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Report 2014Annual

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2014 ANNUAL REPORTLetterAs we reflect on the past year, we feel a surge of pride for all that we have been able to accomplish with you at the Brookline Community Foundation (BCF). We are so grateful for the donors and partners that make our work possible — and for the passionate and engaged community that is Brookline. We also know there is so much more to be done. Together, we must continue to address our town’s challenges and find innovative strategies to ensure that no neighbor goes without basic resources and support.

One of the priorities of BCF’s three-year Brookline Forward campaign is to reduce and alleviate local poverty through short-term emergency assistance and by fostering pathways to long-term economic security. As a first step towards that goal, we released our second Understanding Brookline report last fall, focusing on issues related to poverty, and presented our findings at a public forum with Stearns Trustee Professor Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University. In addition to shining a spotlight on this important community issue, BCF has also increased distributions from our Safety Net Fund by 20%, helping many more Brookline residents address urgent, short-term needs.

In partnership with Brookline High School (BHS) and the Town of Brookline, BCF recently launched a new initiative to increase the amount of scholarship support available to BHS graduates. Currently, the amount of scholarship monies awarded to graduating seniors is just a little more than $150,000 each year. The endowed BCF Scholarship Fund for Brookline High School will help to grow that pool so that many more students can receive those critical dollars that make their college dreams a reality.

We’re proud of these new initiatives and the many partners and grantees that are making Brookline a better place to live. It is a privilege to be a part of this community. We look forward to continued progress as we work together to build a more vibrant, engaged and equitable Brookline.



JENNY AMORYExecutive Director

FRANK STEINFIELDPresident, Board of Trustees




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Highlights“The Brookline Community Foundation’s research has brought much-needed attention to an urgent problem: the impact of increasing economic inequality on individuals and local communities. I applaud their research and their forward-looking focus on critical factors, like access to post-secondary education, that have potential to reduce economic disparities.”

As the town’s only community foundation, BCF seeks to raise

awareness and deepen public understanding about issues

of common concern. In 2014, BCF released Understanding

Brookline: A Report on Poverty, the second report in our

Understanding Brookline series. This new publication helps

to illuminate the challenges and opportunities Brookline

faces in addressing town poverty, with more detailed data

about the 13% of residents living at or below poverty, the

30% who are economically insecure, the factors that cause

financial stress, the local agencies that are making inroads in

reducing poverty and the challenges and gaps that remain.

BCF’s report has quickly become a touchstone for many in our

community who share our commitment to ensuring every

neighbor has the resources they need to live securely.

Shining a Spotlight on Community Needs

Professor Barry Bluestone, Northeastern University

Stearns Trustee Professor Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University speaks to national trends on poverty at BCF’s Spotlight Event: Poverty, Income Inequality and Our Community

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HighlightsThrough our annual giving and an array of professionally

managed funds, BCF helps local donors make a difference

in areas of personal and collective concern. In 2014, we

responded to a need brought to us by our

colleagues at Brookline High School (BHS)

and the Town of Brookline, who reported

a significant gap between the rising cost of

post-secondary education and the aid many

graduating Brookline High School students

typically receive. To bridge this gap, we

launched a new endowed BCF Scholarship

Fund for BHS, which will help deserving seniors with

financial need pursue their post-secondary dreams and get

on a path to secure, rewarding careers. Two additional named

scholarships were created to honor past BHS graduates,

Harold Brown and Thomas P. Hennessey.

Each year, BCF makes strategic grants that strengthen the

capacity of local non-profits to address critical local needs.

This year, we took our support a step further, bringing

together a group of non-profit executive directors whose

organizations are working to alleviate poverty. It was the

first time many directors had met face-to-face. Through a

series of meetings, they brainstormed ways to collaborate

and streamline their efforts to maximize impact and make

their services more easily accessible to neighbors in need.

One outcome of this new collaboration was an expanded

relationship between the Brookline Housing Authority and

the Brookline Food Pantry that resulted in the launch of a

new pantry site at the 55A Egmont Street housing complex

in May 2015.

Inspiring Local Philanthropy

Awarding Strategic Grants




“Help from BHS and other outside scholarships is the reason I am able to continue receiving a great education from Bentley University. Thank you for helping me to achieve my education and career goals.”

“The executive director group has helped me to build relationships with other non-profit leaders in Brookline. Working together, we have greatly improved access to healthy food, reaching more than 50 new households in the first three weeks of opening a new pantry site.”

Nathaniel D. Brewer, Brookline High School Class of 2014

Rene Feuerman, Director, Brookline Food Pantry

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Brookline Teen Grantmakers. Back row from left: Jessica Fang, Josh Grossman, Jesse Huggins, Gabe Sultan, Brian Xu, Rahul Kolluri; Front row from left: Kaylie Abner, Abigail Jaynes, Clasby Chope, Nisha Arole, Joseph Lee, Ali Greenberg, Janeen Smith (BTG Program Coordinator)

$8,000 Boston Mobilization’s youth-led Being the Change Project provides a venue for youth to create bridges across difference and address issues of inequality. This year, Brookline teens from diverse backgrounds explored issues of race, income and gender and participated in action projects on topics of their choosing. • Emily Novick Fund for Teens


$5,000 The Camp Subsidy Program, a collaboration with the Brookline Recreation Department, enabled 30 low-income, high-risk Brookline children to attend structured, safe summer camps, where they made new friends, learned new skills and received mentoring from caring adults. • Brookline Youth Fund

$25,000 A BCF discretionary grant funded three programs: Brothers and Sisters toward Success, supporting METCO students’ transition into Brookline High School; the Community Action Network, helping low-income residents with mental illness live independently; and Women and Girls Thriving, a community collaborative of low-income Brookline women and girls dealing with medical, mental health and socioeconomic challenges. • BCF Fund for Brookline and Hsiu-Lan Chang Fund for Single Mothers.

Brookline Community Foundation’s 2014 Grantees

In 2014, BCF distributed more than $663,000 to organizations that are making a difference in Brookline. Select grantees are highlighted here. All received grants from BCF’s Fund for Brookline, except where noted.

Nadia Chamblin-Foster, Steps to Success

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GrantsBCF is first and foremost an institution focused on grant making. Each year, we look at the needs of Brookline as a whole and award grants to organizations and partnerships that are poised to make the most difference. We fund programs and organizations across a range of areas including education, equity, senior life, arts and culture and environmental sustainability.

BCF AwardsStrategic Grants

$1,000 Brookline Council on Aging’s Senior Theater Weekend, a partnership with Watertown’s New Repertory Theater, brings two theatrical performances per year to Brookline, reducing social isolation and increasing access to the arts with free and discounted tickets for low-income seniors. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$5,000 Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services created a Family Resource Advocate position to help primarily low-income and immigrant youth and their families negotiate public services and access the resources they need. • Brookline Youth Fund

$18,000 Brookline Housing Authority’s Next Steps program addresses the workforce development needs of unemployed and under-employed adults through one-on-one vocational counseling services and training referrals. This grant provided salary support for the Next Steps Director.

