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Review of the 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Certified Pre Owned.

Transcript of 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300

  • 1. 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300Certified Pre Owned
    March 2010

2. Youthful Styling
Bold, crisp lines impart a youthful image.
Chrome around the side glass area ads a touch of elegance.
3. Compelling Street Presence
The chromed dual exhaust tips uphold the youthful image of the car.
The fender flares follow the Mercedes-Benz styling tradition.
4. Well Appointed
The interior is well appointed with all the features that are expected.
The dark wood paneling on the doors and console ads a touch of luxury.
Impeccable fit and finish.
5. Infotainement
The infotainment system is conservative.
Sound system is good.
Yesautomatic climate control.
6. Roomy Rear Seat
Good leg room for adults.
Notice the wood paneling on the rear doors.
7. Good Sized Trunk
The trunk with the fold down rear seats is versatile for a myriad of uses.
8. Wonderful Sound
A sophisticated sound from the V6.
228 HP with a 7 speed automatic transmission provides more performance than anticipated.
9. Cross Drilled
The alloy wheels are 17 inch.
The cross drilled front discs reinforce the youthful image of the car.
10. The Drive
Crisp, agile, responsive, rock solid.
Appropriate low and mid range performance.
Well calibrated shift algorithm for the 7 speed automatic.
Superb highway cruiser.