15.599 The Future of Work and Collaborative Innovation Networks Swarm Creativity

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15.599 The Future of Work and Collaborative Innovation Networks Swarm Creativity. 2/8/2005 Peter Gloor [email protected] Enhanced Gravity. Creative Incitement. For example Laurie Spiegel (famous dada artist): -------- >So I hope for a positive answer... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of 15.599 The Future of Work and Collaborative Innovation Networks Swarm Creativity

  • 15.599 The Future of Work andCollaborative Innovation NetworksSwarm Creativity2/8/2005 Peter Gloor [email protected]

  • Enhanced Gravity

  • Creative IncitementFor example Laurie Spiegel (famous dada artist):-------->So I hope for a positive answer...

    There are actually already 3 different record companies wanting or expecting music from me in the same time period as your project, and I am not sure if I have anything to send any of them yet. Also I have been asked to write something for publication, again, at the same time. (This is odd because I have tended to go year after year and no one wants any of mymusic and now all of a sudden ... what an amazing thing to happen ... several people do!)

    So I do not have time. But now that you have told me more, I will be thinking more about what you have told me.

    I made a dance score for a choreographer in the early 1980s that was something to do with gravity. I think it was "Gravity's Joke" which fits in perfectly with "Partial Levity". Maybe I can find it. But maybe not. What is the schedule on this? Do you need any kind of exclusive rights that might be difficult to arrange or do a contract? (I have no idea where to reach the choreographer I composed it for.) Ah well, probably it would sound horrible after all this time, so it is better if you don't expect anything from me.

  • Swarm Intelligence - InsectsPositive feedback reinforces desired behavior bee recruits other bees to help exploit food source Negative feedback bees overcrowding a food source stop exploring Amplification of randomnessbees getting lost discover new food sources Amplification of interactivity insects make positive use of the results of their activities

    Eric Bonabeau

  • AdvantagesNo central controlSelf-repairRobustness

    ScaleablePheromone trail

  • Basic Principle of Swarm CreativityIf you and I swap a dollar, you and I still have a dollar, if you and I swap an idea, you and I have two ideas eachPrinted on napkin in San Francisco restaurant

  • WikipediaPublic domain competitor to Encarta and Encyclopedia BritannicaFounded 2001, over 400,000 entries, over 100,000 registered contributorsAlex Havalais - 13 errorsFriendly environment:Great editing in progressFeatured articlebe bold but stay coolAdministrators: temporarily turn of editing privileges for rest of the world

  • Open SourceLinux, Apache, FirefoxEric Raymond The cathedral and the bazaar: power of the many eye ballsDebian: we do not hide errorsLess software bugsFewer hacker attacks

  • IBM Eclipse$ 60 million IBM investment2004 converted into foundationIBM Motivation:Huge customer base for Rational ToolsetInternal development tool (Lotus Workplace)Cool factorKnowledge network: OTI (Ottawa, Toronto, Portland, Minneapolis, Saint Nazaire, Zurich)Hubs of trust: meritocracy, transparency, openness to contributionsDebugger - developer - committer - PMCOver 18 million downloadsStill many committers on IBM payroll

  • Motivation of Open Source DevelopersStefano Mazzocchi3. Boost ego2. New knowledge1. Fun factor

    Collective (community) motivesPeer recognitionDirect reward (skills, money)

  • Personal Experience in Swarm CreativityUBS CORBA (ISI)Self-selecting bee hiveDaimlerChrysler e3 (e-extended enterprise) initiativeTsunami of e-BusinessAnimated Algorithms

  • Open Disruptive InnovationWalmartWWW, LinuxOpen Innovation (Chesbrough)Not limited to hi-tech:

  • Collaborative InnovatorsLeonardo da VinciAs apprentice with VerrocchioCommunity: Luca Pacioli (golden ratio), Andrea Salai, Francesco MelziDont give upSpeak language of environment:

  • Linus on MicrosoftI wonder if Mundie has ever heard of Sir Isaac Newton? He's not only famous for having set the foundations for classical mechanics, but he is also famous for how he acknowledged the achievement: If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants ... I'd rather listen to Newton than to Mundie. He may have been dead for almost three hundred years, but despite that he stinks up the room less.

  • Disciples carry innovation over Tipping PointMalcolm GladwellConnectors (Paul Sachs)Salesman (Ronald Reagan)Maven

  • Personal Computers

  • Internet

  • Web