$1,500 Brookline Music School’s Early Music Education Program engages young children and their families in the shared experience of music, offering opportunities for families with limited resources to take part in quality music education and become part of the Brookline Music School community. • Blyth Family Fund

Margaret Bush, Community Member



TOTAL $663,436





* to non-profit tenants at 40 Webster Place




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brooklinecommunity.org • 40 Webster Place • Brookline, MA 02445 • 617.566.4442





$17,000 The Baker School Memorial Garden Restoration Project refreshed a memorial garden on the grounds of the school with new plantings, a walking path and a sculptural element. • Brookline 300 Legacy Fund

$11,266 The Michael and Kitty Dukakis Riverway Park Dedication Project installed a plaque, new plantings, benches, handrails and other physical improvements to the Longwood MBTA stop. • Brookline 300 Legacy Fund

$12,000 Brookline Recreation Department’s Camp Subsidy Program, a partnership with the Brookline schools and Brookline Community Mental Health Center, provides access to quality camp experiences for low-income students, including many with special needs. This grant helped cover program fees, transportation and other program costs for 30 children. • Brookline Youth Fund

$8,000 The City School’s Summer Leadership and Pathways to Change programs bring teens from different race and class backgrounds together to engage in leadership training, academic study, community service and workforce development activities. • Brookline Youth Fund

$1,000 Coolidge Corner Community Chorus offers seniors opportunities to attend quality musical performances close to home through its Growing the Connections program, a collaboration with the Brookline Council on Aging. This grant helped fund a special concert, an informal social and 50 free concert tickets for low-income seniors. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

BCF Safety Net ProgramBCF founded the Safety Net Program in 1989 to respond to the emergency needs of Brookline residents. Administered by the Brookline Community Mental Health Center, the Safety Net addresses critical needs with food vouchers, phone cards, and funds for rent, clothing, fuel bills, transportation and one-time expenses. Social workers provide case management support, helping recipients to resolve challenges with budgeting, accessing resources and negotiating public systems. In 2014, the BCF Safety Net Program helped 823 Brookline residents in need, including 382 children.


Page 8: 2014 BCF Annual Report

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GrantsSpotlight Grants are small grants that support activities outside of an organization’s normal operating expenses, meeting an immediate need. In 2014, BCF awarded five.

$1,000 Brookline Tutor and Mentor Program, operated by Brookline High School students at the Brookline Teen Center, provides free tutoring and mentoring to any student in the Brookline K-8 schools along with recreational opportunities. • Emily Novick Fund for Teens

$1,000 Brookline Interactive Group, in partnership with the Department of Public Health and Human Services, launched a new online resource to assist Brookline residents in obtaining medical, housing, job training, family support and social services.

$1,000 Bridges Together, a collaboration with the Brookline Teen Center, the Brookline Council on Aging and Brookline Community Aging Network (BrooklineCAN), is an intergenerational program that unites middle school students and seniors through a structured curriculum.

$3,000 Devotion School Alliance’s Devotion Scholars Program offers individual drum lessons to 25 students with behavioral and emotional challenges, providing them with individual attention and an opportunity to excel. The grant helped fund the salary of the drum instructor. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$8,000 Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s Green Team and Youth Leadership programs employ underserved youth from Boston and Brookline to improve the Emerald Necklace parks as they learn about the environment, develop leadership skills and become the next generation of environmental stewards. Brookline Youth Fund

$5,000 FilmMakers Collaborative’s MEDIAGIRLS program engages middle school girls in the critique of how girls and women are portrayed by mainstream media and the creation of more empowering content depicting girls and women making positive contributions in the world.

$6,000 FriendshipWorks reduces social isolation and enhances the quality of life of Brookline elders by connecting volunteers with seniors who can benefit from companionship, personal assistance, medical appointment escorts and emotional support. • BCF Fund for Brookline and Hoppin Family Fund

$1,500 Gateway Arts/Vinfen, an internationally recognized arts-based vocational service, helps individuals with developmental, psychiatric and other disabilities create meaningful lives in the arts. The grant supported the Up The Ladder program, pairing 25 artists with disabilities with accredited art professionals. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$2,000 Girls’ LEAP, whose mission is to empower girls and young women to champion their own safety and well-being, delivered a self-defense program to girls ages 8-18 emphasizing conflict resolution, violence de-escalation and self-confidence. • Brookline Youth Fund

$1,000 Ideas in Action organized the TedxBeacon Street Fall Conference, where speakers and an intergenerational audience discussed innovative ideas and encouraged each other to continue growing, changing lives and inspiring societal change. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$5,000 ITN Greater Boston provides transportation to seniors and others with visual impairments, helping them maintain active social, civic and economic lives. This grant supported the purchase of a transport vehicle.

$4,000 Jewish Family and Children’s Services’ Family Table is the largest kosher food pantry in New England, providing healthy groceries to households in need. This grant funded nutritious food and personal hygiene items for clients in Brookline. • Blyth Family Fund and Hattie L. Carr Fund


Page 9: 2014 BCF Annual Report

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$4,350 JP Green House at 40 Webster Place provided 251 pounds of fresh produce to the Brookline Food Pantry in 2014. This grant helped cover labor and seed costs, as well as educational workshops for Brookline youth. Environmental Stewardship Fund

$1,000 Longwood Symphony Orchestra’s LSO On Call program brings free chamber music concerts to audiences who are unable to attend concert hall performances. This grant helped bring music to the Goddard House assisted-living facility, the Brookline Senior Center and other facilities serving Brookline seniors. • Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$10,000 My Life My Choice is building a network of informed youth-serving professionals, community leaders, law enforcement officials and advocates to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of vulnerable youth. This grant supported prevention, community awareness and advocacy work in Brookline.

$1,000 Puppet Showplace Theater’s Shadow Masters program is an eight-week shadow puppetry performance and workshop series for third, fourth and fifth grade students enrolled in the Lincoln School extended-day program. Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

$5,000 Springwell’s mission is to provide comprehensive support to seniors, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. This grant supported nutrition services for low-income seniors in Brookline, including home-delivered meals, community dining and nutritional counseling. • Sarah E. Lawrence Fund


$1,500 The After Hours University/Teen Advantage program strengthens the visual and critical-thinking skills of teens through a structured curriculum taught in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts. • Emily Novick Fund for Teens

$20,000 The Steps to Success Middle School Program increased recruitment outreach to middle school students from low-income families and expanded STEM offerings with new curricula.

$8,000 Summer Connections Program provides paid summer internships, academic enrichment and outdoor adventures for middle and high school students living in Brookline public housing. This grant supported stipends for seven student interns. • Brookline Youth Fund and Hsiu-Lan Chang Fund for Single Mothers

$10,000 A Three-Year Conditional Challenge Grant is helping Steps to Success expand its administrative capacity.

Spotlight Grants are small grants that support activities outside of an organization’s normal operating expenses, meeting an immediate need. In 2014, BCF awarded five.

$1,000 Brookline Early Education Program’s Parent Child Home Program provides nutrition programming as part of a weekly playgroup for public housing residents, providing healthy snacks, tips for healthy eating and information about WIC programs and other nutrition resources available to Brookline families. Blyth Family Fund

$450 JP Green House at 40 Webster Place provides fresh produce to the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry. This grant supported the clean up and restoration of the garden’s compost system.


