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  1. 1. 2013-2014 REPORT University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health November 2014
  2. 2. Notes from the Director In 2011, JUNTOS Center for Advancing Latino Health came into existence at the University of Kansas Medical Cen- ter to join forces with outstanding organizations with the overarching task of addressing health disparities faced by Latinos in the state of Kansas. At JUNTOS we have an important role to play in strengthening our Latino communi- ty a task that cannot be accomplished alone. We strongly believe that we would not exist without the essential support of our friends, partnering organizations, donors, and funders. Moreover, we would not be successful with- out the commitment and support from staff, departments, and centers at our University of Kansas Medical Center. Our gratitude to the research collaboration with Drs. Ellerbeck, Engelman, Choi, Collins, and Cox among others. We continue to hold strong implementing our four core objectives: Objective 1: Develop a sustained program in community-based participatory research to advance Latino health in rural and urban areas of Kansas Objective 2: Reduce cancer-related disparities among Latinos by advancing research on cancer screening, smoking cessation trials and disseminating cancer prevention messages among Latinos in Kansas. Objective 3: Promote educational programs of existing and future health care providers in Kansas to master cultural competency and provide high quality care to Latinos.. Objective 4: Develop coordinated bilateral efforts between KUMC and Latin American countries (primarily Mexi- co) to pursue research, teaching and clinical excellence in the field of Latino health. During this year, we have achieved our objectives by solidified important partnerships including our work with the Mexican Consulate, Ventanilla de Salud, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo, Riverview Health Services, Inc, Enroll Wyandotte, ACS/NFL Promotores de Salud, Latino Health for All, Duchene Clinic, Samuel U Rodgers Health Center, KUMC Healthy Living Kansas, KUMC Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity, KUMC Office of International Programs, k-12 KUMC pipeline, and Children Mercy Hos- pital - Offices of Equity and Diversity and Adolescent Medicine. A special acknowledgement goes to every single organization or individual that interacted with JUNTOS in the previous year. In special we must ap- plaud our team Liliana Abdualla, Johana Bravo, Mariana Ramirez, Arturo Ponce, Ramiro Diaz, Brenda Cartujano, Alejandro Gutierrez, Victor Mar- tinez, Andrea DAchiardi, Stefany Paredes, Sophy Paulino, Fabiola Hernan- dez, and Luis Barboza. Thanks to our amazing interns for all the energy and support they bring Idaima Calderon, Abril Negrete, Andros Garcia, Ruth Pedraza, Montserrat Jimenez, and Jehieli Arteta. Finally, to Joanne McNair, Marilyn Painter, and Glenn James for their incredible support as a part of our Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Thanks to your support, collaborative work and friendship we received the Community Engagement faculty Award for excellence in Developing En- gaged Scholarship Initiatives in 2014. It is an honor to work with and learn from each one of you. I strongly believe JUNTOS is just in the begin- ning steps of much more to come. Looking forward to 2015! Sincerely, Paula Cupertino
  3. 3. Affordable Care Act Counselors at Juntos Enroll Wyandotte is an effort led by the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County to provide in- formation and resources, and ultimately promote enrollment in the new health insurance market- place created under the Affordable Care Act. Jun- tos joined Enroll Wyandotte efforts to increase en- rollment among Latino Kansas residents. A total of 8 bilingual staff members received training to be- come ACA counselors and assisted in the educa- tion and enrollment efforts. Throughout the months of October 2013 to March 2014, Juntos counselors assisted a total of 50 Latino Kansas residents and provided education to many others. In March 2014, Juntos co-sponsored the ACA To- day Health Fair. The health event took place at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS were many health care services and free health screenings were available to participants, in addition to assis- tance to enrollment in the health marketplace. Extensive planning took place to provide all coun- selors with personalized computers for enrollment. A total of 25 stations were setup, and the event was very successful with a total of 200 partici- pants attending the event. KUMC post bac- calaureate stu- dents Carlos Pacheco and Scott Ogan worked together with Arturo Ponce to assess aware- ness, knowledge, and intention to enroll among Lati- nos in rural and urban areas. Juntos will continue to collaborate with Enroll Wyandotte during the enrollment session for 2015. Contact us for enrollment events and referrals at (913) 945-7874. ACA KNOWLEDGE AND INTENTION TO ENROLL AMONG LATINOS (N=107) Among Latino urban and rural resi- dents less than 50% believe the ACA will increase the quality and ac- cess to health care Less than 20% knew that Kansas has not expanded Medicaid. Even though 77% of Latinos are aware of the penalty fine for not ob- taining health insurance, only 50% reported intention to enroll in the ACA. Overall, Latinos are fairly familiar with most aspects of the new health care law, but rural residents are less likely to enroll compared to urban residents.
