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    Table of ContentsAnnual Meeting Business Documents Rectors Message 6 Annual Meeting Agenda 7 Table Questions 8-11 Minutes from the Annual Meeting on June 14, 2015 12-13 Welcome Newcomers 14 2016 Graduates 14 Proposed Vestry and Diocesan Delegates Slate 15 Nominees for Vestry 16-17 Finance Report 18-19Ministry Reports for 2015-16 Musical Worship 22 Liturgy 23 Anti-Racism 24 SUPPER Expands! 25 Wellspring at St. Martins 26 Women Connecting 27 Biblical Studies 28-29 Education for Ministry 29 Parish Forum 30 Stephen Ministry 31 Climate Action Team 32 POWER 33 Guatemala Companion Parish 34Appendix Newcomer Ministry Project: Invite.Welcome.Connect 36-39 2015 Parochial Report 40-43 Thank You to our 2016 Pledging Members 44-45 Planning Calendar for 2016-17 46 St. Martins Contact Information 47 St. Martins Mission & Values 48

    Thank you to Lucy Baber Photography, Larry Kanevsky Photography, and our staff and parishioners for the contributions to this publication.

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    Annual Meeting Business

    Lucy Baber Photography

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    Rectors Message Annual Meeting is an Annual Conversation

    As I have said over and over in my 6 years here at St. Martins, I believe that leadership is an ongoing conversation that builds trusting relationships. For this reason, I am always looking for opportunities to convene large cross-sections of the congregation for conversations that advance our ministry and mission into all the abundance God has in store for us.

    Our Annual Meeting, after the Bluegrass Mass on June 19, will be more about conversation and vision for the future than reports and reminiscing on the past. The Vestry, staff, and various committees and ministries have convened visioning discussions throughout the program year, and now it is time to include the whole congregation.

    We will be discussing our vision for hospitality at St. Martins which stretches us beyond Welcome to also think and pray about InvItIng and BelongIng. How do we intentionally offer the gift of belonging to newcomers? How do we intentionally help folks find expression for their gifts for ministry through St. Martins? As in all things at St. Martins we are building on our growing gift for welcome when we explore these new dimensions.

    We will also discuss our new vision for Community Engagement at St. Martins. Community Engagement is the new name for the Outreach Committee. This name highlights our commitment to relationship in all we do. Community Engagement is looking at new ways to put mutual relationship at the heart of our engagement work. This is a long-standing aspirational value of St. Martins, and we are looking forward to finding new ways to go deeper on this path.

    We will also discuss our role as a Resource Parish in our region of the Episcopal Church. Our congregation is richly blessed with talented, committed, creative, and energetic lay ministers and staff as well as significant and growing financial resources. How do we learn to resource surrounding congregations that are struggling so they can thrive too? SUPPER expanding is a great vanguard for our future as a Resource Parish.

    In addition, following our rule that mission drives spending on staff and buildings, we will look at some of the future capital needs that would support Youth Ministry, Choirs, SUPPER, and Hospitality as well as basics like adequate bathrooms and air conditioning that keeps staff offices habitable all summer. In my tenure here, I hope to stop hearing the following statement of shock and surprise, My home has more bathrooms than this church!

    Jarrett Kerbel, Rector

    June 19, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.Mission Statement

    The mission of the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields is to Welcome all seekers;

    Worship God in liturgy, music and prayer; Equip all baptized persons for ministry; and

    Engage as agents of Christs love in the world.

    Welcome The Rector

    Opening Prayer The Rector

    Call to Order/Announcement of Quorum Pam Hill, Rectors Warden Approval of Minutes Jane Good, Secretary

    Introduction of the Staff

    Future Focus The Rector

    Celebration of Service Pam Hill and The Rector

    Election of Vestry Members and Convention Delegates The Rector Finance report Robert Allen, Accounting Warden Other business

    Closing Prayer The Rector

    Annual Meeting Agenda

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    Table Question 1If Jesus visited St. Martins, where would he see evidence of his ministry in our faith community? Tell stories, use examples...

