BoysPara

Declan Bienke–West                        16–19Boys Para

Jacinta Cavanagh                             12–15Girls Para

Georgia Roberts                               16–19Girls Para

Overall House Champion– Carrington


NOMAD – Night of Music Art and Drama

Night of Music Art and Drama is a creative andperforming arts showcase of student performance andexhibition held annually in Term 2. Drawing anaudience from the school and wider community,students from Drama, Music, Photography, VETEntertainment and Visual Arts Years 7 to 12 have theopportunity to present their work as part of meeting

course outcomes in each of these subjects. Thepresentation of quality work in this show is prestigiousand builds confidence and skills beyond the classroomenvironment.

Senior CAPA Night

Senior CAPA Night in Term 3 is an exhibition of VisualArts Higher School Certificate bodies of work and Musicand Drama Higher School Certificate performances.This evening provides the Year 12 Creative andPerforming Arts students with an opportunity to refineand develop their respective practices through theprocess of presenting to an audience and the markingof their work for  their Trial Higher School Certificate.

School Assemblies

Formal assemblies feature regularly on the calendar forCasino High School celebrating a range of school andwider community events such as ANZAC Day,NAIDOC, Year 6 Orientation and Academic Awards.Opportunities for student involvement exist in the“Crew” managing lighting, sound and stage as a part ofstudies in VET entertainment or through Crew TrainingWorkshops. Musical and dramatic performances aswell as visual art and photographic exhibitionsaccompany many of these events showcasing theoutstanding work of our creative andperforming artsstudents.


Educational excursions are organised for students togain experiences beyond the classroom which highlightthe key role the creative and performing arts play in oursociety and to gain an understanding of the quality ofwork that can be achieved. Excursions within our localarea and metropolitan centres such as Brisbane allowfor a broad variety of performance and exhibition to beaccessed.


Students are encouraged to participate in school,community and state performances, exhibitions andcompetitions to expand their skills and showcase theiraccomplishments. Beef Week, NAIDOC, Reconciliation,Triple J Unearthed, Operation Art, Schools Spectacular,State Music, Drama and Visual Arts Camps andWorkshops are examples available to studentsthroughout the year.


Extra–curricular and school based activities providestudents with an opportunity to further develop skillsand interests. Some of these activities include choir,band, guest     performers/artists/speakers, recording instudio and development workshops.

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