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RS 93-1 UB/TIB Hannover KaiOWt&EnrtSEiVDlSITiJAE. STRENGTH THBOUGtl INDUSTRY STBCUWIOGV 1 9 9 3 INSENSITIVE MUNITIONS MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY "Enhanced Weapons Flatform of Advanced and Energetic Materials - . " - ' - •" . ' ir- •'•? Event 4055 £ November 29-December 2,199$ Hyatt R-egency Tampa Tampa, Florida UB/TIB Hannover 123 903 556 89

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Transcript of 1993 INSENSITIVE MUNITIONS MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY Enhanced Weapons … · RS 93-1 UB/TIB Hannover...

  • RS 93-1

    UB/TIB HannoverKaiOWt&EnrtSEiVDlSITiJAE.



    "Enhanced Weapons Flatformof Advanced

    and Energetic Materials

    - . " - ' - "

    . ' ir-

    ' ?

    Event 4055 November 29-December 2,199$

    Hyatt R-egency Tampa

    Tampa, FloridaUB/TIB Hannover123 903 556


  • 1999 Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials TechnologySymposium

    , ,. : ; , ; ^ \ h , Tuesday, November 30, 1999;, T, , 4 i ,,,r

    7:30 AM8:00 AM8:10 AM8:40 AM

    9:10 AM

    9:40 AM10:00 AM

    10:20 AM

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    11:00 AM

    11:20 AM11:45 AM

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    S f a s t i t t $ ^ j S b m i f ^ & i t t b n & ; "- * '". " ' - " - ' v * -' \Continental BreakfastWelcome/Introduction Dr. Kenneth Graham ARC - 1999 Symposium ChairKeynote Speaker Captain David John VenletPlenary Lecture on Energetic MaterialsDr. Richard E. Bowen, Naval Sea Systems CommandPlenary Lecture on Energetic MaterialsDr. Milton Finger, Deputy Director, DoD Programs, Lawrence LivermoreNational Laboratory (LLNL)BREAKNIMIC Activities Since November 1998Dr. Peter R. Lee, Project Manager, NATO Insensitive Munitions InformationCenter (NIMIC)Composite Missile Technology Fleet Introduction Composite Case CaptiveCarry Qualification (C4Q) ProgramMr. Nolan Paulsen & Mr. Peter Hudson, Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC)Plasticization of Energetic Thermoplastic ElastomersDr. Andrew Sanderson* & Mr. W. Wayne Edwards, Thiokol PropulsionThe Development and Interim Qualification of AFX 757, a Plastic BondedExplosive (PBX) for use in Hard Target PenetratorsMr. Stacey Carswell, Air Force Research Laboratory/Munitions Directorate(AFRL/MN)Awards to be presented by NIMICLUNCHSession II - System IMSession Co-chairs: Mr. Tom Swierk, Navel Surface Warfare Center,(NSWC) and Mr. Al Smith, NAWCIM Demonstration of the 6-inch Diameter High Performance Air-to-AirMissile Composite Case Rocket Motor Containing Reduced Smoke HTPEPropellantMr. John Hitner*, Mr. Allen Gehris and Ms. Vicki Brady, NAWCInsensitive Fragmenting Warheads : The ESSM Success StoryDr. Helmut Muthig, TDW Gesellschaft fur verteidigungstechnischeWirksysteme mbHInsensitive Munitions Analysis for 120mm Tank AmmunitionMr. Gregory De Rosa* and Mr. Glen Wagnecz, U.S. Army TACOM-ARDEC40mm IM for Combat Vehicle Armament used in the CV 90Mr. ULF Einefors, Bofors Weapon SystemsBREAKImpact of Primer Characteristic on LOVA Propellant Low TemperatureIgnition in Large Calibre AmmunitionMr. Pierre A. Archambault*, Mr. Pierre Pelletier, Mr. Simon Labbe', SNCIndustrial Technologies, Inc. ; Ms. F. Beaupre' and Mr. P. Brousseau,Defense Research Establishment, Valcartier

    , 'a.











