19 Simple Twitter Retweet Tips

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Want more retweets on Twitter? Of course you do! Here are 19 simple Twitter tips that get more retweets - and take 2 minutes or less!

Transcript of 19 Simple Twitter Retweet Tips

  • 1 9 S I M P L E T W I T T E R T I P S T H AT G E T M O R E R E T W E E T S ( A N D TA K E 2 M I N U T E S O R L E S S )
  • A f t e r u s i n g Tw i t t e r f o r a w h i l e , e v e r y o n e h a s t h e e x a c t s a m e q u e s t i o n
  • H O W D O Y O U G E T M O R E R E T W E E T S ?
  • You have to do some work!
  • You cant just put anything out there and expect people to blindly pass it on. You have to actually make an effort.
  • Its different for celebrities. Their fans will happily share any old dross. s u p
  • Big brands have a major advantage, too.
  • But for common or garden folk like you and me, getting retweets takes a lot of work.
  • But
  • There are some shortcuts!
  • 1. Share unique and original content Everybody loves to retweet the new stuff.
  • 2. Break news People retweet breaking news stories more than anything else on Twitter.
  • 3. If you cant be the rst, be the rst to make it interesting Put your unique spin on the story.
  • 4. Give the people what they want Figure out exactly what it is that your Twitter followers expect to see from you. Give them that. Repeat.
  • 5. Always upload a picture Tweets with images generate at least twice the engagement of text-only tweets. But only when you upload directly to Twitter.
  • 6. Dont talk about yourself all of the time Seriously, nobody cares about you. But they do care about themselves. So tweet about them.
  • 7. Leave plenty of space Not everybody uses the Twitter retweet button. Many folks still like to add their own comments to retweets, sharing via the old- school RT @ or quote tweet method. Tip: start thinking of tweets as 100 characters or less. This leaves plenty of room for a link or an image, and some extra room for old-fashioned retweeting.
  • 8. Retweet others Really, it has to work both ways.
  • 9. Have a short and sensible username Twitter allows a maximum of 15 characters for usernames but the longer yours is, the more awkward it is for people to retweet your messages. No problem: you can change your username at any time.
  • 10. Use #hashtags otherwise it has a negative impact on retweets. But dont use more than 1-2 at a time
  • 11. Use an exclamation point! Studies have shown that tweets that contain an exclamation point generate twice as many retweets as those without.
  • 12. Including a link? Place it in the middle or the end of the tweet.
  • 13. Ask Simply asking for a retweet can generate 3-4 times the amount of engagement. But you must use the word retweet in full (not RT or R/T).
  • 14. Figure out when everybody is around Not much point tweeting to yourself.
  • 15. Pay attention to spelling, grammar and overall readability Typos, WRITING IN ALL CAPS or twtng n txt spk can dramatically reduce your retweet chances.
  • Seriously, one tweet a day isnt going to cut it. The more you tweet, the greater the chance your content will be seen and retweeted. Aim for at least 5 tweets per day. Every day. 16. Tweet a lot
  • 17. Keep to a schedule Spread your tweets out over the entire day, and use Buffer or Hootsuite to plan your tweet calendar well in advance.
  • 18. Stay on target Consistency goes a long way on Twitter. If people know what youre about theyll look out for your content and proactively retweet your best stuff.
  • And remember
  • 19. If you arent getting the results that you expect change the formula!
  • Now heres the good news
  • If just one in every 100 of your followers retweets your stuff youre doing better than almost everyone else on Twitter
  • So
  • Lets go to work.
  • Looking for more Twitter tips?
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