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Deze quotes zijn dmv crowdsourcing verzameld op Twitter (@mlanting). Een aantal ervan zijn verschenen in het boek Connect! (www.managementboek,nl)

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  • 1. connect! Menno Lanting
  • 2. De volgende128quotes over social media en connectivity.
  • 3. zijn het resultaat van een doorlopende crowdsource-actie op Twitter. Mail svp nieuwe quotes naar: m.lanting@debaak.nl
  • 4. .....eenaantal van de quotes zijnverschenenin het boekconnect!
  • 5. "Real time is the new prime time., Queen Rania
  • 6. If you want the benefits of a working career you should put aside the notion that you have a right to personal expression.,
    Stowe Boyd
  • 7. "Friendships developed virtually are as real as those developed at the company picnic.
    Pete Fields
  • 8. "Web culture is the only culture we have.,
    Stowe Boyd
  • 9. "Social networking sites are like toilets.,Chris Brogan
  • 10. We tend to overestimate the short term impact of a technology and underestimate the long term impact.,
    Dr. Francis Collins
  • 11. "Innovation comes only from readily and seamlessly sharing information rather than hoarding it., Tom Peters
  • 12. "It's a fact more people are doing stuff because they're motivated by others they're connected to, instead of sitting alone in their apartment doing nothing. Evan WilliamsWilliams Twitter
  • 13. "The value of being connectedand transparent is so high that the roadbumps of privacy issues are much lower in actual experience than people's fears.,Reid Hoffman
  • 14. "Are my customers loyal? Absolutely! 100%. Right till the moment someone offers a better service., Jeff Bezos
  • 15. Its not a department that owns social media, its the consumer,
    Heather Oldani
  • 16. Het gaat niet zo zeer om de middelen, maar om de strategie,
    Marius Woldberg
  • 17. The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it., Andrew Carnegie
  • 18. This week, all Facebooksusers will be asked to renew their privacy settings. In a related story, all Myspace users will be asked to get a life., Erik Bronsten
  • 19. "Zappos.com is a service company that just happens to sell shoes", Tony Hseih
  • 20. This social networking stuff is getting out of handEverybodys got Myspace this, or Facebook that. Now I hear theres a special site created exclusively for astronauts.Spacebook.,Steve Etzkorn
  • 21. Daar waar geen macht is, vloeit kennis vrijelijk, Godfried Boogaard
  • 22. The future is already here - it's just unevenly distributed,
    William Gibson
  • 23. Hoe echt ben je als Google je niet kan vinden?, Kees Schiphouwer
  • 24. "In five years, the idea of broadcast will be gone, Tim Kring
  • 25. "Use crowdsourcing to find individuals that can help you, not to harvest collective intelligence., Surowiecki
  • 26. Social media bestaan eigenlijk niet. Het zijn gewoon media. Wat mensen ermee mee doen maakt het social....of a-social, Jerry van den Broeke.
  • 27. Social media is adding value to the brand, Majd Shweikeh
  • 28. Just because you're an evangelist doesn't mean you're a leader. Don't forget to turn around and see if anyone is following., Jeremiah Owyang
  • 29. In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectivelly have prevailed, Charles Darwin
  • 30. A lack of speed is a strategic disadvantage, Jeff Jarvis
  • 31. In this day and age, it's rare when a company recognizes that we are their customers, and without us, there is no company; and then asks us how to make themselves better. I applaud [the company] and plan to maintain my relationship with them for a long time., onbekend
  • 32. Power of twitter is out there, everybody is listening take advantage of it, Laith Zreikat.
  • 33. "The aphrodisiac of the future will be full attention", Linda Stone
  • 34. Big public communities may attract more eyeballs, but they may not be the answer for marketers who are looking for deep engagement with customers Julie Wittes Schlack
  • 35. "People will organize themselves in new types of online communities. They will likely be more loyal to these affinity-based communities than their real-life communities" Tom Hayes
  • 36. Sociale media zijn geen doel maar een middel. Maar wel het krachtigste middel als je je doelen en dromen wilt realiseren,
    Huub van Zwieten.,
  • 37. Twitter must be taken in perspective: for example 2 reviews on Twitter on a restaurant does not make Twitter a reliable review source, Simone Brummelhuis
  • 38. "Het heet pas 2.0 als het over normale menselijke verhoudingen gaat, Harold Janssen
  • 39. Social media kan sociaal zijn, maar wordt pas echt sociaal als we allemaal meedoen!,
    Jennifer de Vries
  • 40. Als je goed luistert, hoef je niet te pitchen, Deirdre Breakenridge