  • 3:00 PM Consideration of Insensitive Munitions Requirements in Modular ArtilleryCharge System (MACS)Dr. P. Lu, LTC D. Armour, Mr. J. Rutkowski and Mr. P. Hui, TACOM-ARDEC


    3:20 PM Composite Case Technology for Tactical Rocket Motors: Overcoming theTechnical RoadblocksMr. Michael Fisher, NIMIC


    3:40 PM Achieving Mitigation for Insensitive MunitionsMr. Ian H. Maxey, Defence Evaluation & Research Agency


    4:00 PM High Performance Insensitive Multipurpose Bombs for the French NavyMr. Bruno Nouguez, SNPE


    1:00 PM Processing of PAX-2A in a Twin Screw ExtruderMs. Kristin Jasinkiewicz and Mr. Mark Mezger, TACOM-ARDEC


    1:20 PM Processing Energetics Through the Totally Integrated ManufacturingEnterprise (TIME) NetworkMr. Dave Gilson and Mr. Vencent Gonsalves, TACOM-ARDEC


    1:40 PM Characterization of Improved Artillery Gun PropellantsMr. Paul Braithwaite, Dr. Doug Backes, Mr. Andrew Haaland, Dr. Robert B.Wardle, Thiokol Propulsion; Dr. L. E. Harris, Mr. T. Manning and Mr. K.Klingaman, TACOM-ARDEC, NSWC/I.H.


    2:00 PM Thermoplastic Elastomer Gun PropellantDr. Lee Harris, Mr. T Manning and Mr. K. Klingaman TACOM-ARDEC; Mr.P.C. Braithwaite, Mr. A. C. Haaland and Dr. R. B. Wardle, ThiokolPropulsion; Mr. S. Prickett, NSWC/I.H.

    2:20 PM BREAK2:40 PM The Development of a Description of the Plastic Deformation and Energy

    Dissipation that Occur in Crystalline Explosives Undergoing Plastic Flowdue to Shock or ImpactMr. Steve Coffey, NSWC/I.H.


    3:00PM Continuous Processing of Green Energetic Material (GEM) RocketPropellantMr. Mark Michienzi, NSWC/I.H.


    3:20 PM Life Cycle Cost Estimating for Ammunitions ItemsMr. Dave Fair, TACOM-ARDEC


    3:40 PM Update on the Modernization of the Holstron Army Ammunition PlantMr. Andrew Wilson, and Mr. Nigel House, British Aerospace RONAHostron


    4:00 PM Use of Reclaimed HMX for Plastic-Bonded Explosive PBXN-9Dr. Ashok K. Mehrotra and Mr. C. B. Ashbrook, Accurate Energetics; Mr.Tom Schilling, TPL, Inc.


  • Wednesday, December 1, 1999

    8:40 AM

    9:00 AM

    9:20 AM

    9:40 AM10:00 AM

    10:20 AM

    10:40 AM

    11:00 AM

    11:20 AM

    11:40 AM

    8 20 AM

    8:40 AM

    9:00 AM

    9:20 AM

    9:40 AM

    Session IV - Formulation PapersSession Co-chairs: Dr. Robert Wardle, Thiokol Propulsion; Ms. FranceBeaupre', DREVAdditional Characterization of High Performance CL-20 FormulationsMr. Don Geiss, Jr, Mr. Steven Hicholich and Mr. Mark Mezger, U.S. ArmyTACOM-ARDEC; Dr. Robert L. Hatch and Dr. Kenneth E. Lee, CordantTechnologies, Thiokol PropulsionCL-20 Based Formulation for High Performance Warhead ApplicationsDr. Hansruedi Bircher, Mr. J. Mathieu, Mr. P. Mader, Mr. B. Berger, SwissDefence Procurement AgencyGun Propellants Based on polyNIMMO and polyGLYN BindersDr. Chris Leach, Mr. David Debenham, Defence Evaluation and ResearchAgency (DERA); Dr. Jim Kelly, ICI Nobel Enterprises; Dr. KathleenGillespie, Royal OrdnanceBREAKAluminised Insensitive High Explosives Based on Energetic BindersDr. Chris Leach, Mr. Bernard Garaty, Mr. Kevin Cox and Ms. Sally Gaulter,DERAPBXW-128(Q), A New, Extremely Insensitive Plastic-Bonded Explosive forMetal-Accelerating WarheadsMr. Erwin Anderson, Andercorp, Inc.IM Explosive for Large Caliber ShellMr. Pierre Pelletier, Mr. P.A. Archamboult and Mr. S. Labbe', SNCIndustrial Technologies; Mr. P. Brousseau and Ms. F. Beaupre', DREV