  4. 4. VENTANILLA DE SALUD Improving the health of Mexican immigrants in the US Kansas Latino Population Average age of US Latino immigrants: 27 years old - Hispanic Pew Research 31% At high risk of diabetes 82% Overweight or obese 26% Hypertension 10% Diabetic The Ventanilla de Salud (VDS) program was designed to improve the physical and mental health of Mexicans living in the US and to increase access to primary and preventive health resources. We continue our efforts in Southwest Kansas and counties of high concentration of Latinos. We provide free access to basic health needs, and culturally sensitive information on specific health topics such as; healthy lifestyles, breast cancer, skin cancer, STDs, smok- ing cessation, diabetes, and hypertension. In 2013-2014, Juntos organized 11 events reaching a total of 1,504 Lati- nos. Our local partners, promotores, and research staff con- tinue to assess health, educate on healthy lifestyles, and their risk for developing chronic diseases. Participants at high risk of developing any chronic disease are referred to UMMAM, the local bilingual safety net clinic. We continue to better understand the health needs of the Latino community across Kansas to better served them, and provide the necessary resources to build a healthier community. Demographics of Participants Frequency Percentage Average age (SD) 39 years old (11.3) Female 899 (60.5%) Mexican 1,425 (95.0%) Recent immigrants < 10 years in the US 360 (27%) Less than high school education 979 (65%) Have health insurance 436 (29%) Findings (N=1504) 10% are current smokers 50% have unhealthy lifestyles, overweight and/or not physically active. 51% have not heard about HPV Only 12% have been vaccinated for HPV. 59% dont know if theyve received a colon- oscopy or FOBT in the past. Only 31% of women over the age of 40 have performed a mammogram in the past 2 years. Wichita Garden City Great Bend Wyandotte
  5. 5. Second GenerationVDS para Nios The University of Kansas Medical Center, Childrens Mer- cy Hospital, and the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, MO joined together to develop Ventanilla de Salud para Nios in August 2013. Dr. John Cowden, pediatrician from Childrens Mercy, Co-PI of the project has joined with Juntos research staff to implement the specialized and culturally relevant program for Latino families with chil- dren in rural Kansas. Two medical students from Mexico, Alejandro Gutierrez and Victor Martinez, helped pilot test and evaluate the program. Research Intern Idaima Calde- ron has also been collaborating on this project, focusing on obesity in Latino children in rural Kansas. This multidisciplinary team of researchers developed and implemented the evidence--based community-based par- ticipatory research program focused on five pediatric health themes: vaccination, obesity/nutrition, dental health, reproductive/sexual health, and behavioral/ mental health. In February 2014, Dr. Romina Barral from Childrens Mer- cy joined the team as an expert in adolescent health. She will be conducting research on teen pregnancy prevention among Latino adolescents. Since the start of the pilot program, the team has as- sessed the health needs of 177children from over 100 Latino families in rural Kansas, providing direct health services and information on the programs five health themes. As the program continues to grow, the team will be adding to the preliminary data shown to the right.
  6. 6. In an effort to eliminate disparities in breast cancer among Lati- na women, Juntos and Viva Saludable en Kansas launched the A.M.I.G.A. program in January 2014; funded by the American Cancer Society and the National Football League. The program aims to decrease the incidence of breast cancer among Latina women by providing information about breast cancer (particularly breast physiology, screening, risk factors and prevention) and to encourage women to utilize free and/or low-cost breast cancer screening services available in the community. The Promotoras de Salud that are participating in this effort are Catalina Reyes, Lucia Martinez, Norma Paredes, and Gloria Cor- tes. They are based at two safety net clinics serving a large pro- portion of Spanish-speaking Latinas in the Kansas City metro area, Duchesne Clinic and Cabot Westside Health Center. As Latina patients wait for their appointments, Promotoras reach out to the