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In today's new ministries, the presentation answers whether or not the church should engage in social media, with whom it should engage and the basics of engagement. I also touch on potential pitfalls and the unintended consequences of social endorsement. There are businesses that will benefit from this presentation's section on "social endorsement" from a communications perspective, as well as, delineating the difference between organizational and leadership social accounts.

Transcript of 2014 church-and-social-media-issachar-conference

  • Is it okay for the church to have aFacebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media account?

  • Introduction

    Sold my 1st Ad banner in 1994

    Put together my 1st Internet conference in 1995

    Ran my own dot com for 5 years, before I sold it in 2003

    Interactive and Public Relations Director

    Started volunteering here at Summit in 2009

  • Learning Objectives

    Understand what you are up against

    Understand the opportunity

    Carve out a basic strategy

  • Understand what you are up againstObjective #1

  • The Noise

    Estimated 30,000 marketing messages per day (Forbes, 2011)

    55% of adults in U.S. have a smartphone (comScore, 2014)

    Access our smartphones 150 times per day (Meeker Report, 2014)

    60% of social media time takes place on smartphones and tablets (Business Insider, 2014)

  • Engagement

    55% of Internet traffic originates from Mobile devices (comScore, 2014)

    47% of all Internet traffic comes from Mobile Apps (comScore, 2013)

    Facebook is the #1 mobile app with a 76% user reach

  • There is a War for your attention

  • Moving Beyond the PulpitUsing the other 164 hours in the week to talk with your Partners

  • Understand the opportunityObjective #2

  • 2014 Social Network Users




    Google +

    0 300000000 600000000 900000000 1200000000

  • Who uses social media?

    Simple Answer: We do.

    73% of Black/Non-Hispanic Internet Users access social media sites (Pew Research, 2013)

    75% have a college degree

    68% have a household income of $75,000 or more

  • 1 Corinthians 922To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. !23I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

  • Social Media Engagment

    @iamdrjazz Twitter: 22,000 followers Facebook: 51,000 Likes Instagram: 20,000 followers

    @samchand Twitter: 50,500 followers

    @van_moody Twitter: 24,400 followers

  • On Twitter follow: @themountbishop @eldervkbrown @themountleads

  • Basic StrategiesObjective #3

  • Relationships

    Open a dialogue

    Amplify your voice and message

    Build a platform independent of location, corporate size or budget

  • Getting started

    Sign up for your accounts using the same handle

    Choose one social platform and dedicate yourself to it for 3 months

    Post on a consistent schedule or around the same time of day

  • Each platform has its strength Facebook lends itself to longer post and content


    Twitter invokes quick calls to action and can direct followers to your content on other platforms

    Instagram is very visual, but can be used to promote and give an insider look at your relationships

    Youtube allows for long format video and archiving of key sermons and/or events

  • Avoid Unintended Outcomes

    Recognize the need for a corporate social account and a personal account for your leaders

    Please understand that a like, retweet, favorite etc. is a social endorsement

    As a leader, review beyond a single post before you favorite

  • Homework

    Understand the Viral effect of Social media (sharing)

    Identify what type of user you want to become: a Creator, Curator, or Power User (each can create a strong following)

  • Quick Review Understand what your up against

    More people are using mobile devices to access the Internet; change your strategies accordingly

    Meet your Partners where they reside

    Social Media is an opportunity to start a one to many dialogue

    Dont overthink a strategy

    Pick a social network and start posting consistently

  • Twitter: @jasonkylescott LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jasonkylescott Web: calldoctorsos.com