2014 District 5360

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2014 District 5360. Secretary Training. 1 of 41. Objectives. To provide training for new Club Secretaries. To update current Club Secretaries. To (maybe) introduce some new ideas. Guidelines. Ask questions. Please speak up! This is generic , so remember - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of 2014 District 5360

2014 District 5360

2014 District 5360Secretary Training1 of 411To provide training for new Club Secretaries.To update current Club Secretaries.To (maybe) introduce some new ideas.Objectives2 of 412Ask questions. Please speak up!This is generic, so remember Each Club is Independent and UniqueYou may do less; you may do more.When in doubt refer to Rule #1.There may be alternate ways to do things.Check with your predecessor or your ADG.Guidelines3 of 41For example, some clubs have membership committees. If not, then thats your job too.3What is the role of a Club Secretary?

4 of 414The Club Secretary is critical to the success of all effective Clubs.

The primary Administrator and Information conduit for the Club.Responsibilities (1 of 4)

5 of 41Responsibility-not do5Here are RIs main ones:Maintains Club recordsSends notices of club and board meetingsRecords/maintains minutes of all meetings*Maintains membership recordsProcesses new Members*Records attendance into ClubRunner*Make required reports to RIWorks with other club leadersResponsibilities (2 of 4)6 of 41A full list can be found in the Club Secretarys Manual6Provides Rotarian make up cardsRotarian Relocation Form*Club Information Changes*Official DirectoryArchives (History)Assist Treasurer with Membership DuesClub Elections/AGMClub CalendarOrdering suppliesClub CorrespondenceHelp organize Governor visitResponsibilities (3 of 4)7 of 41These are done on either the District or RI Websites7Locate and review with president/board theclub charter/constitution/bylaws/policiesFile annual returns and financial statements with Corporate Registry.Locate Previous -Minutes-Club Meetings/BoardClub HistoryCorrespondenceMembership records/attendanceStrategic planUpdate Club Manual (if you have one)Responsibilities (4 of 4)8 of 41You can download the Manual off RIs website or order a hardcopy through shopRotary.org8

A Typical Board Agenda Template9 of 41Determine if your Club President wants to do their own Agenda, or you do it, sending it to them for additions before sending out to Board MembersContact [email protected] for a Word Template.9Processing New Members (1 of 4)Prospective members (PM) name is submitted to the board in writingThe Board approves or disapproves.PM is informed about Rotary responsibilities, completes membership application, and then PMs name is published to the Club.If no objection is received within 7 days, the PM is considered elected to membership.*Arrange for new member induction, order membership badge, report new member to RI and District.

10 of 41This may also be done by your membership chair.10Processing New Members (2 of 4)Transfers from another Club-may be proposed by their former club, and they must be in good standing with their former club (written confirmation).Approval by new club required.11 of 4111Processing New Members (3 of 4)Classification describes either the principal activity of a firm or a persons business or professional activity, such as architecture or banking.Classifications should be as simple as possible while still giving a clear indication of the principal and recognized activity of the members occupation.12 of 4112Processing New Members (4 of 4)Make it special! Have them invite family membersInvite your District Governor/Assistant Governor to conduct the inductionSample induction scripts are available from www.rotary.org/en/document/572 ,new member Orientation, page 16

13 of 41As an AG and Membership chair, I do the inductions for my club. I personalize each one. I give them a theme pin for the current year. I have the Club secretary assist me, and we finish the ceremony with everyone welcoming them by coming to the front and shaking their hand.13Obtain necessary information from new members to enter data into ClubRunnerInclude Rotary information for transfersEnter & make changes for current membersDelete members leaving Club*Membership Records14 of 41this is often done in conjunction with the membership committee. - It is fairly easy to create a form that incorporates the information required under Club RunnerCarol/Marty14Semi-Annual ReportRI sends this report out June 30th & December 31stCompare membership list with actual club membership and report differences on a worksheet. Submit a new member form for every active member not on the RI listCalculate required fees on the worksheet.Secretary and President sign report.Return report & worksheet to RI c/w paymentPayment can be mailed in or made on line with a credit card through Member Access15 of 412 rotarians at the same address can choose to receive one copy of the RotarianMembers can opt into the electronic version only.15Club Information ChangesOfficial DirectoryFinding your way around Club CentralObtaining information on ClubRunnerMembership listSending group emails*Other Data16 of 4116Club Elections & AGM deadline 31 December!Good practice-publish in Club Newsletter, website, Club manualNever use club data for soliciting or advertising for a club members business. Never sell it!Encourage members to update their own information.District dues are based on June 30th membership. Please dont ignore emails we try to keep them to a minimum we are volunteers too.Miscellaneous17 of 4117A contacts handout is available.Contacts18 of 4118