    Table Question 2What is your story of belonging at St. Martins? How did you gain a sense that you belong here? How do you offer that to others, and what could we do as a church to offer a sense of community to newcomers?

    Aspirational Values: Unconditional Welcome and Inclusion; Becoming a Racism-Free and Diverse Community that reflects the City where we worship

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    Table Question 3How have you become aware of your gifts for ministry while at St. Martins or in other areas of your life? How might our congregation encourage the gifted ministry of our members?

    Aspirational Value: A community that calls forth the gifts of its entire people

    Table Question 4In Community Engagement (formerly Outreach) at St. Martins we struggle to get beyond grant-maker to form real relationships of mutual and reciprocal ministry together.

    How might we adapt our Community Engagement to encourage relationship development and broad engagement by the congregation?

    Aspirational Value: Community Engagement and Social Justice

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    The Mission of the Church of St. Martin in the Fields is to Welcome all seekers; Worship God in liturgy, music and prayer; Equip all baptized persons for ministry; and Engage as agents of Christs love in the world.

    Opening Prayer The Rector welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting, noting how full the past year had been. He then led those assembled in prayer.

    Call to Order The meeting was called to order by Pam Hill, the Rectors Warden, at 11:30 a.m.; she declared the presence of a quorum.

    Approval of Minutes Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were approved as distributed.

    Election of Vestry and Diocesan Delegates Upon motion duly made and seconded, Justina Barrett, Mary Hopkins, Andrew Roberts, and Deborah Schaaf were unanimously elected to four-year terms on the Vestry; Teresa Parris was unanimously elected to a three-year term; and Michaela Prell was unanimously elected to a one-year term as a Youth Representative. Melissa Buckingham, Susan Davis, Donna Duncan, and Rush Smith (alternate), were unanimously elected as Diocesan Delegates.

    Report by the Associate for Spiritual Formation & Care Barbara Ballenger highlighted two programs of spiritual growth and care. She first spoke about Wellspring, which was started two years ago. The program has experienced steady growth. Total attendance for the 19 programs offered went from 210 last year to 319 this year, not counting the Women Connecting Program. The average number of people attending programs increased from seven to sixteen. The goal next year is to create even more programming that is illuminated by the Christian tradition and to draw even more community members to our programming. Patricia Cornelius is now the chair of Wellspring. Barbara also discussed Stephen Ministry, which is our ministry of compassionate listening. There are now 18 trained ministers active in the program. A Stephen Minister goes through 50 hours of training, as well as two meetings a month for continuing education. She closed by saying that she hopes to begin a Health Ministry during the coming year to develop a more coordinated approach to managing health, social, and pastoral needs, under the leadership of Joan Mechlin and herself.

    Report of the Rector The Rector thanked everyone for their support as we all walked together on a journey of spiritual growth during the past five years, particularly their depth, intensity, sincerity, and lack of division within the Parish. Since the Vestry retreat this past spring, the Parish and Church leadership has entered into a period of Sacred Listening, primarily through the opportunity to nominate causes and the CAT survey. There were 245 responses to the CAT survey, which was a high rate of return, and the Vestry will be meeting tomorrow night to review the responses, which will, in turn, guide the direction of the Parish for the coming years. The purpose has been to involve the members of

    Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting

    June 14, 2015

    the Parish in the process, so that when a commitment is made to a particular Outreach program or other cause, the Vestry can by guided not only by the Mission, Core, and Aspirational Values of St. Martins, but also the views of the Parish as reflected in these surveys. For the coming year, the Rector hopes to be able to concentrate on three areas: first, with respect to anti-racism, a program is being developed within the Parish, so that a course will be offered at St. Martins on Becoming a Beloved Community next fall. Second, as to our Church School and Youth Program, he hopes that we all discern what our youth and children need to know to be recognizable as followers of Christ when they graduate. Being a person of faith is often challenging in todays world, and we want to equip our children as best we can to navigate their way. Finally, with respect to our liturgies, how do they re