2012 12-3 webinar

December Webinar Webinars – First Wednesday of Each Month Andrew Burke, Bob Bickel December 3, 2012 1



Transcript of 2012 12-3 webinar

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December WebinarWebinars – First Wednesday of Each Month

Andrew Burke, Bob BickelDecember 3, 2012 1

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Agenda• Results – 40 Years of Results example• Gift Certificates• Sponsor Images• Doing Registration on Your Website• Ease of Learning – Video Help• New Race Director UI Coming• Q&A


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40 Years of Results• RunSignUp Results• Google-style Search• Sortable Columns• Drag and Drop Columns• Notifications• Good Looking• Fast!• More Scalable than Active

• Vestal XX posted the past 40 years of results online• https://runsignup.com/race/results/?raceId=2239&eventId=4532


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Gift Certificates• Anyone can buy a Gift

Certificate for any Race• Gift to a person with an

email address• Races get the money now• Available for every race


Page 5: 2012 12-3 webinar

Sponsor Images• Upload Sponsor Logos• Appear on Race Info Page• Auto-converted• 175 X 175

• Include Link• Include Hover Text• Re-order Images


Page 7: 2012 12-3 webinar

RunSignUp Widget• Simply embed one line of

code on your webpage to get full registration, race info and results!

• Match colors to your template

• Show all Tabs, or have a page for each purpose


Page 8: 2012 12-3 webinar

Ease of Learning• Video Help• 44 Videos with more on the way• Integrated on each Page• Daily Tip


Page 9: 2012 12-3 webinar

New UI Coming!• We get lots of positive

feedback• But we want to get better!

• New Race Director UI Project• Fresh Look and Feel• Quick Info and Navigation• Clean up Tabs• Clean up Pages• New Accordion Design for

Multi-Events• Better Success and Error


Page 10: 2012 12-3 webinar


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