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Grant21st Century Fund Artbarn Community TheaterARTZ: Artists for Alzheimer’sAsian Task Force Against Domestic ViolenceBaker School Extended DayBarry Price CenterBCF Tenants, Rent SubsidiesBCF Safety Net ProgramBoston MobilizationBountiful BrooklineBrookline Adult & Community Education ProgramBrookline Arts CenterBrookline Council on AgingBrookline Commission for WomenBrookline Community Center for the ArtsBrookline Community Mental Health CenterBrookline Department of Public Health & Human ServicesBrookline Department of Public Works Division of Parks & Open SpaceBrookline Early Education Program Brookline Early Education Program: Parent Child Home ProgramBrookline Extended Day Advisory Council Brookline Education Foundation Spelling BeeBrookline Food PantryBrookline GreenSpace AllianceBrookline High SchoolBrookline High School Athletic DepartmentBrookline High School Environmental Club, BgreenBrookline Historical SocietyBrookline Housing AuthorityBrookline Housing Authority/Next StepsBrookline Housing Authority/Steps to SuccessBrookline Interactive GroupBrookline Library FoundationBrookline Music SchoolBrookline Open Studios Brookline Police DepartmentBrookline Public LibraryBrookline Public SchoolsBrookline Preservation CommissionBrookline Recreation DepartmentBrookline Resilient Youth TeamBrookline RotaryBrookline School & Staff Children’s CenterBrookline Solid Waste Advisory Committee Brookline Teen CenterBrookline Tutor & Mentor ProgramBrookline Underground RailroadCenter Communities of BrooklineChestnut Hill Village AllianceThe City SchoolClimate Change Action BrooklineCompass Working CapitalCommunity Outreach Group for Landscape DesignCoolidge Corner Community ChorusCoolidge Corner Theatre FoundationCompany OneCradles to Crayons, Inc.

DAR, Hannah Goddard ChapterDevotion After School Enrichment ProgramDevotion School AllianceDevotion School PTODriscoll School Extended DayDriscoll School PTOEmerald Necklace ConservancyFacing History & OurselvesFilmmaker’s CollaborativeFriends of Brookline RowingFriends of Devotion SchoolFriends of Halls PondFriends of the Minot Rose GardenFriends of the Muddy RiverFriends of the Old Burying GroundFriendshipWorks Girls’ LEAPGoddard HouseGraduates of the Opportunity for Change ProgramGreat Acoustics!Harriet Casdin-Silver StudioHearth Heath School Extended Day ProgramHeath School PTOIdeas in ActionITN Greater BostonJANUS, Russian American Center for the ArtsJennifer Lynch Committee to Stop Domestic ViolenceJewish Family and Children’s ServicesJewish Vocational ServicesJP Green HouseKids’ Clothes ClubLarz Anderson Auto MuseumLawrence School Extended Day ProgramLawrence School PTOLincoln School PTOLongwood Symphony OrchestraLovin’ SpoonfulsMassachusetts Association for the BlindMassachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to ChildrenMass Energy Consumer AllianceMy Life My ChoicePierce School PTOPierce School Extended DayPuppet Showplace TheaterRogerson CommunitiesRunkle School PTORunkle School Extended DayShared, Inc.A Shining ExampleSpecial Education Parent Advisory CouncilSpringwellThird Sector New England/Steps to SuccessWorkman’s CircleVinfen/Gateway ArtsVisual Velocity Voices and VisionsVOICES BOSTON

RECIPIENTS 1999-2014

Many of these recipients have been awarded multiple grants to pilot and support distinct programs and projects.

Since 1999, BCF has distributed more than $5 million in grants that support non-profits serving Brookline residents.

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DonorsIn 2014, BCF raised more than $898,000 in donations from nearly 1,000 individuals, businesses and foundations. These gifts directly supported local organizations that are meeting critical needs and making Brookline a better place to live.

BCF gratefully acknowledges the following contributions made in 2014, which include unrestricted gifts and gifts to the BCF Safety Net Fund, BCF Scholarship Fund for Brookline High School, Blyth Family Fund, Brookline Youth Fund, Emily Novick Fund for Teens, Environmental Stewardship Fund, Fund for Young Children, Hsiu-Lan Chang Fund for Single Mothers, Thomas P. Hennessey Scholarship Fund and Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture.


Jenny AmoryCarla & Dick BenkaAndrew Bernstein & Jacqueline ShobackPetra & Adrian BignamiDeborah & David BrooksJudy & Tom BullittHolly & Dan BurnesHsiu-Lan ChangAnne CovertCaroline & Fred HoppinSytske & George HumphreyKristen JilekJudith H. KiddMini & Surya KolluriMelissa Langa & Jeff WulfsonJay A. Lebed & Karin R. KahnMichael Lindstrom & Murielle VautrinLoh-Sze LeungSusan & John ManarasJulie & Craig MarcusHarry S. Margolis & Susan H. PhillipsAshley & Nathaniel MasonJ. Michael Maynard & Ilene GreenbergMaureen & Edward MayotteMichael & Mary McConnellPatricia L. MeaneyDennis & Michelle MendozaTom Mendelsohn & Julia GittlemanJudy Meyers & Mark PasternackJoshua & Emily MillerBuks Moolman & Dr. Sara VargasEvelyn & Ruben MorenoRebecca MutchEdward Page & Marilyn TresselLinda Olson PehlkeGioia Perugini & James BakumSusan PorterMichael & Nancy SandmanPaul & Sandra SanerEllen Seely & Jonathan StronginPhil and Rachel SherRena Anderson Sokolow & John Thacher AndersonRobert I. SperberFrank & Rebecca SteinfieldJoanne Sullivan

Barton & Marjorie TayerCarol Taylor & John DeknatelAnne Turner & Harry BohrsDavid Wood & Elizabeth FerryReilly Zlab


Jenny AmoryJudith Alper SmithDeborah & David BrooksHattie Carr*Eugene F. Fay*John & Eileen GallagherCaroline & Fred HoppinJudith H. KiddMelissa Langa & Jeff WulfsonSarah Lawrence*J. Michael Maynard & Ilene GreenbergPatricia L. MeaneyTom MendelsohnEmily Novick* & Steve HeikinMichael & Nancy SandmanMolly Paul & Andy SilvermanRosamond & Sven* VauleCheryl & Rufus Whitfield*Deceased

Individual, Foundation & Corporate DonorsBCF Fund for Brookline (unrestricted) American International Group Inc. (AIG) Matching Gifts Program** Ameriprise Financial** The Amgen Foundation** Anonymous (34) Anonymous IN HONOR OF Richard Jack & Cynthia Aber Anne Abercrombie Deborah & Anthony Abner Anu & Rajesh Advani Kenneth & Marthajoy Aft Stephen & Gertrude Akers Lawson & Lars Albright Dr. & Mrs. Nile L. Albright Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Allyn David & Jill Altshuler

