20 Ways to Get Things Done

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Transcript of 20 Ways to Get Things Done

  • 20 Ideas Blueprint

    How To Get Things Done by Taking Control of Your Time, Tasks & Priorities

  • Idea #1:Do It NowTackle quick & easy tasks first or the moment you think of itIf you use a to-do list, cross it off after completion (this works with household chores, too)

  • Idea #2:BreatheTake a few moments to breathe, relax & gather your thoughts before jumping into your work tasksSmile & say something nice to yourself

  • Idea #3:PlanningMake time for planning at the beginning & end of your day

    At the end of the day, write your top 3 priorities for the next day

  • Idea #4:Organise Your OfficeA cluttered office often leads to a cluttered mindTake a few short breaks during the day to organise your officeTake out whatever doesnt belong in your work space


  • Idea #5:Get a DoorOr a nice decorative screen to separate your work space from your living space

    Consider a Do Not Disturb sign as well

  • Idea #6:Set a TimerSet the timer to 30 or 45 minutes & focus on a single taskWhen the timer goes off, take a short break then reset the timer

  • Idea #7:Set Work HoursKnowing that you have to finish work by a certain time will help you focus & prioritiseDressing for work also helps with productivity

  • Idea #8:Keep a JournalTrack your tasks & productivity along with any interruptions

    Notice any patterns or how you can focus better in the future

  • Idea #9:Start a Book of AchievementsWhenever you hit a milestone or achieve something youre proud of, write it down

    Revisit this list or book when youre feeling down or unproductive

  • Idea #10:Get Out of Your ChairYoull come back to your desk refreshed & ready for more tasks

  • Idea #11:Eat SensiblyDont skip meals or eat at your deskPay attention to what youre eating & enjoy itDrink water to avoid dehydrationGood eating habits lead to a focused mind

  • Idea #12:Make Use of Goals & RewardsSet daily goals & rewards in addition to long term business goals

  • Idea #13:Hold Skype MeetingsHave weekly or twice weekly status meetings with clients or staff

    Train them to collect questions to be discussed at each meeting

  • Idea #14:Budget Extra Time for Projects

    Double the amount of time you think a project will take

  • Idea #15:Identify Time Consuming TasksEnd of project tasks can be time consuming

    Budget your time wisely & estimate extra time for these extra tweaks

  • Idea #16:Learn to Ignore ThingsSchedule your email & IM timeTurn off notifications when working on other projects

  • Idea #17:Limit Social MediaUse a timer to limit your social media time

  • Idea #18:ExerciseGet up from your desk & moveExercise helps eliminate toxins, re-energise the body & mind & oxygenates the blood cells

  • Idea #19:Use a Password ManagerNo more hunting around for forgotten passwordsNo more emailing sites to reset your passwords

  • Idea #20:Avoiding a Workaholic SyndromeWorking extra hours does NOT equal more productivityOver working poses serious health risks, such as depression, burn out, high blood pressure & more