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Transcript of 2013 TAMU COSC STudy Abroad

  • 1. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs 20 Student Maximum 12-16 Hours of Upper Level Credit COSC 381: Professional Ethics COSC 463: Law 1 COSC 465: Law 2 COSC 485: Independent Study (Subs for Tech Elective) COSC 468: Risk Management (Technical Elective) COSC 484: 10-week Internship (Pre-reqs*) 19 weeks (Spring plus January mini-mestester) January 8, 2012 through May 19, 2012 Fulfills internship & semester away requirements** Also fulfills an International Cultural Diversity Credit

2. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Approximate Costs: $18,500* TAMU Tuition & Fees (~$4000) $1000 for Roundtrip Air Fare Program Fee $13,500 SAPO Fee & Health Insurance Room & Board for 19 weeks Some sightseeing (See next slide) Travel Card for London BritRail Pass All usual Scholarships** & Financial Aid Apply ONLY GET SCHOLARSHIPS IF YOU APPLY!! Departmental scholarships can be applied 100% to study abroad semester (Must let COSC office know by end of May) Costs for the same credit here in the states ~$17,000 & aminimum of two full semesters!* Many students are able to accelerate graduation by a fullsemester 3. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Bus and Walking tours of all major sights in London Architectural Walking tour of City of London Construction Site Visits Inns of Court (where Barristers study/train) Society of Construction Law Meetings Meetings with Barristers and Solicitors (Attorneys in the UK) Oxford/Cambridge Tour Wales Day Trip Tours in Scotland Tower of London St. Pauls Cathedral/Westminster Abbey London Eye 4. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Costs Not Included Travel Documents Passport ($110-$145, expediting $75) Tier 4 (general) student visa (145 GBP = ~$240) Meals ($2000-$6000) Drinks restaurants Personal Travel/Sightseeing/Souvenirs Consider the Exchange Rate, currently around_1.6_. (Oanda.com) If something costs $5 in the US, expect it to costat least 5 GBP=$8.25 5. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Internships Wide variety, but all Construction Related Construction (Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Capita Symonds, Modus Group) Property Development (London Newcastle, Starboard Hotels) Facilities Management Part of your fee, but you get what we give you You can find your own, but still have to coordinatewith visa sponsors Working hard to broaden pool of companies 6. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Go Away! Application Deadline: September 30,2012** Sign-up at studyabroad.tamu.edu MUST meet with Prof. Daigneault Personally Langford A130 More Information www.COSCstudyabroad.com General program information from 2010 & Spring 2012 Student posts with more details about what they did and say Independent Research Opportunities Taken students to the RICS COBRA conference (Paris, Fall 2013--Las Vegas, Fall 2014--Cairo) Questions 7. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Spring 2013 Anglo American Educational Services (AAES) http://www.angloamerican.uk.com/ Visa Sponsor, Study Center, Travel Passes, Group Tours& Flats Great Russell Square IMMEDIATELY Passport Resume & Cover Letter Unofficial Transcript: if not on Study AbroadApplication FINANCIAL AID/FAFSA (More detail in orientation) Study Abroad Scholarship Applications 8. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Spring 2012 Payments $150 Application fee when confirm application $300 Deposit (non-refundable after 10/1, plus expenses spent for that student that cannot be refunded) 50% billed to your student account on or after 11/15 $6750 50% billed to your student acount on or after 12/15 $6750 Tuition billed as usual Withdrawal Policy 31-60 days before departure 50% plus all non-recoverable expenses 1-30 Days before departure 75% plus all non-recoverable expenses 9. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Spring 2012 Orientations 3 required Meetings, Need to meet with Michaelif not available Airfare Be looking by October $800-1200 More than likely fly into LHR (London Heathrow) Search multiple cities: IAH, DFW, AUS, SAT Arrive by 1/6/13, and depart after 5/18/13 Group Rate (must have 12 students all on oneflight) 10. Wingtips, Work boots & Wigs Spring 2012 Dates & Deadlines Visa: We will do a meeting for this Deadlines: Apply up to 90-Days October 9, 2012 (If arriving 1/6/12) NO LATER THAN October 30 Documents Online Application (Visa or Mastercard ONLY ~$240) Printed Appendix CAS Letter from AAES Proof of Financial Support (~$1000) Bank Statement in your name Bank Statement in someone elses name with letter saying you have right and access to funds 11. http://wingtipsworkbootsandwigs.blogspot.com