Jenny Amory Frances Avrin & Marty Zafran Sarah T. Axelrod IN HONOR OF Frank Steinfield Jordan C. Backler Katharine Bacon & Mark Pener Karla Baehr & Ann Dinsmoor Elaine & Yitzhak Bakal David & Sandy Bakalar Carliss Baldwin & Randolph Hawthorne Bank of America Foundation** The Barrington Foundation Robert W. Basile Gulsun & Jeff Baum David Begelfer & Bette Ann Libby Oren Beit-Arie & Naama Beit-Arie Shlonsky Myron & Sandy Belfer The Benevity Community Impact Fund Carla & Dick Benka Nancy & Frederick Bennett Doris Berger Daniel Bergman & Katherine Turnbull Fred & Diane Berk Amy B. Bernstein Andrew Bernstein & Jacqueline Shoback Judy Bernstein Drs. Leonard & Jane Bernstein Marilyn Bernstein Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Bernstein Ellen Bick Petra & Adrian Bignami Christopher Birch & Alexandra Burke Biogen Idec Foundation** Ron Blackman & Katherine Hope Dianne & Michael Blau Peter & Christa Bleyleben Philippe P. Bloch The Blum Family Foundation, Inc. Stephen Blyth & Anita Gajdecki James P. Boland IN MEMORY OF Carol A. Boland Jacquelyn Borck Annette Born Boston Private Bank & Trust Company* Bove & Langa, P.C.* Sarah Robbins Bradshaw Winifred Breines Charles & Linda Bressler Seth Briggs Rebecca & Jonathan Bristol Joanie Bronfman

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DonorsWe regret any errors and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your gift.

Brookline Bank* Deborah & David Brooks Diane T. Buchwald Noel Buckner & Robin Maisel Esther Bullitt & Lee Makowski Judy & Tom Bullitt Ilene & Michael Bunis Holly & Dan Burnes Margaret Bush Dale T. Butler Blake & Dorothy Cady David R. Campbell Karen Campbell & Ray Wellbaum Edward & Margaret Campion Karen Cangiano Michael & Erica Caplan Frank & Carol Caro Daniel & Justine Carr George & Liz Carroll IN MEMORY OF Jennifer Lynch Rosanna Cavallaro & David Poole Micéal & Nancie Chamberlain Nadia Chamblin-Foster Joe & Jessica Chan Hsiu-Lan Chang Chris Chanyasulkit IN HONOR OF Drs. Patricia & Michael Ruane Wendy Y. Chen Chester Kitchings Family Foundation Chestnut Hill Garden Club* Diane Chester-Demicco & James Demicco Lai Bing Chin & Cheu Ngin Virginia Chin Linda Chinsen Louie & John Louie Chobee Hoy Associates Real Estate Inc.* Nancy J. Ciaranello Nancy Cirillo Ruggiero Bruce & Judith Clark John & Ann Clarkeson Kimberly & Grady Clouse Deborah Cohen Gerald Cohen & Katherine Reynolds-Cohen Steve Cohen Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Cohn Ellen R. Cole Karin & George Cole Barbara Cone Liza Connelly Jay P. & Nancy J. Corrin Florence & Eleanor Coslow Anne Covert Gordon & Wendy Cromwell Lisa J. Crossley Georgia & Charles Cunningham, Jr. David & Stephanie D’Angelo Mrs. Edith L. Dabney Lloyd & Gene Dahmen David Dalgarno & Brenda Hochberg Nancy Daly & Kevin Cavanaugh Susan Helms Daley Inge & David Damm-Luhr Mr. & Mrs. Charles Danberg Andre & Marilyn Danesh Robert Daves & Jennifer Jackson Gerald Davidson & Debra Kocar Carol Deanow Edward Defranceschi & Carol Axelrod John Dempsey & Mary Scott

Andrew & Lan Dennie M. Sheila Desmon IN MEMORY OF Chou Chou Merrill Drs. Veronica & Bruce Devon Barbara DeVries & John Conn, Jr. Elizabeth & Dennis DeWitt Will & Sandy Dick Joseph & Susan Ditkoff Jean Doherty Catherine Donaher Robert & Tara Donnelly Alexandra N. Dorf & Ross D. Knights Alexis & Alfred Dorf, Jr. IN HONOR OF Alexandra Dorf David & Melody Dorfman Dorothy Dowling & Stephen Condon Thomas Downes & Ann Velenchik Michael & Kitty Dukakis Mary & Hugh Dunlap Sarah & William J. Dwyer, III Mitch Dynan & Faith Michaels Margery Eagan Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation* David & Jessica Eber Alan Einhorn & Suzanne Salamon Mark Eisenberg & Kristin Guyot Shirley H. Eisenberg Dr. Jacob & Hilary Elkins Elkins Family Fund Barbara & Seymour Ellin Jane Ellin & Rory de la Paz Abigail & Kenneth Elmore Emily & Bernard H. Mehlman Fund at The Boston Foundation Samuel Engel & Anne Freeh Engel Staffan & Sarah Ericsson Armin Ernst & Dayna Anderson

Eugene Fay Family Trust Charles & Margaret Evangelakos Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation* David Feingold & Dorian Mintzer IN MEMORY OF Herb Hunt Ellen Feingold Harvey & Ariella Finkel John & Margot Finley The Fireplace* David & Karen Firestone Karen G. Fischer Fern Fisher & Jack Eiferman Frances Shedd Fisher Gilbert Fishman Kevin Fitzgerald James & Janet Fitzgibbons James Fleming & Linda McClain Annette Florczak Jonathan Florman Jane T. N. & George Fogg III Benjamin J. Franco Jason E. Frankel, MD Michael Franklin Betsy Frauenthal & David Kirshner Gordon Freeman & Arlene Sharpe John & Linda Freeman Joseph & Cynthia Freeman J. Walter Freiberg III Victoria Fremont Jill Friedlander & Michael Goroff Harry K. Friedman Laurel Friedman Ronnie & Irene Friedman Valerie & Mark Friedman Evie Frost David & Nancy Fulton Edward N. Gadsby, Jr.


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DonorsWe regret any errors and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your gift.

Stephan Gaehde & Charlotte Adams Gaehde John & Eileen Gallagher John & Beth Gamel Peter & Gloria Gammons William Gardner & Sari Rotter Brooke Garlick Daniel Gavin IN HONOR OF Borck-Cutler Wedding Laurence Geffin & Yurika Hashizume Geffin Max Geller Nancy & Steve Gerber Roberta Gianfortoni IN HONOR OF Alan Balsam Roderic & Cynthia Gilbert Daniel & Frances Givelber Valerie & Sanjay Godhwani David Golan & Laura Green Albert Gold Alfred & Joan Goldberg Nechama Goldberg Susan Goldberger & Robert Keough Arthur & Gertrude Golden Golden Family Fund at The Boston Foundation Miriam Goldman & Maurice Stiefel Vivien Goldman Jennifer & Ken Goldsmith Philip Goldsmith & Melissa Boshco Roger & Cindy Goldstein Alex Gordon Robert Gottlieb & Margo Rosenbach Jonathan H. Grand Robert & Susan Gray Ann Green & Fred Richardson Jill Greenberg John Grew, Jr. Michael & Carolyn Grimes Ann Carol Grossman & Geoff Arnold Richard & Hildy Grossman Michelle Guertin & Michael Borgos Alan & Susan Guth Joanne R. Haimes Hall Properties Inc. Martin Hall & Sarita Uribe Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation Linda & David Hamlin Eric & Susan Hardt Paul & Mary Harris Regina Healy & Robert Sloane Fred C. Hennie Helen & Shael Herman John & Rosalie Hermos Rhona Hirschowitz Robert Hoch & Beverly Rothfeld John F. Hodgman Charles Homer & Judith Fabricant Brad & Jane Honoroff DeLanson & Grace Hopkins Caroline & Fred Hoppin Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Matching Gifts Program** Emily W. Hughey Sytske and George Humphrey Geoffrey & Jennifer Hunt Amina Hussain Christine & Robert Desan Husson Warren & Janet Hutchison Stephen & Amy Intille

