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  • Diablo Valley College Fall 2014 HIST 120-2557 LA 118 face-to-face (3 units)

    October 16 to December 17, 2014

    History of the United States Last time this docu-ment was updated: 11/28/2014 2:23 PM

    A pdf version of this document is available on the Desire 2 Learn (D2L) Course Menu.


  • DVC HIST 120-2557-FA14

    You may download this file from D2L as a pdf, but your print version might become out of date. To be sure the version you downloaded is the most cur-rent, compare the date-time stamp on page 1 of your print version to the online version. In the event of conflict between your pdf and the online ver-sion, please follow the online version. (This warning only applies to download-ed versions of this document--the online version and the pdf version on D2L will always be up-to-date.) If I change a deadline, I will notify you via D2L.


    Mary Ann Irwin

    To contact me by email, please use

    the D2L mailbox for your class (that way

    I know who you are).

    Office Hours FO222:

    F2F: Tuesdays, 1:30-2:00 pm

    ONLINE: Tuesdays, 9:00-9:30 am via

    CCC Confer

    The REQUIRED TEXT for this class is Roark, et al., THE AMERICAN PROMISE: A History of the United States to 1877, Vol. I, 5th ed. (Boston: Bedford Books, 2011).1

    Recommended Text:

    Johnson, READING THE AMERICAN PAST VOL. I, 4th ed. (Boston: Bedford Books, 2009).



    NOTE: If you buy an earlier edition, you risk encountering exam questions you cannot


    1 Having the book(s) in your possession when the term begins is crucial to your success. Please consider buying the book through the Campus bookstore, and buying it in person rather than online. If you buy through the school, then you know you are getting the correct book. If you buy it in person at the bookstore, you will have the book in plenty of time to complete your first exams.

    I realize that personal finances often dictate the timing of book purchases. Thus I have placed two copies of American Promise on reserve at the DVC Library.

    I also give you a generous "book purchase lead time" to buy the book before the first chapter exam deadlines. I cannot extend the chapter exam deadlines any further because we have a lot to do and a finite amount of time in which to do it.


  • Online Syllabus/Schedule, page 3


    A History of the United States before 1877. This course examines cultural, economic, political, and social factors .


    OVERVIEW and includes the experi-ences and contributions of Native American, African, Asian, Mexican/Latino and European men and women in the development of American society.

    The course will cover the ori-gins, nature, and impact of

    the U.S. Constitution on American history before

    1877 including the political philosophies of the framers, the operation of political in-stitutions, and the rights and

    obligations of citizens.

    Recommended: Eligibility

    for ENGL 122 or equiva-

    lent . CSU, UC transfera-

    ble (credit limits may ap-

    ply to UC--see counselor)

  • DVC HIST 120-2557-FA14


    another way of

    looking at the

    Information above.



    16 multiple-choice exams (15 points each)

    240 points total 378-420 A

    4 essays (30 points each) 120 points total

    336-377 B

    4 essay peer reviews (15 points each) 60 points total

    294-335 C

    252-293 D

    Total points possible 420 Below 252 F

    Grades and a running total will be posted on D2L throughout the term. It is your responsibility to be aware of your progress in the class.

    To determine your grade at any given moment: add all remaining exams to your Running Total, and com-pare your total to the grade structure above.

  • Online Syllabus/Schedule, page 5


    Source: http://www.silverlock.com.au/ask-a-question-0

    There are several facets to participation in this course, all of which are necessary for your success.

    One of the most important: you must stay up to date on possible changes to this Syllabus/Schedule. Please know that I might modify assignments over the course of the term. Any changes will appear on the "Schedule" part of this Syllabus / Schedule (be-low), at the affected assignment/date. If I change a due date, I will notify you via the email address you have DVC for your D2L mail.

    Please check that email account EVERY DAY, to ensure that I have not changed some key deadline, knowledge of which might materially affect your happiness in life!

    If you are working with a DSS counselor, please let me know right away, so that we can coordinate accommodations for you.


  • DVC HIST 120-2557-FA14

    You must complete the assigned readings before you come to class, and then take notes during lecture. Sounds simple, I know--but we call this "student engagement," and it makes an enormous difference in student success. You must submit each of the exams and writ-ten assignments within the timeframes shown in the Schedule (Schedule begins at page 14).

    Attendance: This is a face-to-face, short-term, late-start class. That means each class meeting is im-portant. If you cannot make time for the meetings, this class is not a good fit for you. If you accrue two (2) unexcused absences over the term (the equivalent of one weeks in-struction), I will block your access to D2L. You will then have to drop yourself via WebAdvisor or risk failing the class.

    Once a week has passed, you might not be able to make up the work you missed. (See my policy on late work at p. 11.)

    Missing the equiva-lent of one week of in-struction will jeopard-ize your ability to pass this course. Even with a medical excuse, missing a week in a 9-week class is fatal.

    Here are some general timing guidelines:

    The deadline for written assignments will always be 10:00 pm.

    The deadline for exams will always be 11:45 pm.

    Due dates for all coursework will always be either a Monday or a Friday.

    Using the American Promise Website Study Tools:

    The publishers' companion website for The American Promise is:


    Register to use the site by providing your email address and a password of your choice. Follow the system prompts thereafter.

  • Online Syllabus/Schedule, page 7

    Bedford Books organizes all of its study tools by chapter. To review Chapter 1, click on "Study by Chapter" (see the red arrow above). "Step One" gives you a chapter outline. "Step Two" provides practice multiple-choice exams, called "Self Tests."

    NOTE: I will not be able to help you with the Bedford Books companion site. If you run into trouble, please contact the smart folks at Bedford Books for technical assistance:


    Multiple-Choice Exams:

    You will take 16 Multiple-Choice Exams consisting of 15 questions per chapter. I have thrown in the oc-casional extra credit question. This extra credit ques-tion does not change the point structure of the class. For example: if you get Question 16 right, you will get one extra point, or 16 points on a 15-point exam. If you miss only Question 16, you still get 15/15. No harm, no foul.

    On the chapter exams, you get about 3 minutes per ques-tion for a total of 45 minutes per exam. You must save each answer and submit the exam for grading before your 45 minutes have run out, and be-fore the 11:45 pm deadline to complete the exam passes.

    D2L will not save answers entered after your time has run out. D2L will not save an-swers entered after the exam deadline has passed. Please plan your time accordingly.

    Exam Availability:

    All exams are available on the first day of the term. You may work ahead if you wish. Note, how-ever, that each exam has a specific due date. If you miss an exam deadline, you might be able to take it as a makeup exam during the last week of Fall 2014. Please see my policy on late work below (p. 11).

    All exams are due by 11:45 pm on Friday night. Please check D2L and this Syllabus/Schedule for deadlines on specific exams.

    Taking Multiple Choice Exams on D2L: All of your exams are located on the D2L Homepage under "Assessments," and "Quizzes." Click on the exam link to open the exam. NOTE: Once you open an exam, you must finish it.

    Be sure you are ready before you open any exam. You only have one chance to take each exam, so please do not open any exam unless you are prepared to complete it.

    Multiple Choice Exams are set to deliver one question at a time. You may go back and review your answers if you wish. I urge you NOT to go back and change your answers (statistically, your first answer is usually correct).

    You must save each answer before moving to the next question. Take your time, work carefully but efficiently, and remember to SAVE your answers as you go.


  • DVC HIST 120-2557-FA14


    Multiple-Choice Questions are word problems. Your best approach in a mul-tiple-choice