    Formulation and Characterization of Polyoxetane Molding Powders withVirgin and Reclaimed NitraminesMr. Kirk E. Newman and Mr. R.A. Hardy, NSWCThe Use of New Molecules in High Performance Energetic MaterialsMr. Y Longevialle, Mr. M. Golfer, Mr. Herve' Graindorge, Mr. Guy Jacob,SNPE PropulsionLUNCH

    'Session V,^Test.Papers - /,y t ' ^ , , i .. * ,SelsioniGo'scfiairsz. MsiiJarnie Fjsher,

  • 10:00 AM Modified Vacuum Thermal Stability test Apparatus for Energetic materialsDr. Patrick Goguen, Dr. Robert L. McKenney, Mr. William Stevens, AFRL


    10:20 AM Pyrolysis and Self-Heating Characterizations to Predict the MunitionsResponses to Slow Cook-OffMr. Yves Guengant, D. Houdusse, B. Briquet, SNPE Centre de Researchesdu Bouchet


    10:40 AM The Relation Between the Free-Volume and the Cook-Off ResponseMr. Richard H.B. Bouma, Mr. J.H.G. Scholtes, Mr. J.C. Makkus and Mr. A.C. can der Steen, TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory


    11:00 AM Small Scale Assessment Methods for New Gun PropellantsDr. Chris Leach, Mr. David Debenham, Mr. Peter Flower, Mr. PeterHenning, Mr Anthony Kosecki and Mr. David Mullenger, DERA


    11:20 AM Development Testing of the Combined Recoil BoosterMr. David P. Hall, USMC


    11:40 AM LUNCH

    1:00 PMfesipn'Co-chairs ttlr_-cbtt_b'awley, ARC

    Coated Explosives Materials (CXM) and their Effects on ExplosivesProcessibilityMr. Andrew R. Wilson, British Aerospace RONA Holston; Mr. Gary Grech,Gencorp Aerojet


    1:20 PM Investigation of Composition C-4 Manufacturing Processes at HolstonArmy Ammunition PlantMr. Andrew R. Wilson and Michael J. Ervin, British Aerospace


    1:40 PM Characterization of the Initiation Properties of MNX-221 Using the WedgeTestMr. Stephen Aubert, Ms. Cindy C. Edge, Mr. Charles T. Sprague and Lt.Richard F. Reich, AFRL/MNME


    2:00 PM Granulation, Bulk Density and Flowability Analysis of PBXN-9 and PBXW-11Mr. Phillip S. Han, NSWC


    2:20 PM BREAK2:40 PM PBXW-16, An Insensitive Pressed Explosive

    Mr. Phillip Kneisl, NSWC264i

    3:00 PM Insensitive Composition B replacementDr. Dan Doll and Ms. Jamie Hanks, Thiokol Propulsion; Mr. John Niles,TACOM-ARDEC


    3:20 PM Two Techniques for Improving Tracer VisibilityMr. Joseph Domanico, AMSSB-REN-SP