Mark & Susan Irvings Steven & Sherri Isakoff Felek Jachimowicz & Vera Lapid-Jachimowicz Kirk and Fern James IN HONOR OF John Dempsey John & Anita Jamieson Preble Jaques & Jessica Shattuck Mark Jensen IN MEMORY OF Lisa Martin Kristen Jilek Jockers Family Foundation John. H. Deknatel Family Fund at The Boston Foundation Dr. Mark & Joan Josephson Adam P. Kahn & Kimberly C. Smith Edward & Marjorie Kahn Susan Kahn & Daniel Kirschner Gertrude & Renata Kalnins IN HONOR OF Katharine Sakenfeld Holly & Jerry Kampler David & Anna Kanarek Paul & Judy Kantrowitz Kenneth & Cathy Kaplan Lawrence & Elizabeth Kaplan Daniel & Priscilla Karnovsky Helen & Rudolph Kass Howard & Ann Katz Judy Katz & Phillip Mayfield Pam & Steve Katz John H. Kavanagh, Jr. William Kelley & Sarah Peskin Rev. & Mrs. Thomas B. Kennedy Hattie & James Kessler Judith H. Kidd David King & Elisas Caracciolo-King Vanessa Kirsch & Alan Khazei Scott Kirsner Andrew & Emily Kitchings Mary M. Klatt Dan Klein & Alice Rothchild Larry & Barbara Koff Jonathan & Deborah Kolb Mini & Surya Kolluri Rena Koopman Harry Kozakewich & Cornelia Andrus Barbara & Alvin Krakow Fred & Evelynne Kramer Philip Kramer & Anna Asphar Jeffrey Krane & Maureen Connelly Michael & Ilana Kraus Claudia Kreiman Robert Kroin Marilyn R. Kudisch Gene S. Kupferschmid Jonathan & Debra Kurtzman Robert & Frances Labaree Elizabeth Lajoie Kin & Christine Lam Micheal Lambert & Barbara Schreiber Charles & Sheila Landay Kevin Lang & Shulamit Kahn Melissa Langa & Jeff Wulfson Lanier Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Mr. Mark Lanier Kathryn Lasch Law Office of Robert L. Allen, Jr., LLP* Gerry Leader & Lucy Aptekar

Jody Leader & Paul McLean Kristin Leader & Nicola Moscufo Lynda Leahy Richard & Loys Leary IN MEMORY OF Louise M. Castle Jay A. Lebed & Karin R. Kahn Drs. Bernard & Britt Lee David & Celeste Lee Lee L. & Judith E. Selwyn Foundation Robert & Ann Lees Sherry Leibowitz & Howard Friedman Alan & Judith Leichtner David Leifer & Marla Engel Patricia Leighfield Julie Leitman & Charlton MacVeagh III Jennifer Lemire Chris Leonard & Melanie Marcus Andrew Leong & Chi Chi Wu Loh-Sze Leung & Peter Tsai Anne Levin Deborah Levine Sybil & Steven Levisohn John & Jane Lewis Kenneth Lewis Stephen & Janie Lewis Nancy Lincoln & Louise Ford Michael Lindstrom & Murielle Vautrin Judith Lippke Bruce & Shelley Lipschultz Don & Merna Lipsitt Lewis & Louise Lipsitz Roger & Alberta Lipson John B. Little Mara Littman & Matt Revis Dennis Livingston Keith & Emiley Lockhart Pamela & Harvey Lodish Andrea Loew Werner & Carol Lohe John & Louise Loewenstein Peter & Linda Lowy Thomas & Amy Luster Josh & Jessica Lutzker Sofocles & Dorothy Lycourgos Sean & Karen Lynn-Jones Dan Lyons & Mary Russell Bradley & Barbara MacDonald Susan & John Manaras Kim Manasevit & Paul Reidt Alexander & Bette Mandl Julie & Craig Marcus Harry S. Margolis & Susan H. Phillips Donna Marohn Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc.* Helen Marston David & Cydney Martel IN HONOR OF Anne Turner Thomas Marton & Danit Ben-Ari Ashley & Nathaniel Mason Judith E. Mason Corey & Rebecca Mathews Hugh & Arlene Mattison Stephen & Lora Maurer Doris May Amy S. Mayer J. Michael Maynard & Ilene Greenberg Michael Mayo & Tina Feingold Maureen & Edward Mayotte

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DonorsWe regret any errors and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your gift.

Michael Mazzaschi & Martha Bates Paul & Gayle McAdams Holloway McCandless & Andrew Belt Sharon McCarrell & Robert Taube Edward & Diana McClure Michael & Mary McConnell Harriet B. McGraw Kathryn McHugh & Shawn Luther Nancy W. McKelvy Margaret H. McKinney Peter S. McKinney Cornelia McMurtrie IN MEMORY OF Helen H. Gates Laetitia & Stephen Mead, Jr. Alice Meadows & Pete Pold Patricia L. Meaney Chris Mears & Karen Katz Rabbi Bernard Mehlman IN MEMORY OF Emily Mehlman Robert and Mary Mehlman Randolph Meiklejohn & Diane Sokal Theo & Lisa Melas-Kyriazi Robert & Judith Melzer Dara E. Menashi Tom Mendelsohn & Julia Gittleman IN HONOR OF Borck-Cutler Wedding Dennis & Michelle Mendoza Mendoza Wealth Management LLC Norman & Paula Menyuk Merelice Barbara Merrifield & Christopher Outwin Anne Meyers Robert E. Meyers Kadimah & Mark Michelson Beth Miller & Tom Hallock Joshua & Emily Miller Leonard & Karin Miller

Peter & Karen Miller Shaari S. Mittel IN MEMORY OF Neuman S. Mittell, M.D. Michael Monroe & Lisa Underhill Buks Moolman & Dr. Sara Vargas Jamie & Jesse Moore Ricki Morell & John Hechinger Evelyn & Ruben Moreno Peggy Morrison Stephen Morrissey Cecily & Alan Morse Richard B. Mount IN HONOR OF John Gallagher Frances & Ben Moyer Mikel Moyer & Margaret Chu-Moyer Peter & Gricel Moyer John & Helen Munzer IN HONOR OF John Hodgman IN HONOR OF Kate Kelley Glenn & Kathy Murphy Rebecca Mutch Joan Naimark Amy Ruth Nevis & Mathew A. Kamholtz Mr. & Mrs. Marshall F. Newman IN MEMORY OF Chou Chou Merrill Leslie Newman & Michael Caruso Nancy J. Nitikman Joseph Nowak The Northern Trust Company Virginia Nyhart Kathleen O’Connell Linda and Henry Okun Frank & Anne Oppenheim Roslyn & Stuart Orkin William & Lynn Osborn Rima Osornio Mary & Jacob Ossar

