15m Moxon Project

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Transcript of 15m Moxon Project

15m Moxon ProjectI had just finished building myself a 40m delta loop, I had wire left over and wanted to build another antenna. I did learn a lot from the delta loop project, so armed with my new found knowledge and appetite I set out to build another antenna.


A fellow Ham from the UK mentioned the moxon, so I googled it for more information and read the reviews. I decided I would build myself a 10m moxon with the materials I had left. After reading through lots of material on the web and countless sites I came across a web site: http://www.kg4jjh.com/moxbeam.html# It made everything look easy, listed materials, where to buy them, measurements, and it had detailed drawings. So this was the one for me!! After looking at KG4JJH moxon table I decide I would make a 15m. This way if I messed up I could just cut down for 10m.

KG4JJH, 6m Moxon shown

15m Moxon ProjectKG4JJH Drawings :


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KG4JJH Drawings : 10m shown

15m Moxon ProjectKG4JJH Drawings :table KG4JJH Moxon


KG4JJH Moxon table

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15m Moxon ProjectThe Hub:


I have a friend that works in a local machine shop who I asked to build this for me. The drawing is easy to follow, I just do not have the right tools.

My hub is made from nylon, my friend had at his shop. KG4JJH hub is made from the plastic deck type material ( fake wood ) that you by from a hardware store.

15m Moxon ProjectThe wire:


I pre-made all the wire lengths as per the 15m table and put a paint mark at the B & D dimension for assembly purposes. Better to just solder the rings than crimp, makes it easier if you need to re-adjust lengths


15m Moxon ProjectThe insulator:


I used some red insulator board that I found at work in the garbage. Plexi glass or even wood would work, better with something thin and light weight.

Assembled view

15m Moxon ProjectThe Spreaders: The Spreaders on the materials list can be used from 6m to 17m, for 20m see the moxon table on slide #4 you will need a 20m hub adapter slide #3


I ended up with four & two tubing, long story but worked fine anyway, other people have just used plastic pipe, fishing rods, bamboo, hey whatever works, cheap or free is always better for a Ham !! KG4JJH List:

I inserted my fiberglass poles and numbered 1 to 4 just in case my hole depth on the hub were a little different. Then I drilled through the hole with a drill bit the same size as the buttons for the snap on buttons I had.

If you decide not to use buttons you could just thread the hub hole and put a thumb screw, should work fine.

15m Moxon ProjectThe Spreaders:I took my two, fiberglass 8ft tubes and cut them in half (4ft each), so four 4ft poles, then I cut 2 inches off each poll to use for my corner clamps. inch poles 2 inch x 4 , poles


Small self tapping screw

I glue to the end of the tubes and drilled a hole big enough for the ring terminal to fit through. Later I decided to put a self taping screw to make more secure, make sure hole is in correct position, I fully assembled antenna first then put set screw in.

On the corner clamp I just put the wire through put my paint mark in the centre and put tie wraps on to hold.

15m Moxon ProjectThe Assembly:


I attached the spreaders to the hub.

Inserted a 1 inch pole through the hub.

A standard Canadian Basement hockey nets and a rink painted on the floor!!

15m Moxon ProjectThe Assembly:


Inserted the driven & reflector wire through the corner holes and tie wrap at the noted dimensions for your antenna.

I did not set the length of the poles until assembled then adjusted as needed to take up any slack wire. I pulled the tube out of the tube to take up the slack, put a small C clamp and some tape to hold.

15m Moxon Project


I attached to the side of my deck to check the SWR.

21.0 MHZ 1.1

21.2 MHZ 1.3

Looks good the hole band