1st Greek Mobile Barometer. 19 things you wanted to know about mobile & Smartphone usage in...

download 1st Greek Mobile Barometer. 19 things you wanted to know about mobile & Smartphone usage in Greece but were too afraid to ask

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In early 2014 and in the absence of other data sources we conducted a large comprehensive study invloving 3.500+ users regarding mobile and smartphone trends in Greece. This 1st Barometer introduces the Greek smartphone & tablet user and herein are our basic key findings about trends and practices regarding mobile usage, applications, second screen, favourite practices, demographics etc. and how they might be used by brands. Loads of interesting goodness. Feel free to share but just mention what the study was.

Transcript of 1st Greek Mobile Barometer. 19 things you wanted to know about mobile & Smartphone usage in...

  • Kostas Houndas Insight @ Tempo OMD Hellas 1st Greek Mobile Barometer 19 Things that you always wanted to know about mobile usage in Greece but were too afraid to ask. Athens, 29/4/2014
  • Tempo OMD introduces Mobile Barometer Greece- Here we have some key findings An annual comprehensive survey for mobile in Greece 1st wave: Introducing the mobile consumer 1st wave 2014 TEMPO OMD HELLAS What is it about? Smartphone usage & attitudes Apps emergence & development Mobile shopping Interaction with TV
  • 6 10 17 30 38 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 (Forecast) Mobile Internet growth 6 12 22 32 4061 63 70 72 72 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 (Forecast) Smartphone PC/Lap top Smartphone grows rapidly Internet on the go The obvious- mobile opportunity Source: Focus Web ID & Euromonitor Base: Total population, Greece
  • Smartphones sales volume exceeded that of feature phones in 2013, while in 2016 mobile will be a smart choice only 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Feature phones Smartphones Forecast sales of mobile phones: Volume 2011-2016 (Thousands)
  • The goal of this research is to bring new learning to the industry and bring up growth of MOBILE channel advertising by studying smartphone/tablet personal experiences driving demand & desire Mobile Barometer Greece reveals the facts, trends and expectations of the mobile market in Greece
  • Survey Basics: We conducted a large scale online & mobile survey in 3.500 Greek consumers Men & Women 18-54 y.o. all over Greece 1.700 respondents via online panel (with 2 external partners) Online interviews via Snapshots, OMDs exclusive research platform 1.000 respondents via Mobile survey (Pollfish) 800 respondents via web invitations, Facebook & GDN
  • 1. Electronic devices penetration is impressive . Despite the recession Smartphone Tablet Feature phone Base: 18-54, Internet Users
  • 2. Surprise: Smartphones and Tablets are not the same audience Men 60% Women 40% 35-54 y.o. Mainly married Mean annual income: 28.000 (+55% above average) Men 55% Women 45% 18-44 y.o. Mainly singles Mean annual income: 23.000 (+28% above average) 51% penetration 10% penetration
  • 3. Internet Usage? How do they go online? 27% Mobile Provider 44% Wi-fi 29% Both Channels Base: Smartphone/Tablet Users
  • 4. Where do they use their smartphones and tablets? 74% at home On the go (out of home) 65% Base: Smartphone/Tablet Users
  • 5. Which Screen? Mobile Internet usage is higher than TV for the day, remaining high during TVs prime time Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • We identified Four main areas of use
  • STOCKMARKET NEWS READ SPORTS READ THE NEWS WEATHER FORECAST 7. I need to know. What exactly? Most users get the following info via mobile Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • WEB BANKING PLAN TRAVEL TRIPS COMPARE PRICES TAXI APPS CHECK IN/LOCAL MAPS/ROUTES 8. Isnt that Useful? Main activities/ utilities via mobile.CONVENIENCE Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • BUY TRAVEL TICKETS FOOD DELIVERY E-TICKETING (CINEMA, CONCERTS, etc.) BUY PRODUCTS ONLINE 9. Ka-Ching. They Shop. What are they buying(last 6 months) SHOPPING Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • 10. No Surprises. The most favorite things to do with your smartphone are: SOCIAL NETWORKING GAMES READ THE NEWS READ SPORTS Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • | 11. And the most favorite apps Greeks users have Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • 12. Categories of Games they love Strategy Adventure Cards Boards Educational Action Arcade Puzzles Base: Smartphone/Tablet users
  • 13. Is the Price Right? 40% will use their mobile devices to take advice before they decide to buy a product or service Will use most of the times their mobile as an advisor before they decide to buy a product or service Will use some times their mobile as an advisor before they decide to buy a product or service Base: Smartphone/Tablet Users
  • 14. Mobile shopping is on the rise. 41% say they have purchased a product/service via mobile 32% 28% 32% 8% Yes, many times Yes, some times Yes, few times Never Via any device Via Mobile 5% 12% 24%59% Mean spending: 444 (last 6 months) Mean spending: 138 (last 6 months) Base: Smartphone/Tablet Users
  • Its a fact of life for television
  • MOST OF THE TIMES FEW TIMES ALMOST NEVER 15. They Multiscreen. What are they doing though while Multi-screening? Base: Smartphone/Tablet Users
  • Complementing or distracting experience?
  • New approaches for broadcasters Opportunity to build loyalty and drive ratings growth
  • Positive implications for advertisers
  • High-End are the older ones with the 2nd highest income while Own Pacers are younger with the highest income. Practical & Followers are relatively the younger ones with the lowest income levels. 16. Who are you again? Is it Linear Demographics or not?
  • Practical appear to be a premium group when it comes to food delivery & planning travel trips, like High Ends 17. Captain Obvious: The Practical lot like to order and plan trips through their smartphones.
  • Practical & Followers are more into groceries mobile shopping, while High-End & Own-Pacers into e-ticketing 18. Own-Pacers love the tickets.
  • Practical appear to be more engaged with talent shows, while Followers with TV series. 19. Various shows engage with different people. Just like in real life. Wow.
  • Questions? Kostas Houndas houndas@omd.gr