The Overbrook Foundation** Alexander & Alison Packard Edward Page & Marilyn Tressel Lark Palermo Lawrence Panych & Chandlee Dickey Barry & Harriet Park Elenore M. Parker Mark Pasternack & Judy Meyers Ravindra & Tarlika Patel The Paul & Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation The Pearson Foundation Fund Linda Olson Pehlke Peoples Lock Inc Jim & Ellen Perrin Gioia Perugini & James Bakum Harold & Karen Petersen Sam & Silvia Petuchowski Robert & Kathleen Phenix James & Beverly Philip Gerald Pier & Susan Bennett Adele W. Pike Richard & Orah Platt Scott & Candace Plotkin Bernard & Margaret Plovnick Jason & Alexandra Pogorelec Martin Pollak & Patricia Correa Susan Porter Diana Post & W. Hallowell Churchill, Jr. Jennifer Potter Vinay & Rachel Prabhakar The Prospect Fund Christopher T. Prukop Constance & Martin Rabinovitz Arthur P. Rabinowitz & Maria A. Ponsillo Rosamond Rabinowitz Catherine Racer Joan Rachlin & Seymour Small Daniel Raemer Jeremy Ransehousen Vassillos & Deborah Raptopoulos Daniel Reale Abram & Martha Recht Thomas & Sarah Reed Michael & Susan Rees Jeff & Suzanne Resnick Douglas & Kimberly Reynolds Hanson Reynolds & Sharon Gray Gayle Rich Margaret Richardson Yesim Richardson Clinton Richmond & Suzanne Federspiel Kevin Riordan & Shannon Liss-Riordan Richard & Lucy Robb Berol & Shirley Robinson Paul & Barbara Robison IN HONOR OF Anne Robison David Rockwell & Debra Hall Debra S. Rose Julianne & Clayton Rose Leonard & Linda Rosen Abby S. Rosenberg Philip Rosenkranz Sally & Robert Roth Michael Rothman & Elisabeth Choi Joseph & Susan Rothstein Daniel & Mary Rubin Evelyn Rubin



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Richard Rudman Robert & Sloan Sable IN MEMORY OF Emily Novick Jeffrey Sacks Abdollah & Marion Sadeghi-Nejad Philip & Catherine Saines Michael Sandel & Kiku Adatto Clara Sandler & Juan Mandelbaum Lucy & Phil Sandler Michael & Nancy Sandman Paul & Sandra Saner Dorothy Sang David Savitz & Elisabeth Keller Anna-Liisa Scharf IN MEMORY OF Bertram Scharf David & Theresa Scheff Jeannine & Martin Schetzen Stanley & Kay Schlozman Molly Schmitt & Jeremy Morrison Robert & Chrysalyne Schmults William & Roberta Schnoor Theodore T. Scholnick Ellen Seely & Jonathan Strongin Alan Segal & Maribeth Ortega Carole Seigel Drs. Lee L. & Judith E. Selwyn David & Lenore Sempert Stephen & Margaret Senturia Velda Shaby Celia Shapiro & Edmund Mroz, Jr. Gregg Shapiro & Stacey Dogan Jessica Shattuck & Preble Jaques Sandy Shea & William Schechter William & Jensie Shipley Herbert & Louise Shivek Lydia Shreir Steven Shulman & Debra Yanofsky Stanley & Susan Shuman Michael Shwartz & Pam Goodman James Siebel Ellen L. Simons Pearl Singhakowinta Sister & Johnny Foundation Sharon Siwiec & Don Foxworthy Judith Alper Smith Leigh H. & Jean G. Smith Smith, Sullivan & Brown PC* James & Susan Snider Cynthia Snow & Irving Kurki Albert Sokol & Marianne Hessner Robert & Jodi Sokoloff Rena Anderson Sokolow & John Thacher Anderson William Spears & Robin MacIlroy Robert I. Sperber Devorah Sperling Stanley & Diana Spiegel Lionel & Vivian Spiro Mr. & Mrs. Meir & Claire Stampfer Caroline & Guy Staff Elizabeth Steele IN HONOR OF Gioia Perugini Barbara Steen-Elton & P. Nicholas Elton Donald Steinbrecher & Rochelle Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Joel Steiner Frank & Rebecca Steinfield Theodore & Carol Steinman Robert Stern & Gail Howrigan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stiefel Stifler Family Foundation Ezra & Laura Stillman Anne Stingle & Phillippe Jacob Rebecca Stone & Stephen Walt Robert & Toni Strassler Andrew F. Strauss Peter & Jean Stringham Joanne Sullivan studioMLA Architects* Leslie Sullivan & John Rees Roger & Sally Sullivan James Swaim & Michelle Morgenstern Pat & Hall Swaim Naomi Sweitzer & Andrew Shalit William & Joyce Tager Katherine Tallman & Peter Norstrand A. Anthony & Jean Tappé Barton & Marjorie Tayer Benjamin & Katherine Taylor Carol Taylor & John Deknatel Patricia Tesik Jeff & Nancy Teumer Ravi Thaduri Joshua & Eunha Thayer Margaret Thompson & David Paul William & Elizabeth Thorndike Kathleen Thurmond Harry Tillinger Catherine A. Tocci John Travis Stanley & Anne Trecker David & Rhoda Trietsch TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation TripAdvisor Inc.** Truist Anne Turner & Harry Bohrs IN HONOR OF Caroline Hoppin UBM Community Connection Foundation** Deanne & Tom Urmy David Valente IN HONOR OF Melissa Langa Cornelia H. van der Ziel John & Barbara Van Scoyoc Nancy & Kent Van Zant George & Claire Vasios Rosamond Vaule Elizabeth Vizza Susan Walling Christopher Walsh & Ming Hui Chen Laura & Jake Walters Angie Warner & Frederick Schoen Todd & Tara Washburn William & Suzanne Weber Gillian Webster Barbara Weiffenbach & Welcome Bender Adele Weiner Dr. & Mrs. Howard L. Weiner Larry A. Weinrauch Amiel & Jennifer Weinstock Robert & Amy Weinberg Donald Weitzman & Harriet Goldberg John & Susan Welch William & Ada White Mary C. Wiellette Elizabeth & Adam Williams Lopamudra & Roderick Williams IN MEMORY OF Somnath and Atisa Prusty

David & Margot Wizansky Christina Wolfe Edward Wolpow How & Helen Wong Perry & Joan Wong David Wood & Elizabeth Ferry Seth & Megan Woods Samantha & Hideo Yamamoto Min Yang Mr. & Mrs. Lee Yee Mrs. Sarah Yules Louis Zand & Lynn Holden Michael Zimman & Ellen Rovner Reilly Zlab Mary Zocchi

