2011 New Sudent Orientation Invitation - Freshman

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2011 New Sudent Orientation Invitation - Freshman

Transcript of 2011 New Sudent Orientation Invitation - Freshman

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  • New Student Orientation at Indiana UniversityCongratulations on your admission and welcome to Indiana University! Before you experience this new journeyand the challenges, discoveries, and excitement it will bringyoull need to orient yourself to life at IU. Were here to help.

    New Student Orientation is required for a reason : its the best way to get off to a great start. At orientation, youll take placement exams, meet with an advisor, and register for classes. Youll learn about IUs many opportunities and services, as well as what IU expects of its students.

    IUBeginningsThese exciting adventures provide unique settings for making new friends and prepare you for your first year at Indiana University. IUBeginnings trips include outdoor expeditions, community service projects, and theatrical events. These trips take place just before Welcome Week and the start of fall classes.

    Welcome WeekWelcome Week is a great IU tradition that includes academic orientation sessions, social and cultural events, IU spirit events, open houses and receptions, and service opportunities. During these days leading up to fall semester, youll quickly become prepared for your first year at IU.

    Your IUJourneyBegins!

    Youll want to read this

    booklet carefully.

    It contains critical details

    about New Student

    Orientation, IUBeginnings,

    and Welcome Week.

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    Personalize your IU transition by logging into FY(Me). Visit fye.indiana.edu and click the FY(Me) login button in the Admitted Students section. Here you will find

    information specific to your needs as a new IU student as well as making your

    reservation to New Student Orientation.

    Orientation Leaders at Traditions and Spirit of IU during Welcome Week.

  • Your two-day New Student Orientation program will take place between June 14 and July 21. During your two days on campus, youll take care of the business of becoming a student, meet other new students, explore the campus, learn about essential services and resources, and become familiar with IU culture and traditions.

    Program SchedulesMost days offer two schedule options: Schedule A starts in the early morning and ends by 2 p.m. on the second day. Schedule B starts in the late morning and ends by 6 p.m. on the second day.

    Keep these times in mind when choosing your schedule, as you must be available for all sessions during New Student

    Orientation. Your last activity on campus will be registering for fall semester classes, so be sure to plan your travel accordingly.

    The Student ExperienceFirst Day. After you check into the program, well take you and other new students to your required exams and

    sessions, where youll learn about everything from technology at IU and living on campus to student support services. Youll eat lunch with other new students and join your family for academic- and financial-focused sessions. After dinner on campus with your family, youll join other students for any required sessions and optional activities. Lunch and dinner are provided on the first day.

    Second Day. Your program concludes on the second day with final sessions, your individual advising appointment, a visit to our Resource Center, and registration for your fall

    New Student Orientation June 14July 21

    You must attend New Student Orientation before you can register for classes.

    Student Program Sessions Academic life at IU Student life issues and resources Required and optional exemption and placement exams (See below.) Group meetings with academic advisors Individual academic advising CampusAccess Card (student ID) distribution Registration for classes Technology at IU Resource Center visit Evening social campus activities

    Orientation Placement ExamsAll students will take two required exams at orientation in math and foreign language. Results for required exams will be used for placement purposes and will allow you and your advisor to plan future course work. These required exams have no impact on your grade point average and will not appear on your official transcript. You may also take additional exams for placement or credit purposes. Exams in biology and calculus are offered as well as the Online Chemistry Placement Exam. These exams may be taken even if you have already taken AP exams in high school.

    Students with a diagnosed disability that affects performance on timed exams, who have received testing modifications in high school, need to specially request modifications when making the orientation reservation.

    Details regarding all exams will be included in your orientation confirmation materials upon making your online reservation.

    Experience On-Campus LivingYoull be housed in Wright Residence Center with other new students and Orientation Leaders. All rooms are double occupancy, and roommate assignments will be made when you sign in to your room. You do not need to make a reservation prior, and it costs $35 (tax included) per night to stay on campus. More information, including amenities, will be included in your orientation reservation confirmation.

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    semester classes. Advising appointments are personalized to each student, and students on the same schedule do not necessarily finish their appointments at the same time. Meals are not provided on the second day.


  • Orientation for Parents and FamilyWhile were helping your student prepare for college, well be helping you prepare as well. New Student Orientation provides a series of sessions designed to support the critical role you play in your students success. Like the required student program, the optional parent program runs for two days.

    First Day. After check-in, youll participate in a series of informative sessions. Youll visit a few IU classrooms, eat lunch in the Indiana Memorial Union with other parents, and learn about many of the resources that will help your student thrive. Your student will join you for some sessions, but youll

    attend most with other parents. Afterward, you and your student will have dinner together on campus. Lastly, while your student participates in the final event of the day, you can join other parents for relaxing social activities. You can also explore Bloomington on your own and take a break for the rest of the evening. Lunch and dinner are provided on the first day.

    Second Day. After a few last helpful morning sessions, parents will visit our Resource Center, staffed with representatives from support offices all over campus. Youll also have time to meet one-on-one with housing assignments staff, visit offices such as financial aid, or explore campus a bit while your student finishes advising and course registration.

    Parent Program Sessions Careers and internships Finances and billing Evening open houses Question and answer forum Group meetings with academic advisors On-campus housing Dean and faculty academic overview Resource Center visit

    Parent FeeThe parent program fee is $30 for the first person and includes all materials. Additional guests will be charged a reduced rate of $15 each, which does not include an additional set of materials. During New Student Orientation, students may authorize parent fees to be included on their IU bursar bill.

    Disability AssistanceStudents or parents who require specific accommodations, or who have mobility limitations, must call the Office of First Year Experience Programs at (812) 855-4357 within five business days of submitting their reservations. This ensures we have enough time to help participants make the necessary arrangements.

    Parent and student sessions are often held in separate locations on campus. Parents and guests needing mobility assistance may want to bring along a family member or friend for additional help, as we do not have staff assistants for this purpose. The program involves short-distance walking several times throughout the day.

    Parent Orientation HousingThere are several housing options for parents during New Student Orientation. You can stay in the Willkie Residence Center (an IU on-campus student residence hall) and it costs $48.40 plus tax for one to two people. In addition, the Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel and Conference Center is located on campus. You may also stay in one of the many hotels in Bloomington and the surrounding area. Information about these options will be included in the orientation confirmation email sent to your student.

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    New Student Orientation is

    not designed to accommodate small children.

    A visit to the Resource Center.

  • Reserve Your Spaceat New Student OrientationOnline ReservationReservations for New Student Orientation must be made by logging into FY(Me) at fye.indiana.edu. When you make your online reservation, you will see only those dates and schedules that are currently open and available to you.

    Available dates are determined based on your specific area of study and programs (such as the Hutton Honors College or the Jacobs School of Music). Students in different programs may have different dates from which to choose.

    New Student Orientation assignments are made upon receipt of your

    online reservation. Make your reservation now to increase your chances of getting your preferred orientation date and schedule. As space availability is also based on individual advising appointments, we are unable to overfill dates.

    Student Orientation FeeThe orientation fee is $125. This fee helps to cover costs associated with orientation including testing, advising, staffing, publications, some meals, your CampusAccess Card (student ID), and all program mater