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Scaling up micro conversation Growing wings for red bull On twitter

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12Mass helps brands talk on social networks with large audiences significantly faster (by 100X) than any other method on the market. Using 12Mass, a brand creates dialog decision trees and optimizes its content using A/B testing.

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  • 1. Scaling up micro conversation Growing wings for red bull On twitter

2. Communicating with a large audience while keeping the conversations personal and efficient. The problem 3. Solution: Building dialog decision trees. Saving data of past responses to suggest optimized answers Optimizing conversations using A/B testing 4. What is so special about ? First step is Smart Clustering 5. Respond to all of them and A/B test the responses. 6. Examples for Redbull group tweets that say (or mean) the same thing, for example: I love Red bull drinking red bull now Watching Redbulltv Checking in to a redbull event People that uploaded a photo to instagram of redbull "I need wings" -rt redbull People RT something associated with Redbull Students drinking Redbull during exams The list is endless .. 7. Social A/B testing A/B test responses to I love redbull Which of these will generate the most engagement? 1. How much do you love redbull? 2. Thanks for the love. 3. We love you back! 4. 8. What is so special about ? Increases the ability to talk by 100X 9. What is so special about ? Grows stronger the more you use it. 10. See a short video about Red Bull example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOQl21ftjL4