rotary5360.com 19 of 41The rotary5360.com site is was created by fellow Rotarian Aleah Dunfield, owner of The Creative Patch.It is THE place to send people to learn more about Rotary and to motivate them to join.It is NOT a ClubRunner site. You can not do Rotary business there.19

rotary5360.ca ALIAS 20 of 41Demonstrate the menu Contact UsStores, Club Directory, Clubs Map.Also Show Charlene Beardens contact information.20rotary5360.ca map

21 of 41Show people that we can filter by day and time. Click on a flag and see the club information.21Group ParticipationLadies and GentlemenStart your computers!22 of 41On the District you have access to most of the bottom-right links.Note that you can access the members, club information, set the executives, attendance, and also do RI updates.Also you have access to the Email services so that you can connect with anyone in the District.22

Group Participation rotary5360.ca23 of 41On the District you have access to most of the bottom-right links.Note that you can access the members, club information, set the executives, attendance, and also do RI updates.Also you have access to the Email services so that you can connect with anyone in the District.23Group Participation yourClub.ca

24 of 41On the Club you have access to almost all of the links. See the snapshot on the left side.Compare that to the normal member access snapshot on the right.24

Group Participation Add Member 25 of 41Click on Active Members ListClick on Add New MemberEnter all the New Member information. Red fields are required. The rest are optional.25

Group Participation Edit Member 26 of 41Click on Active Members List.Find the member to delete and click on his/her nameClick on the tab where the information is foundAfter changing/adding the information, click on Save26

Group Participation Delete Member 27 of 41Click on Active Members List.Find the member to delete and click on Mark Ex.There are lots of reasons For now click on Other, specify hes a dummy, and check Do NOT notify RIClick on Terminate Member button27

Group Participation Club Info 1/3 28 of 41District access is a two step process to get to the Club Information editing page.Club access is a one step process28

Group Participation Club Info 2/3 29 of 41Notice the Latitude and Longitude coordinates.That is how you set your club to show up on the District Clubs map.Get them from maps.google.ca by entering the address. See next slide.29Enter the address into maps.google.ca and the coordinates show up in the address bar. Just highlight and copy & paste.Group Participation Club Info 3/3

30 of 41Enter the clubs meeting address into maps.google.ca and the coordinates appear on the address bar.30Group Participation Attendance 1/3

31 of 41Click on Input Attendance31

Group Participation Attendance 2/3 32 of 41Click on Add New MeetingA new meeting with Todays Date appears. Change it if you need to, but keep THAT date format. 3 letter month, day, yearClick on Save. Then click on Attendance. (Edit allows you to change the date.)32Group Participation Attendance 3/3

33 of 41Check off members that attended33

Group Participation Report to RI 1/334 of 41Get integrated!34Group Participation Report to RI 2/3

35 of 41Click on Switch on Data Integration with RI (Automatic)35Group Participation Report to RI 3/3

36 of 41Follow the directions on this page!36

Group Participation Emails 1/4 37 of 41Cut your teeth on Email Message Center this one for a while.

The New Email Communications has been giving us problems.Wait a year for ClubRunner to shake out all the bugs37Group Participation Emails 2/4

38 of 41Here you can compose a new message. Open and resend an old message. And also edit custom distribution lists.38

Group Participation Emails 3/4 39 of 41You can click to select specific members of the group.Note the custom lists below.Send someone in your club an email now!39Group Participation Emails 4/4

40 of 41In the club version you can choose members from your own club.In the district version, you can choose members from the entire District grouped by club for easy finding.40Do not hesitate to contact any of the resources we have provided or another Club Secretary.Communication is key to your successEnjoy your term as Club SecretaryFinal comments41 of 4141