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  • 1.In the economy of ideas that theweb is creating, you are what youshare, who you are linked to, whoyou network with...Charles Leadbeater - We Think

2. Two (hundred) heads arebetter than one...Tony CassidyJohn SayersAlan Parkinson 3. The Geographical Teacher Douglas FreshfieldVolume 1 Issue 1 Page 1 (1901)In Britain, teachers are for the most part tooscattered and too busy to come togetherfrequently for discussion. They require amedium through which they may readilycommunicate with one another, exchangeexperiences and learn the progress that isbeing made in method or in appliances in ourown country and abroad 4. Collaboration...To work jointly with others or together,especially in an intellectual endeavourTo cooperate with an agency with which oneis not immediately connectedSynonyms: band together, cooperate,concur, conjoin, conspire, team up, unite... 5. Who with ?Teacher & teacher (same school /different school)Teacher & pupils (same school /different school)Pupil & pupil (same school /different school) 6. Teacher Talk - DylanWiliamAfL - corrupted and systematisedTeacher Learning Communities(Community of Practice)Monthly short sessions with 8-10teachers to start to changehabitsGroup goals and individualaccountability 7. Debates inGeog Ed.(2013)(2013)(2013) 8. Co-creation 9. Alec CourosConnected TeacherConnected TeacherWhen I startedteaching... 10. Alec Couros 11. Where to go to findcollaborators ?1999: SLN Geography Forum - Durbin & Russell2007: NINGS for student / teacher support2006: 1st Teachmeet @ the Jolly Judge pub2008: TWITTER (I joined on the 27th April thatyear)1893: Geographical Association...Annual Conference 12. Local networksClustersFederationsTeachmeetPlus & minus...Plus & minus...Plus & minus...Plus & minus...Plus & minus... 13. Too many rooms ?Choose one youre comfortable in 14. Quality Control... 15. Ideas given away ?Why would I want to give away my best ideas ?GeographyPages - had a colleague who said anassessment Id created had been written by herformer Head of Department... a problem ?There is no delight in owning anythingunshared - Seneca 16. League TablesData DashboardCompetitors ?Competitors ?Competitors ? 17. Friendships 18. Wider collegialitySupportSupport 19. You cant chooseyour colleagues, butyou can choose whoyou collaboratewith... 20. 2 sessionsJohn Sayers - SOLOTaxonomyTony Cassidy - stuff... 21. A normal Sunday night. Why did I leave writing thisscheme of work until the last minute?Im not sure what case studyto useWhy did I leave writing this scheme of work until the lastminute? How do I get my students tounderstand this concept? Why I did leave writing thisscheme of work until the lastminute? 22. What if Im not sure what approach to Have you tried why did Mr use and Mrs Endo die? 23. Someone will have already done it But say thanks. 24. Someone will have already done it They opened a restaurant in South Wales They escaped and unfortunately moved to Montserrat... They joined Mauro the shoe shiner They relocated to the Caatinga only to be forced to leave 25. In-house Practice Baps CITAL meets Teaching and Learning Newsletter Special Interest Groups Professional Development Library Good practice archive 26. From my Twitter network. 27. A critical friendWork with @Liz_Smith Twitter interviews and Year 8comparing their local area. 28. YourtribeGeography flash meets- not onein a two years, time to resurrect ?http://bit.ly/13ROifC 29. Schemes of learning andcollaborative writing Presentations Questionnaires and datacollection Collaborative work withstudents Sourcing ideashttps://drive.google.com/Collaborating further 30. http://bit.ly/Z21WF2 31. http://bit.ly/Z21E14 32. http://bit.ly/Z229YW 33. Learning for a poundHow could you use theseitems from the Tesco rangeto supplement or aidlearning?Answers on note with your name (if you want).http://goo.gl/xyoih 34. http://bit.ly/13RN7wE 35. Options for furthercollaboration...Sign-up for Twitter & subscribe to a listSeek out a Teachmeet near youGA Branch meeting / writing for a journalStart blogging.... 36. An example... 37. And some feedback... 38. Educationalresearchcanneverleadpracticegreatteachingisproducedbyteachercreativitybutwhattheresearchcandoistoidentifysomeavenuesasmorefruitfulthanothers,andalsomakesenseofthepracticeofeffectiveteachers,inparticularbyidentifyingwhichaspectsofpracticearelikelytobeessentialtosuccess,andwhichareidiosyncrasiesofindividualteachers.Prof.DylanWiliam Prof.DylanWiliam 39. Stalk us here... Alan: http://livinggeography.blogspot.com @GeoBlogs Tony: http://sharegeography.co.uk/ @tonycassidy John: http://sayersjohn.blogspot.com/ @JOHNSAYERS 40. ReferencesBooks detailed in presentationhttp://steve-wheeler.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/anatomy-ohttp://pragmaticreform.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/afl/Image: Alec Couros - shared under CC license