  • 1:00 PM

    1:20 PM

    1:40 PM

    2:00 PM

    2:20 PM2:40 PM

    3:00 PM

    3:20 PM

    3:40 PM

    4:00 PM

    Session VII - Packaging, Policy & DatabaseSession Co-Cudua. Ms. Cynthia Lundstrom, Booz-Allen & Hamilton and Ms.Jan VanGool, NSAIM Packing Technology for Fast/Slow Cook-off & Bullet ImpactMr. Eugene Farrell, TACOM-ARDECTerrorist Threat ProtectionMr. Ward Figge, Mr. Kenneth Graham and Dr. Robert Lynch, AtlanticResearch CorporationRole of Packaging in IM-Compliance of Mortar RoundsMr. Vishwa Khanna, TACOM-ARDECPumice as a Sympathetic Detonation BarrierMr. Robert Koontz and Mr. Ed Cykowski, NAWCBREAKMunitions Response Descriptor Change: Simulation and SuggestionsMr. Jean Goliger, Club MuratThe NIMIC Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC)Mr. Michael Fisher and Mr. Michael Sharp, NIMICThe Quality Evaluation of Insensitive MunitionsMr. Roger L. Swanson, NSWCInsensitive Munitions and Their Impact on Logistic CostsMr. A.S. MacKichan, Ministry of DefenceIM from Philosophy to Draft Policy in South AfricaMr. Cedric Brijraj, ARMSCOR











  • Thursday, December 2, 1999

    8:00 AM ~~

    8:20 AM


    9:00 AM

    9:20 AM

    9:40 AM10:00 AM

    10:20 AM

    10:40 AM

    8:20 AM

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    9:00 AM

    9:20 AM

    9:4010:00 AM

    10:20 AM

    10:40 AM

    Session VIII - Modeling f n T * iSession Co Theirs Mr Rod BoiJav NIMIC a"d D*-' Patrick Gouqen J ""AFRL MNPartial Phase Behavior of HMX/DMSO SolutionsDr. D. Mark Hoffman and Ms. Rosalind W. Swansiger, LLNLSome Initial properties and Thermal Stability of FOX-7Ms. Helena Bergman, D. Ulf Bemm, Dr. Henric Ostmark and Ms. MaijaHihkio, FOA, Defence Research EstablishmentFurazan-Based Energetic IngredientsDr. Louis Cannizzo, Dr. Andrew Sanderson, Dr. Thomas K. Highsmith andMr. R. Scott Hamilton, Thiokol PropulsionQualification and Testing of a new and Improved Source of 2,3-Dimethyl-2,2-dinotrobutance (DMDNB)Mr. Thomas L. Johnson, ANGUS Chemical Co. and Mr. Andrew Wilson,RONAStudies of Novel Nitro-Substinuted Nitrogen Heterocyclic CompoundsMr. Simon P. Phibin, DERABREAKGAP (Glycidyl Azide Polymer) in Gas GenerantsMr. Bernard Kosowski, MACH I, Inc.An Improved Mixed Formal Energetic PlasticizerDr. Jim Rai Cho, Dr. Jin Seuk Kim, Mr. Keun Deuk Lee, Dr. Bang SamPark, Agency for Defense DevelopmentFormation of Particles of Energetic MaterialsDr. Ulrich Teipel, H. Kroeber, U. Foerter-Barth, and H. Krause, FraunhoferInstitut Chemische Technologie









    Session IX - Modeling;,), , , * - , " . . - * - r< -

    Session Co rKairs* Mr 'hod Boulay NIMIC and Dr Patrick Gbugen,A F R L M N - \T. > . . ,. - . . r .Guidance Methodology for Conducting a Threat and Hazard AssessmentsMr. Jason D. FitzGerald-Smith, NIMICThe NIMIC Contribution to the Small Scale Testing and ModelingWorkshopMr. Michael Sharp and Mr. Patrick Touze', NIMIC

    Risk Assessment, IM Assessment and Collateral DamageMr. Rodrique Boulay and gerrit Mannessen, NIMICA Novel Method to Predict Various Properties of Energetic MaterialsDr. Soo Gyeong Cho and Dr. Bang Sam Park, Agency for DefenseDevelopmentBREAKA Connection Between Shock Sensitivity, Ignition Sensitiveness andSystem ExplosivenessDr. Peter Lee, NIMICThames 3.0, The Threat and Hazard Assessment Methodology SystemMr. Rodrique Boulay and Gerrit Mannessen, NIMICInsensitive Munitions Assessment of DoD Cartridge and PropellantActuated DevicesMr. John L. Goodwin, Mr. David H. Brooks, Mr. John W. Burchett and Ms.Jeri F. Taylor, NSWC