BCF Scholarship Fund for Brookline High SchoolAnonymousMorton Abromson & Joan NissmanSusan P. AdlerJoan and Bill AmoryLeonard J. AronsonSylvia BaldwinJoyce F. BarkinKenneth & Jane BarnaMyron & Sandy BelferSandra Moose BirchStephanie & Alexandra Borns-WeilIlene & Michael BunisMargaret CainRoger Cassin & Irma SchretterAndrea ChaseStephen & Gail CirilloBarbara ConeChad & Abigail CoxSue DavisSusan & John DonnellyBruce & Madelyn DonoffDawn Edell & Jeremy HutnerOlga M. EliasWilliam & Eleni EvangelakosMark Exley & Deniz ToksozAnne FabinyFrederick A. & Patrice B. FickenJoseph & Cynthia FreemanRobert & Deborah GandreRobert Goisman & Jeanne TraxlerCarey B. GoldbergPauline GopinRobert Gottlieb & Margo RosenbachSusan A. Halpert & Mitchell HalpertHelen & Shael HermanJohn F. HodgmanBryan R. HughesBeverly S. KargirHarry Kozakewich & Cornelia AndrusMelissa Langa & Jeff WulfsonJulie Leitman & Charlton MacVeagh IIINancy Lincoln & Louise FordStephen & Courtney McCarthyLyle & Anne MicheliDJ & Amy MorseFrances & Ben MoyerPeter & Gricel MoyerJudy Meyers & Mark PasternackClement & Regina NaggarAnthony Naro & Kristina Talevi

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Cheu Ngin & Lai Bing ChinKathleen O’ConnellRaphael & Carol OlivaRoslyn & Stuart OrkinMercedes PazJohn & Mary Lynn PergantisChristopher J. Picotte & Gilda M. SmartAdele W. PikeWilliam PikeIrwin & Gloria PlessSue ReamerHanson Reynolds & Sharon GrayFelix Rezavker & Yulia PittelJohn & Claire RileyRichard & Lucy RobbMimi RobinsLeila Joy RosenthalJonathan S. Ruby & Jillian RubyNancy C. RuggieroBen Schneider & Kathleen ThelenHarold & Esther SchonhornNancy L. ShaferWilliam & Jensie ShipleyHerbert & Louise ShivekMichael Shwartz & Pam GoodmanPeter & Jean StringhamAllan & Harriet SutfinAudria L. TankardSteve & Carol TannenbaumJames & Donna ViolaStephen Vogel & Roberta StronginEdwin & Paula WeinsteinMichael Wessels & Patricia MaherAllen & Judith WhiteJoanne WomboldtPerry & Joan WongSarah Wunsch & Chris EarnstEsther Yanow

BCF Safety Net Fund Anonymous (7) Leila & Arnold Abelow Joan and Bill Amory Mr. & Mrs. John Ashby William Balch & Patricia Matrai IN HONOR OF Marty WislerCarla & Dick Benka Barry Berger Laurent Boer & Maria Van Den Bosch Stephanie & Alexandra Borns-Weil Anita Breslaw IN MEMORY OF Haven BreslawDeborah & David Brooks Barbara B. Brown & David Massey Diane Brown Pauline Ho Bynum Rosanna Cavallaro & David Poole Chestnut Hill Realty Chobee Hoy Associates R.E. Inc. Julia & Ellis Cohen Ann Coles & Dick Piper Brian Collins & Barbara Moran Mary Comstock Mark Coven & Judy Levenson Coven Gordon & Wendy Cromwell Richard & Dianne Dana Diane E. Daren & Loretta M. O’Connor Gayle & Andrew Davis

Jonathan & Linda Davis Barbara DeVries & John Conn, Jr. Elizabeth & Dennis DeWitt Will & Sandy Dick Bruce & Madelyn Donoff Robert & Evelyn Doran Stephen Elledge & Mitzi Kuroda John & Stephanie Fan Joseph Figler James & Janet Fitzgibbons Ellen & James Franco Martha Friedenthal-Haase & Wolfgang Haase Laurel Friedman Ronnie & Irene Friedman William Ganong & Marilyn Newman Nathaniel & Nancy Gardiner Richard & Penny Garver Joseph Geller & Maria Benet Lloyd & Ellen Gellineau Jennifer Dopazo Gilbert IN MEMORY OF Francisco DopazoDiane Gittinger Michael & Jill Glazer Lorraine Goldstein & Gustaaf Driessen Gail Goodwin Michael & Christina Gordon Gordon Family Foundation Michael & Carolyn Grimes Chris & Sheila Hussey IN HONOR OF Reilly ZlabBruce & Georgia Johnson Youngsun Jung Paul & Helen Kahn Ann Kamensky & Steven Taub James Kaye & Kim Rubin Rabbi Neil Kominsky & Dr. Deborah A. Frank Lauren Komp

Elaine K. Kwiecien Melissa Langa & Jeff Wulfson Jody Leader & Paul McLean Jay A. Lebed & Karin R. Kahn Gene Lee & Carrie Lam Henry & Mary Lee Lannie & John Lee Susan Liberman IN HONOR OF Andrew BernsteinMrs. Grace Madsen Alexander & Bette Mandl Robin Manna Marvin Sparrow Fund at Combined Jewish Philanthropies Mason Family Fund Rebecca Plaut Mautner Thomas & Gloria May Mark & Sandra Mazur Leonard & Karin Miller Richard P. & Claire W. Morse Manfred K. Muehter III Phyllis Myung New Balance** Mary B. Nickerson Rosemary & William Nitkin David & Daria Lyons O’Connor Panwy Foundation, Inc. Dr. Shirley Partoll IN HONOR OF Brookline Community Mental Health CenterLeslie & William Patton John Payne Francine Perler Fred Perry & Sarah Smith Michael T. Piering & Ann Forest West Jennifer Potter Richard P. & Claire W. Morse Foundation Lynda Roseman & Martin Fishkin Jerome & Catherine Sadow

DonorsWe regret any errors and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your gift.

Brookline residents gather for BCF’s Spotlight Event: Poverty, Income Inequality and Our Community

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DonorsWe regret any errors and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your gift.

Clara Sandler & Juan Mandelbaum Elizabeth A. Sands Dorothy Sang David & Theresa Scheff Judith A. Schickedanz Evelyne & Jules Schwaber IN HONOR OF Dr. Robert I. SperberNorman & Freda Scotch Nancy L. Shafer Enid A. Shapiro Joel Shield & Nancy Myerson Timothy Shu Michael & Rena Silevitch Jeanne & Dan Sims Peter Skagestad & Elaine Ober Brenda & Virginia Smith Joseph Smith & Scott Popkowski Christy L. Soleim Sam Solomon Elmer D. Sprague Mark Starr & Karen Koshner Jeanne Steig Judith Steinbergh Thomas Stemberg & Katherine Chapman Larry Stifler & Mary McFadden Stifler Family Foundation Perry Stoll & Karyn Wang Joan K. Stratton-Mamber W. Nicholas & Joan Thorndike Ekaterina Torchilin & Alexei Degterev Town of Brookline Penny Savings Fund Karen Tucker & Jerry Avorn Allison & James Van Deventer Sidney & Cynthia Verba James & Donna Viola Patricia Vonnegut & Michael Teel Crispin Weinberg & Deborah Levey Sue S. Welpton Donald Wilhelm Amanda J. Wong Pauline & John Woodward, Jr. Denny & Kim Wright Mrs. Henry Wyman

