2014 Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development

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The Odebrecht Organization recognizes the importance of integrating sustainability into the core of our business. Launched in 2012, the United States edition of the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development invites university students nationwide to join us in the search for innovative technologies and methods to promote sustainable and responsible development. Sign up today for a chance to win $65,000* in prizes! www.odebrechtaward.com www.facebook.com/odebrechtaward www.twitter.com/odebrechtaward The U.S. edition of the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is an initiative by Odebrecht USA and Braskem America. © 2014 Odebrecht Organization. *Visit www.odebrechtaward.com for details.

Transcript of 2014 Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development

  • 1. The Organization. Founded in 1944, the Odebrecht Organization is a diversified business leader laying the groundwork for positive sustainable change worldwide.

2. The Odebrecht Organization. OdebrechtBraskemOdebrecht EnvironmentalOdebrecht Oil & GasOdebrecht TransPortOdebrecht AgroindustrialOdebrecht Defense & TechnologyOdebrecht PropertiesOdebrecht Real EstateOdebrecht LatinvestEstaleiro Enseada do ParaguauEngineering & ConstructionWater, wastewater, and environmental servicesSugar, ethanol, and bioenergyReal estate developmentChemicals & PetrochemicalsIntegrated solutions for oil and gas industryIntegrated defense systemsInfrastructure investment and asset managementConcessions in the transportation, transit, and logistics sectorsProperty asset investment and operationShipbuilding and offshore solutions 3. Growth of the Organization. 4. Odebrecht in the United States. In the United States, Odebrecht is a local company supported by the expertise and resources of a global organization.1500Team members$2.4 billionannual revenue 5. Neal 6. Marcus Hook 7. Research and Innovation Center 8. Oyster Creek 9. La Porte 10. Marcus Hook 11. Golden Glades Interchange 12. Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 13. Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 14. American Airlines Arena 15. American Airlines Arena 16. Seven Oaks Dam 17. Chalmette Loop Levee 18. Fronting Protection & Breakwater Modifications Pump Stations No. 1-4 19. West Return Floodwall 20. PortMiami Wharves Strengthening Program 21. MIA South Terminal 22. MIA North Terminal 23. FLL South Runway NAVAIDS Infrastructure 24. MIA Mover Automated People Mover 25. Miami Metro Mover Brickell Loop 26. Metrorail Orange Line (AirportLink) 27. Our culture. Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology is the foundation of our business. Its key tenets guide our daily actions:Client SatisfactionClients should be served with an emphasis on quality, productivity, And socio-environmental respondability.PartnershipAmong Team Members with a collective commitment to achieve a common goal and share in the profits they generate..Decetralization through Planned DelegationReturn on Shareholders InvestmentsWith a focus on increasing their equality value..Reinvestment of ResultsFor the creation of new work opportunities and for community development.Confidence In PeopleEmpowers .Team Members to make decisions and take action.And in their ability, and desire, to progress.Development of PeopleEducation through Work prepares Team Members for Increasingly complex challenges. 28. Sustainable Development. Sustainability within the Organization Economic DevelopmentCultural DiversitySocial DevelopmentEnvironmental BalancePolitical EngagementSocial, Environmental & Cultural Programs (2012) Programs671Beneficiaries858,780 peopleInvestments$53.6 million 29. The Award. 30. Objectives InnovationValue CreationNew or alternative methods, models, and technologies related to engineering, construction, or chemical practices that have the potential to drive real change.Generate value for stakeholders.Results & Impact Measurable or quantifiable results that produce a significant positive impact. Potential to Scale up & Replicate Viable on a broad-scale and/or replicable in other settings. Feasibility Financially sustainable business model (i.e. cost of implementation must be offset by savings, gain, or value-added).Sustainability Alignment with Odebrechts view on sustainabilitya multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses social, economic, environmental, political, and cultural dimensions. Relevance Applicability to Odebrecht Organizations operations, with a focus on: - Engineering and Construction - Chemicals and Petrochemicals - Transportation and Logistics - Environmental Engineering - Energy - Oil and Gas - Other 31. Eligibility. undergraduate and graduate students from accredited U.S. universities enrolled full-time for the academic term (January-May) in which the competition takes place individual or groups of no more than 3 students if in a group, students must be enrolled at the same university the student, or at least one student in a group, must be pursuing a degree in Engineering (all areas), Architecture, Building and Construction Management, or Chemistry. participants are encouraged to team members from other schools or departments within their institution All entries must be under supervision of an Advising Professor of the same university as the student/group. 32. TimelineSeptember 23rdPHILADELPHIA2014 33. Evaluation Criteria.Selection Process. 34. Prizes & Ceremony.$65,000in cash prizes!* The Top 3 finalists, Advising Professors, and University Representatives will be invited to the Award Ceremony with all expenses paid.*** all numbers herein are before taxation in accordance with state and federal law. ** restrictions apply 35. Innovation starts with a single idea. Download the 2014 Guidelines and register at www.odebrechtaward.comfacebook.com/odebrechtaward twitter.com/odebrechtaward