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  • 1.Reminders for Monday Students are encouraged to comfortable wear free dress, comfortable hiking shoes and to bring the following items: Mosquito Repellent Sunscreen A hat Water Bottle filled and not glass Substantial snacks A hand towel A folding umbrella/rainjacket Small backpack to carry items Uniform to change into back at SAS (leave in your locker) Optional items Digital camera with a waterproof ziplock bag in case of rain Binoculars, sunglasses

2. Map of Sungei Buloh walking trails 3. There will be a lot of people at Sungei Buloh on Monday so it is absolutely essential that you buddy up with someone in your group and make sure that you stay with your group. It will be very easy to get distracted and join another group DONT!!! 4. On Monday morning Wear your hiking clothes to school Go to your Homebase Look at the hiking routes again Leave your school uniform in your locker at SAS Fill your water bottle Apply sunscreen & mosquito repellent There are very few bathrooms on the trail! Remember that you still have Encore 5. Bus Groups We want to leave by 8:30 --- so please make note of your bus # 1 2 3 Hill Haas Peterson Miller Barber Greaney Guggisberg 6. Schedule 8:00 8:25 Homebase 8:30 Depart for Sungei Buloh - **Once we arrive at Sungei Buloh get with your hike leader and off we go!** 11:30 Groups assemble at Sungei Buloh Visitor Center 11:45 Board buses to return to SAS Upon return - Change back to SAS Uniform and go the A side grouproom 12:45 - 1:20 Lunch 1:25 Encore 7. PHOTO COMPETITION CATEGORIES: 1: The Beauty of Nature Flora (best plant photo) 2: The Beauty of Nature Fauna (best photo featuring animal life) 3: The Impact of Humans the best photo showing how humans are not respecting the natural environment. Please note that this photo must be authentic and not staged. In other words dont create a mess and take a photo of it! 4: Enjoying Nature the best photo of people interacting with nature 8. PHOTO COMPETITION RULES All photos must be taken on our earth day field trip (Monday, April 21) Photographers may enter each of the 4 categories Photographers may only enter 1 photograph in each category (ie. maximum 4 photos per person) All photos must be printed and backed (hard copy) and given to Mrs. Hill by Monday, April 28 All photos must have students first and last name and category entered written neatly on the back of the photo The winners in each category will be selected by a panel of experts 9. A Snippet of What to Expect in Sungei Buloh 10. Rhizophora 11. Puff Faced Watersnake 12. Smooth Otters 13. Mangrove Crab 14. Sea Hibiscus 15. Bruguiera 16. Monitor Lizards 17. Lumnitzera 18. Crocodiles 19. Dillenia 20. Avicennia 21. Nipah 22. Mud Lobster 23. Mudskipper