Blyth Family Fund Stephen Blyth & Anita Gajdecki Brookline Youth Fund Mark Alibrandi George & Barbara Beal Black & Veatch Corporation Blue Hills Bank Boston Trust & Investment Management Company Brookline Bank Brookline Development Corporation Brynwood Partners Management, LLC Conover Tuttle Pace Eaton Vance Investment Counsel Dr. G. T. Farley Joseph and Cynthia Freeman Fiedler Hiss III Hamilton Charitable Corporation Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation Keegan Werlin LLP KeyBank National Association Knowledge Foundation

Marchon Partners LLC Moab Oil, Inc. Morgan Stanley NSTAR Electric & Gas Corp RMG Donuts, LLC DBA Dunkin’ Donuts State Street Global Advisors Richard & Loys Leary Judge Steven S. Neder Jonathan & Leah Stearns Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, LLC Anne Turner & Harry Bohrs Venyu Solutions Inc. Barry Weisman & Michele Fishel Jessica Wender-Shubo William Blair & Company, L.L.C. Emily Novick Fund for Teens Gerald Davidson & Debra Kocar Steven Heikin Wayne Lencer & Karen Klein Caroline B. Playter IN MEMORY OF Emily NovickFred Taub & Susan Cohen Gregory Wagner & Emily Spieler Environmental Stewardship Fund Anonymous Robert Kramer IN MEMORY OF Jean Kramer Fund for Young Children Christine & David Ament Harold Brown Scholarship Fund Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation Hsiu-Lan Chang Fund for Single Mothers Hsiu-Lan Chang Thomas P. Hennessey Scholarship Fund Butterballs Investment Group Stephen Connelly Joseph Davis Shaun Dowd Bernard & Debra Fox Peter M. Galland Franklin & Roberta Goldschmidt Daniel Handalian Patricia & Dennis Jordan Thomas W. Kelly IN HONOR OF Brookline High School Class of 1959James Kendrick & Sarah Frankson Kendrick Edward & Anne Kirranne Kathleen & Bob Koenig Rollins, Rollins & Fox, Attorneys at Law Lester & Marcia Landers John Lothrop Michael Merrill Enda & Mary Quinn Paul J. Tenney Dorothy Thornton Jerry & Nancy Varnum Carolyn Williams

Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture Anonymous Talbot Dewey, Jr. Isaac & Alison Judd Francine Perler Rachel Ann Silver Rosamond Vaule

*Corporate Sponsor

**Matching Gift

In-Kind ($250+) Andra Birkerts Design, Inc. Stacey Sarber, Avery True Bove & Langa, P.C. Council on Foundations Brian Del Rosario, Suzanne Friday one2tree Rena Anderson Sokolow Ropes & Gray LLP Renata J. Ferrari, Rosalyn Garbose Nasdor, Kendi Ozmon studioMLA Architects Meryl Nistler, Veronica Robles


BCF Fund for Brookline (unrestricted) BCF Scholarship Fund for BHS Blyth Family Fund Bountiful Brookline Fund Brookline 300 Legacy Fund Brookline Open Studios BCF Safety Net Fund Brookline Youth Fund Double Exposure Fund Emily Novick Fund for Teens Environmental Stewardship Fund First Parish Stained Glass Fund Flip and Toddy Mason Family Fund for Brookline’s Neediest Friends of Brookline Recreation Friends of Brookline Recreation - New England Youth Sports Concussion Forum Friends of Brookline Rowing Fund for Young Children Grimke Event Fund Harold Brown Scholarship Fund Hattie L. Carr Fund Hoppin Family Fund Hsiu-Lan Chang Fund for Single Mothers Jennifer Lynch Fund Lauren Dunne Astley Fund Sarah E. Lawrence Fund Steps to Success Fund Steps to Success - The Janet Fund Thomas P. Hennessey Scholarship Fund Vaule Fund for Arts and Culture

If you are interested in setting up a new fund or contributing to an existing fund, please call Jenny Amory at 617.566.4442 or visit www.brooklinecommunity.org/fund-options to learn more.

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FinancialsFinancialsFor year ending December 31, 2014. Audited financial statements are available upon request.

Revenue 2014Grants and contributions $1 ,177,915Program revenue and miscellaneous 218,279Investment Return 188,3 16

Total Revenue 1,584,510

Program Expenses Program and grants 834,819Community leadership 137,439Building services 1 14,649Fund services 127,738 Total Program Expenses 1,214,645

Supporting Expenses Administration 78,013Fundraising 139,832

Total Supporting Expenses 217,845Changes in Net Assets From Operations 152,020

Transfer of fiscally sponsored activities (155,132)

Net Assets Beginning of Year 6,040,055

Net Assets End of Year $6,036,943

Statement of Financial Position Assets Investments $4,367,225Endowment investments 919,954 Cash and cash equivalents 495,1 5 8 Fixed assets, net 1 8 1 ,819Other assets 167,550Total Assets $6,131,706

Liabilities Accounts payable $ 7,830Grants payable 74,266Other liabilities (current) 12,667Total Liabilities 94,763

Net Assets Unrestricted 3,356,022Temporarily restricted 1,906,370Permanently restricted 774 ,551

Total Net Assets 6,036,943Total Liabilities and Net Assets $6,1 3 1 ,706

Statement of Activities & Changes in Net Assets

Page 19: 2014 BCF Annual Report

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LeadershipBOARD OF TRUSTEES*Frank Steinfield, President Julie Marcus, Vice PresidentJay Lebed, TreasurerAshley Mason, ClerkCarla BenkaAndrew BernsteinJudy BullittGerald DavidsonAlexandra DorfJohn F. HodgmanSytske HumphreyKristen JilekMini KolluriMelissa LangaLoh-Sze LeungMichael LindstromLinda Olson PehlkeJoanne SullivanDavid Wood

STAFF*Jenny Amory Executive Director

Annette Florczak Director of Finance and Operations

Alex Gordan Financial Information Manager

Nadia Kim Administrative Associate

Jennifer Lemire Associate Director of Programs and Grants

Reilly Zlab Development and Administrative Associate












Companies referenced for affiliation only.

Anne Turner, Chair

Samuel BatchelderDeborah BrooksHolly BurnesHsiu-Lan ChangJohn ChristianKimberly ClouseVirginia ConquestBill CoughlinAnne CovertLloyd DahmenMary DewartElizabeth DeWittMary DunlapJohn GallagherNathaniel GardinerAlice GrayJohn Grew, Jr.Caroline HoppinChobee Hoy

Judith KiddJ. Richard Klein**

Susan ManarasMichael MaynardPatricia MeaneyTom MendelsohnCecily MorseJim NotmanLynn OsbornPhillip PageSusan PorterMichael RobbinsMichael SandmanPaul SanerAnne ShortJudith Alper SmithRobert I. SperberLionel SpiroBarton TayerRosamond Value



WRITING • Julie Marcus & Reilly ZlabEDITING • Katie BayerlDESIGN • one2tree|Rena Sokolow PHOTOS • David Binder; cover, courtesy of Brookline Early Education Program, 11, 12Lou Jones; p. 1Ilene Pearlman; p. 1, 2, 4, 5

*As of December 31, 2014.**Deceased

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