12 Years of Herding Cats: Lessons from the NCDD Board on Engaging the Engagers

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12 Years of Herding Cats…

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Transcript of 12 Years of Herding Cats: Lessons from the NCDD Board on Engaging the Engagers

  • 12 Years of Herding Cats
  • National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation NCDD Board of Directors Sandy Heierbacher, Director Roshan Bliss, Blog Curator
  • Agenda Welcome NCDD overview Lessons learned (part 1) Discussion: aspirations for the next phase of the field Lessons learned (part 2) Discussion: challenges & opportunities for the field Playing a facilitative role in this community Next steps
  • What terms do you use to describe the work you do relating to dialogue and deliberation?
  • Words NCDD Members Use
  • NCDDs Purpose: Strengthening and uniting the dialogue & deliberation community.
  • Supporting Innovators in D&D
  • Open-Source Philosophy Membership is open to those who cant afford to pay the fee Resources shared widely no members only Popular listserv open to all Highly consultative, iterative
  • Welcoming
  • Discuss for 3 to 4 mins: How do you find out about others doing work in your field and related fields?
  • What MembersValue High quality, extensive website and resources Large, responsive, knowledgeable network Communication strategies & style Biennial national conference as a focal point for field building
  • Membership Map
  • Our Conferences
  • 21 Categories 130 Tags 2,900 Resources
  • We share NCDDs Work Many Others Work Opportunities to Contribute
  • The NCDD Discussion list www.ncdd.org/listservs
  • Too Much Information?
  • NCDD as a Lean Startup
  • Lean & Mighty Staff
  • Strategic Alliances Kettering Foundation CommunityMatters Partnership Creating Community Solutions IAP2 Canada, Participedia And more!
  • What would be the benefit to you and to society if the field were even more developed/robust?
  • Discuss your shared aspirations for the next phase of the field.
  • 2010 Regional Events Austin Boston Portland Denver San Francisco
  • 2010 All-Star Sponsors
  • 2014 Conference Sponsors
  • Five Challenge Areas Framing Systems Evaluation Inclusion Moving from talk to action
  • The Framing Challenge
  • What do you think is one of the fields biggest challenges, and one of the biggest opportunities?
  • Bridging Tech Enthusiasts & Tech Skeptics
  • Codigital Experiment
  • Learning from Social Media www.ncdd.org/social for links
  • Education Civic/adult educ. Dewey/Freire Experiential and service learning Public reason Habermas/Rawls Public sphere Ethics, logic, and judgment Multi-stakeholder dispute resolution Democratic theory Local/state politics Public opinion Civil society Power/conflict Diversity studies Community organizing Collaborative problem solving Community building Community development Philosophy Political Science/ Public Affairs Journalism Public Administration Sociology/ Social Work Information Technology Natural Resources/ Environ- mental Studies Online deliberation Group decision support systems Public and civic journalism Mediated delib. Law Public law Mediation Deliberative Democracy & Collaborative Governance Communication Conflict resolution Small group/org. comm. Intercultural dialogue Rhetoric/political comm. Urban Planning/ Civil Engineering Cooperative Extension Democratic governance Collaborative decisionmaking and public participation Public Health Deliberation in the disciplines Public role in policy decisions Public role in design charettes
  • What is NCDDs role? Community of practice / hub Facilitative leader Encouraging collaboration to achieve shared goals
  • Newtown Example
  • What should be NCDDs role in helping achieve our aspirations for the field?
  • More at: www.ncdd.org Email: [email protected]