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  • 1. www.icmciconference.orgWest and East in Change:How Will Management Consultants Facilitate It?1st International Conference by ICMCI3 4 July, 2013, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2. Speakers (1)www.ICMCIconference.org 3. Speakers (2)www.ICMCIconference.org 4. Speakers (3)www.ICMCIconference.org 5. Speakers (4)www.ICMCIconference.org 6. Speakers (5)www.ICMCIconference.org 7. The conference & beyondwww.ICMCIconference.org 8. Post conferencebusiness tourswww.ICMCIconference.orgManufacturingShared service centersor 9. Post conferenceleisure activitieswww.ICMCIconference.org 10. Post conferenceleisure activitieswww.ICMCIconference.org2 day fully accomodatedvisit to the Curonian Spit one of the mostbeautiful places to visit 11. Post conferenceleisure activitieswww.ICMCIconference.orgTheater play / happening6 metres underground @sovietbunker(www.sovietbunker.com)1984. Survival drama. 12. ICMCI expectations... Active participation by all regional IMCs & management consultants(at least 2 per small IMC, 5+ per large IMC) Extended announcement of the conference in the professional network, among clients,business associations, universities, social networks and any other interested parties Full speed communication on the conference: banners, press releases, direct emails, videoannouncements and many more available to support You Sponsorships / partnerships attracted, marketing options used etc. Media / political attention resulting ICMCI a breakthrough for further busines development ofits memberswww.ICMCIconference.org 13. Other ICMCI offerings Discount ladder for groups of 5+ participants and / or possibility for cash-back as additionalsource of revenue for IMCs Conference packages from no-frills to business & leisure balance Non-commercial academia & student fee to attract students, professors from universities Unique chance to visit Lithuania - geographical center of Europe most probably once inYour life Meeting and greeting worldwide and regional leaders, business networking globallywww.ICMCIconference.org 14. For marketing / PR / sponsorship / memberengagement options approach:JUSTAS GAVNAS, CMC E-mail: justas@ekt.lt;justas@gavenas.com GSM: +37068537666 Skype: justasg1 Also available at LinkedIN, Facebbok,Google+, Twitterwww.ICMCIconference.org 15. www.ICMCIconference.orgMore information at