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  • 2. M onsoons Mobile TV Vision
  • 3. M onsoon Multimedia
    • Founded 2004/5 by Team with 2 successful companies-Dazzle and Emuzed sold for over $100 and $40mi respectively
    • Headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D center in India.
    • Shipped over 200,000 units so far
    • Comprehensive IP in Video Streaming Technologies
    • Significant Brand Equity/World Wide Distribution Channels-Sell into 50 countries
  • 4. H uge Market Opportunity
    • People are mobile globally
    • Mobile TV a $51bi market by 2013-ABI Research
    • Smartphones/Ipads exceed all other consumer products; Tablets now an unstoppable trend.
    • Must be ONE box solution: Mobile TV for tablets & smartfones, DVR, Web Video, UPnP, DLNA, Big Screen TV from remote locations, Internet Apps & Services
    • Retailers/OEMs screaming for mobile TV products
  • 5. C onsumer Demands are Evolving Mainstream Bundled Services Cutting Edge Blended Services Converged Platform Content as a Service Tomorrow Personalized content on Demand Fixed Mobile Internet on TV Social TV Mobile TV Bob s Media Amy s Media Paul s Media Ryan s Media Fixed Voice Internet Video Wireless
  • 6. Module for delivering real time audio / video without compromising security Delivery of Video to multiple screens in house and external locations Automatic NAT transversal and hole punching; UDP and TCP-both supported Quality of Service Algorithms to determine available network capabilities and controlling stream with adaptive bit rate control Controlling STB from off site and in house 1 2 3 4 5 Summary Technology Components Part 1
  • 7. EPG and DVR subsystems for multiple clients; sideloading and direct recording on multiple clients with DRM UPnP, DLNA compliant streaming Browser on TV, Google TV, Yahoo Widgets, Applications Expansion Hardware designs, customization Summary Technology Components Part 2 6 7 8 9
  • 8. W hat is unique about the Vulkano
    • TV ANYWHERE- Watch ALL TV channels LIVE-on computers, smart phones and Pads-thru wifi or 3g worldwide
    • DVR -Schedule a Recording on
    • Vulkano Hard Drive or SD Card;
    • transfer to any smart phone/
    • computer/ pad for later viewing; or stream from hard drive; OR Record natively on any client.
    • INTERNET TV- Watch Youtube,
    • Google TV, Netflix, other services
    • MOBILE DEVICES/ COMPUTERS to TV-Stream content, photos, music from cameras, smart phones, pads, computers to TV without messy cables.
    • Watch from Room-to-Room and
    • Watch from remote location
  • 9.
    • Watch TV Anywhere. Pause Button. Change Channels.
    • Record Live TV on Tablets
    • Or Transfer Recorded Content on Vulkano SD card/HDD to Tablet
    • EPG resident on Tablet
    • Resolution near HD. Dependent on Bandwidth
    • Stream from Tablets to big screen TV-music, fotos or video recorded on tablets. Or Internet Channels.
    M onsoons Tablet TV
  • 10. $99 Vulkano Flow
    • Streams Video/TV Content from home STB to smartphones, computers, pads
    • Impulse Buy at Mass Merchants
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Users can record content on their devices no matter where they are
    • Easy Installation
  • 11. $ 169 Vulkano Lava (4G) & $249 Vulkano Blast (160G hard Drive)
    • Streams Video/TV Content from home STB to smartphones, computers, tablets ANYWHERE
    • DVR and Sideloading-EPGs for each client
    • Watch content from a remote location/or another room in house on big screen TV
    • Watch VOD, Youtube, Internet Content on multiscreens
    • Stream recorded content or Internet channels from UpnP/DLNA devices to big screen TV
    • DRM and Encryption
    • Wireless Set up thru TV
  • 12. Next Generation Vulkano
      • Full HD
      • 3D graphics
      • Higher Quality Video on Clients
      • Production in early 2012
      • New UI
  • 13. 2011 CES: 8 Best of Show Awards
    • LapTop Magazine Best Of CES
      • Best Wireless Networking / Home Entertainment
    • Cult-of-Mac Best Of CES
    • Over 3000 Journalist pickups from announcements
    • Article Overview
      • Over 400 articles in top outlets including LAPTOP Magazine, Engadget,
      • SlashGear, PCWorld, Zatz Not Funny, InformationWeek, Ubergizmo, Cult of Mac and Gadgeteer
  • 14. 1 M arket Firsts
    • 2006-First product to integrate Place Shifting and Time Shifting
    • 2007-First Place/Time Shifting product to connect wirelessly (in a real way) to home network
    • 2008-First to demonstrate Side Loading
    • 2008-First to demonstrate streaming HD over home network
    • 2009-First to integrate-Roku, SlingBox, TIVO, AppleTV, Side Loading features in one box
  • 15.
    • Multiple Tablet TV solutions will exist side by side
    • Monsoon Tablet TV solutions have no geography or Service Provider limitations.
    • Our Solution has global appeal. Does not require any NEW infrastructure.
    • Box can continue to incorporate new services and applications as market conditions dictate-through firmware upgrades.
    • Monsoon technology will go into smart TVs and DVRs.
    • Revenue opportunities for operators and service providers.