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q Fo d Industry Nutrition Group Vanesa Haersley ~ MSc RD RNutr June 2013

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Vanes"a Ha#ersley ~ MSc RD RNutr June 2013

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Hel$o •  Original$y from the UK •  Moved to Melbourne in February, 2013 •  Live with my partner Rob, 1 year old, Laurence & two

naughty cats, Peggy & Twiggy •  Ge#ing mar%ied in a wo!dland in Yorkshire in June 2014

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A li#le bit about my care&r

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Helping people to eat a little better

a About Cake Nutrition Co.


Helping people to eat a little better.

Writing articles and reports on nutrition and health issues | Producing communication materials for patients, consumers and healthcare professionals | Developing and analyzing nutrition policies and strategies | Interpreting scientific research for marketing purposes | Recipe and menu development and/or nutritional analysis | Providing expertise for product development, both on innovation and reformulation projects | Advising on nutrition and health claims legislation and food labelling | Social media projects


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The Health Hangout

www.thehealthhangout.com @health_hangout


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My role at Coles •  Nutrition & Wel$being Manager •  Work acros" the busines" on any nutrition/health projects •  De'ne strategy & set direction as wel$ as deliver some aspects •  Coles Brand takes up a lot of my time ~ reformulation, brand development, label$ing, marketing •  Likes ~ making a real difference from the inside & the variety •  Dislikes ~ everyone’s a nutritionist

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